by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website


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Video Transcript

How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-tech and a ministry something really cool
in this video you might have authorities seen

this before and thought how do I get that
in what I want to talk about is getting those

reviews stars when someone does a Google search
and it should Google will show up page on

your website how to get those review stars
and the reason you want to do this because

really makes your website result in Google
stand out let me show you what I’m talking

about so here I am on Google and I did a search
for how to create an online course membership

website with WordPress and the reason I entered
that in this because I knew I would show up

for this so when you scroll down these first
three results are advertisements you can see

right here the advertisement has
those review stores at this right here and

just when you first look at it you can immediately
see that the listing for the paid

advertisements just stands out more it’s a
different color your eyes are just drawn to

it now and you scroll down a little bit here
is my little website and you can see I have

those same review stars right there and you
can see when you scroll down on the rest of

this page no one else has that but me and
Linda and in this video I want to talk about

how you can get those review stars for your
website so if you’re doing reviews for different

products or services or maybe if you just
have a review page on your website for your

business and you would like to have those
review site stars show so Francis if you are

a local sandwich shop of some type the name
of your business and the word review you would

wanted to show your review page on your website
and have those star ratings show so this is

what I want to show you how to do in this
video now it’s pretty simple it’s this new

code that you need to add your website called
schema that Google has and they have for recipes

for events for all kinds of different purposes
they have these different schema types and

it’s just some code that’s inserted into your
website now a lot of times your WordPress

theme might actually have this functionality
built into it and you can definitely use that

if you want for me on my side I use this plug-in
right now but I’m good to stop using it soon

and it’s very expensive I bought this when
there really was a lot of solutions for it

and now there’s a lot more solutions out there
I think I paid $400 which is crazy but it’s

been good and this is probably the most advanced
solution but honestly some free options and

a better paid option that’s a lot less expensive
and here is one of the plug-ins I want to

talk about is called WP review and it’s developed
by my theme and they have a bunch

of different free plug-ins that they have
made available and it’s a very popular free

plug-in right here it’s already active on
over 80,000 different websites and the free

version of this gives you so many features
that it’s great but they also have a paid

version I felt like it when a developer has
a free version that isn’t totally crippled

most of the time they’re just so crippled
and worthless but the version that my theme

shop has for free is full-featured it’s got
a ton of features in it and is totally usable

and what I like about it is that there is
an upgrade path so if you want more features

if you want more features you can purchase
the Pro version and you can easily upgrade

to it you don’t have to start all over with
your reviews and things like that so it’s

called my review Pro now here is some of the
things I like about this solution over what

I am currently using first of all they have
a more compact review style where the review

doesn’t take up as much space and it’s a lot
more compact I really like that but I don’t

like the size of the review solution I have
it’s just too big it takes up too much space

I rather have a more compact view number two
it allows you if you have a blog and you have

your featured images showing on your blog
and next page it will actually show your review

rating on the top of your featured image so
like when you’re on my website and you’re

here I can show the reviews stars right here
so it might kind of draw your eyes more to

the review by seeing a kind of a glimpse at
what’s in a be inside by just having a little

overlay right there on my featured images
and I really like that about it as well that

something that my solution right now does
not do the solution is a very flexible it

allows you to choose your color scheme and
even if you wanted to change your color scheme

on a specific review it allows you to do that
it also allows you to Place the review box

wherever you wanted to be at the top it could
be at the middle at the bottom and it can

be wherever you want to place it via a short
code and I really like the flexibility that

it has there so anyways let me just actually
show you the plug-in right now right here

I’m in a WordPress installation that I use
for testing and I’ve already installed the

plug-in and right off the bat what I like
about it is it didn’t add a whole new menu

item I hate when plug-ins do that when it
should be maybe in the settings or the tools

are underneath appearance and so this one
is under settings and it’s what it adds right

here WP review Pro I got the Pro installed
right now however if you have the free one

which is a WP review right there and it gives
you these the papers and give you these extra

options that I really like one of them was
the ad total ratings to the thumbnails I really

like that another thing that’s really neat
about it is it allows you to let the visitors

of your website review it as well and I really
like that because of two reasons number one

it’s going to send some kind of a social signal
to Google that this is a very highly relevant

article and they should show to more people
when they’re searching for something related

to that topic it’s those social signals that
really tell Google what is relevant content

and if you allow people to come to your site
and review the products on your site that

you’re reviewing it just is going to boost
those social signals and you can allow them

to leave comments in their own reviews I really
like that about it and it does the full integration

your full style and control in this is something
that I really like and I think a minute enjoy

using once I migrate all my data to this review
plug-in and here are some your defaults where

you want to have the review placed and the
different schema this is something that the

paid version gives you over the free version
is these various schema types member I was

saying there was a Vincent and recipes will
there’s actually a lot there’s book game movie

the list goes on and on a restaurant review
there is all that so for example if you wanted

to have a website directory that you had listings
for restaurants and you wanted people to come

to the sightly review similar to yelp you
can use a plug-in like this to give people

those options when they come to your website
and on and on and one of things I really like

about this plug-in is the paid version of
it is like dirt cheap right now it says $39

but I think they’re always having discounts
on it where you might be of the get it for

less than $30 and you can use this plug-in
on his many sites as you want two use so this

is an excellent plug-in if you want to add
review functionality to your website and you

want to get those review stars in Google that
you see right here which will increase the

click through from Google to your website
now if you want more information on these

products I have links down below in the video
description box if you’re watching this on

YouTube or if you’re on my website I have
links to it down below a before you go I have

something for you and before I get into that
I wanted to ask you to do something for me

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this course thanks for watching this video
I really appreciated and I do it just for

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