by Adam Preiser updated May 14, 2019

Fleeq Review – Incredibly Easy Way To Create, Share & Track Video


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Creating a documentation library can be time-consuming. Also if you are using video, it becomes much harder to keep up to date.

That's where Fleeq comes in. It allows you to create dynamic videos that you can change at any point.

You can also create videos and translate them into 17 different languages.

All the details are in the video.

Video Transcript

If you’re looking for an easier way to make
short and to the point tutorial videos or

instructional videos then I want to share
with you this new tool that I just started

using it just so happens to be in AppSumo
deal so you know it’s a very good price and

anyways my name is Adam from
where I typically make WordPress videos for

non-techies however in this video I’m not
to make a video about WordPress although everything

you see that I show you in this video can
be embedded into WordPress so this actually

a pretty cool tool if you ask me and I think

really neat tool if you want to make video
content simply very simply so let me show

you what I’m talking about here’s the deal
page I’ll go over this in a minute but I want

to explain or try to explain what this is
and then I’ll get back to the deal points

here this is actually one that I really like
and as someone that creates a lot of video

content I have a certain insight into why
I think this is really neat so essentially

it solves several problems and I really like
what it does so what this allows you to do

is assemble screenshots and you can highlight
certain areas of each individual screenshot

maybe with a circle or an arrow or something
like that and then you can have a caption

or you can have an audio file that plays over
that that individual image okay and I measuring

the back end of it in a moment and this all
makes sense so you can put a voice narration

with your own voice or the speech to text
engine which is actually very good and so

essentially what you’re doing is you’re assembling
these screenshots and your narrating the instructions

on each of the various screenshots and then
what the platform does that makes it a video

now there’s two things that are amazing about
this at any point in the future you can go

back and say a process changes so say you
have this video you’ve created and one step

at the does the interfaces updated in its
difference or something has changed you can

the enemy missiles a big problem for video
crater so for me if I make a video like I’m

doing now and and then something changes in
a screenshot or some terminology changes I

can’t go back and change it I just can’t do
that I have to do the whole thing over again

where was something like this you can

I’ve experienced that unfortunately with the

videos that I create/one really neat thing
about this and that second really neat thing

about this is you don’t even have to use your
own voice the voice that is auto generated

sounds really really good now I do think it
be better with your voice okay a real human

beings of voice but first some kind of videos
you might want to make it doesn’t matter if

it’s a real voice or not and there’s a million
other neat things that this does I will show

you in a moment I’ll make a Fleeq or show
you a Fleeq that I made and let’s get our

Fleeq on okay here we are so here’s the deal
page it’s 49 bucks lifetime account the equivalent

of that count if I go on their pricing page
right here it’s the business plan except they

have some of the premium plan items included
so one thing is the business plan since it

is limited to 50 but with AppSumo they bumped
it up to 200 different fleets another thing

from here is a comes with this knowledge base
feature so if you want to create use this

tool to create a knowledge base well it has
this knowledge base platform that everything

will automatically integrate with there’s
custom branding with your logo your color

your branding there is white labeling the
URL that’s with this C name is okay let’s

look at the D deal points right here now it’s
funny normally when I was a little videos

they don’t make me laugh this one was funny
because I could totally relate when you which

play on this video just push play and that
first 30 seconds that’s my life and essentially

it’s a guy trying to make it videos and all
these distractions with may be sound or or

things popping on the screen, and he has to
keep starting over and it’s frustrating and

that’s just like welcome to my life so anyways
you assembly screenshots I’m going to show

you at you some of these screenshots and then
you do certain things on each screenshot it’s

actually very simple so here some of the use
cases they say help customers troubleshoot

problems I think that’s good closing sales
deals with stunning visuals I don’t know I

don’t really see this as much of a sales tool
in the sense that I mean these arts you know

live video videos there really needs in your
Tennessee and there’s probably lots of applications

for it but I don’t think it’s the best for
that setting up new employees for success

I think that is a perfect use case sharing
content to drive traffic yes if you’re making

say a blog post and it would be appropriate
to show certain animated things or maybe like

how you have those animated GIF’s I think
it’s great for something like that so okay

let’s get down to the deal points down here
it says the business plan you get three users

