by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Future Proof Your WordPress Website


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Video Transcript

How To Future Proof Your WordPress Website & Avoid Theme Lock-in

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies and in this video I really
want to take some time to talk about this

article that I recently read and it’s about
sure proofing your WordPress website now in

terms of say owning a computer you think of
future proofing as the ability to take out

components and put in more modern components
and take out components that might not have

enough of what you want in putting in an upgrade
and that’s his whole concept of future proofing

now is reading this article right here on
torque magazine and the title was how to future

proof your website in four easy steps however
when you read the article it had absolutely

nothing to do with future proofing your website
and that’s what kind of got me thinking about

this concept of future proofing your website
and I didn’t actually want to make a video

on this topic on how to kind of future proof
your website and I think the key boils down

to this avoiding lock in and what login is
is I give you a perfect example my team for

my website is this thing called newspaper
and here’s where you can get it it’s on and

theme for us right here and here it is newspapers
newspaper seven I’ve actually been using this

thing for maybe the last two years now what’s
interesting about this theme is at its feature

packed it has so many features built into
it and let me give you an example 1 of them

is the ability to have review ratings for
the different posts on my site I think it

might be listed here in the future features
a someplace let’s see when I scroll down I’m

not finding it okay here we go basically this
subtheme has all these interesting features

like this weather widget in an Instagram widget
social calendars all kinds of neat things

like this are not selling you on this theme
by the way but one of the things that it has

is the ability to do reviews and putting ratings
and all that kind of stuff and what would

happen is if I would use their review and
rating system then I was called locked in

to their theme meaning in the future if I
if there theme wasn’t meeting my needs and

I wanted to switch themes I wouldn’t be able
to because if I did I would lose all of those

ratings that I put in to this one feature
on their theme if I ever wanted to switch

themes I would lose all those ratings which
would probably create a lot of work and so

that is really the core idea behind future
proofing your WordPress website is think through

some of the features about that theme that
if you were to use in then you wanted to change

themes you would lose all of that content
and that’s how you prevent yourself from being

locked in I’m actually going to do a video
on the different reviewing rating systems

that you can get so you don’t use the one
built with your themes you’re not locked in

if you use one that’s based as a plug-in and
that’s why think core features like that there

are better used when it’s a separate plug-in
so you can always leave that theme if you

want because the biggest and most drastic
change would ever want to make to your website

is to change the theme and that’s why it’s
important to not get locked in to a theme

because you’re dependent upon a feature in
that theme and if you were to ever change

you would now be out of luck and so that’s
one example and I think that’s the most important

example of making sure your website is future
proof it’s making sure you’re not locked into

a feature that is built in a theme that you
can easily change themes if you want and I

do like to you to encourage you to think about
that when you’re choosing the theme and choosing

to use some FEMA specific features what would
happen if you changed themes would you be

stuck forever with that theme now if it’s
a small website you have and it’s just a few

pages more of an informational website is
not that crucial actually but if your websites

can then have lots of content and regularly
have content added to it then this is something

that you absolutely want to consider before
you go I have something for you and before

I get into that I wanted to ask you to do
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My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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