Fleeq Review – Incredibly Easy Way To Create, Share & Track Video

Creating a documentation library can be time-consuming. Also if you are using video, it becomes much harder to keep up to date.

That's where Fleeq comes in. It allows you to create dynamic videos that you can change at any point.

You can also create videos and translate them into 17 different languages.

All the details are in the video.

2 thoughts on “Fleeq Review – Incredibly Easy Way To Create, Share & Track Video”

  1. Hi. Which one is better, Fleeq or Rocketium. I know there are different approaches, but if you have to keep one, which one will be?
    Thx in advance

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter

      Yea they are totally different. Fleeq gives you total control on your videos, Rocketium is more for promo videos with music in the background and a bunch of moving things.

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