50 fleeqs bumped up to 200 custom branding
and here’s what’s interesting you don’t get

exporting with this plan you do get exporting
with these this pain plan however AppSumo

got them to throw in for export so you can
export for these leaks per month as an actual

video and the reason they can’t do unlimited
for that is because it probably just slams

her computer resources and it’s very very
expensive let me bring up one more thing that

you don’t get in the AppSumo plan but if you’re
using the AppSumo plan and it’s really working

for you I really think this is something that
would be worth every single penny so with

the premium plan and when I can with this
this with AppSumo is a deal is this localization

so if you’re having this speech to text it
will automatically translate into things like

17 or 18 different languages so now you’re
able to create localized language based videos

for whoever needs to access those videos I
think that’s actually kind of huge if you

ask me and if I was in a need for that $12
like a month is actually not a lot of money

to have that kind of power and flexibility
so anyways deal points on your you can also

do lots of things with these videos you can
embed them into emails you can embed them

into your website they’ll give you a direct
link to these videos there so many different

things I’ll be able to show you that you can
actually do with these videos and it’s it’s

pretty amazing I think the thing that’s most
amazing to me though is that you can make

a video and you can go and if something changes
you can go and swap out an image just the

part that needs to be updated maybe it’s just
an image you don’t even have to re-record

anything I think that is huge so anyways you
pretty much got the deal points right here

let’s take a look at the Fleeq there some
sample clicks right here you can look at the

various examples there pretty good to help
you get an idea of what you can do with these

Fleeq’s here I am logged in and let me go
here and click on a Fleeq you can see I just

made this one Fleeq right here with two images
it is so easy to do so this is how you would

make one go ahead and click on the plus here
and then what I’ll do is get to this screen

and if I want to do to the voice dictation
this would be auto narration or I could choose

custom I would say as much as possible if
you’re comfortable with your accent or something

along those lines try to go with the custom
narration that would be my best advice auto

narration though is actually really really
good surprisingly really good I just think

customs a little better or you can do no narration
and that’s totally fine so then we just go

there and now all I need to do is add my images
now what’s nice is there is a chrome web browser

extension so you can take the screenshots
in chrome so we get out of the way here here

it is I’ve already installed it so when you
click on this you get this option to capture

screen and then I can move this wherever I
want on the screen to capture it and I can

resize this if I wanted so I could maybe oops
this is what

I want to click I can have the arrow click
point that direction like that or I can have

it go like this this is a little cooler I
guess right here and then I can make that

whites and it just really easy to see what
to do there so I’ve already added a spotlight

here in some neat things so the next step
would be to click right here now I can click

right here to record the audio now if you’re
using Safari or maybe Firefox I haven’t tested

it you don’t get this record audio option
it would be a pain in the butt to record individual

audios and upload them one by one seal just
want to use this in chrome you can click right

here and just add whatever voice narration
you wanted for this one slide which is really

cool so if you had 50 you can go and just
swap out ones that might need to be updated

as things change so right here you can also
put in your caption and that would appear

right down here whatever caption you put in
here and this is also where the voice dictation

would come in if I had activated voice dictation
it would essentially read whatever I put right

here and then lastly we have a transition
mode and there’s no transition coming into

the first image so essentially you just keep
repeating the steps over and over and over

and hopes here let me get out of that just
I clicked on ads that that’s why that happened

so you would just assemble these various steps
so now when you come down here there’s other

options so I could have changed the narration
step so there you go I click on that I can

change it back to auto narration layout and
captions you could you have total control

over so much with the video you can add a
thumbnail so if someone has a push play light

yet there seeing this thumbnail you can add
your own branding your own brands colors of

the interface for what actually watching the
videos very sleek and modern people can jump

back and forth in the various steps along
the way crater attribution call to actions

you can have there be a call to action at
the end of the fleet which is really neat

so our options for that let’s enable it we
can have some text right here and we can read

when there to be a button right here that’s
his click me and then we can make it open

another Fleeq go into a series or go straight
to a URL and this is where you put that URL

feedback this would be a message at the very
end this is what it says by default replay

it was it helpful thumb up thumb down this
is probably really good to have and you could

also put an email pay wall type of thing in
the front where someone has to give you their

email address in order to watch the video
to begin with so right here if you had wanted

this to be one of your four exports per month
you can click right here and the options are

oops and says I gotta save it first I figured
that would happen so I’ll just save it is

untitled Fleeq that’s fine or kill them put
a name and okay I’ll click on save so you

do have export options and if you run out
of your for there’s an option to pay for additional

exports and you can export it as a video or
as an animated GIF obviously an animated GIF

it’s a really big image and it can have audio
when you click on export you have those options

right here for video and for Jeff and then
you can toggle these switches for them now

you can click right here to see what this
looks like but here let me show you the sharing

options want to go ahead and click on share
I really like this so here’s a direct URL

now I should show you the settings panel because
this front part here you can actually change

this so if I wanted it to be maybe
I have the ability to do that it’s all white

labeled in in that regard alright so here
are our sharing options right here of course

I can shoot just the URL out right here is
an option where I can have a link where it’s

being tracked if someone views it may even
have these like really cool notification options

were you can be notified if someone watches
your Fleeq here is an embed code for your

website so you can just take this and drop
this in on your WordPress based website here’s

what if you want to integrate it with it an
email campaign with your email autoresponder

series right here is if you wanted you have
that email kind of pay wall top type of thing

you can do that right here here’s if you want
to edit to the knowledgebase feature in here

if you wanted to walk it behind a pass code
you could do that so you can just click on

any of these options so for example a click
on this and I was actually surprised when

I saw this I was very impressed because typically
my experience with AppSumo deals as these

are early companies and they might not have
all their integrations in place so when I

came here a surprise because they have all
these integrations in place and really what

it is is just the code that you would copy
and paste into your email template that your

building so if you were using let’s go MailChimp
is very popular you click on here and then

here it is use the codes you would just copy
and paste this into your email and then your

Fleeq is actually a show on the email so I
guess when we are reading the cells page and

it said for sales and conversions I guess
that would be pretty massive to be able to

get that included into an email and it would
really spark a lot of curiosity now I will

tell you if one of your there the email service
that you’re using was not listed that’s okay

because you can see all this is given use
an embed code that you can modify so you see

this part right here there’s an*and then it’s
his email and then*that is a token that is

in your that your email autoresponder platform
has since you could just replace that for

what your email autoresponder uses for that
email address token so I’m assuming that must

be because it’s tracking who’s watching the
video in the email that would be my best guess

so here’s some breadcrumbs I can go back to
mailing list like this I can go back to share

Fleeq so if I wanted to click on this this
I could just type someone’s email it’ll create

a link for them in then when you send them
the link they watch it you’ll get notified

when they watch the video that’s actually
really powerful as well mean I was just sitting

here using this thinking wow I’m surprised
this has all these deep features I mean they

really thought through this platform here’s
our embed codes so right here is if you wanted

to be on its own right here is if you wanted
to be kind of a pop up so that’s really nice

you can have a link they click on it or whatever
this code is and it will trigger a pop up

it’s really cool so if you’re using this on
a WordPress site you just copy and paste this

little bit into whatever piece of content
that you’re creating and it’ll just pop this

thing up you could see how deep these features
are others also statistics because extracting

things so it’s it’s tracking whose opening
when they’re opening these self leaks and

watching them it’s a pretty amazing and if
you’re using the capture leads feature you’ve

got that here as well and then another export
option like I said it comes the knowledge

base thing this is something that you’d have
to pay monthly for but they got that included

and lastly let’s see okay I’ll I don’t want
to go to profile want to click right here

and let me go to appearance I think this is
where I can change the look of everything

to kinda white label it hears ride Link up
my custom domain name here’s where I can toss

in the logo of Favor con and I can also change
the overall color scheme that’s nice of white

has this basic color scheme and let’s see
I can create my users right here and I can

go right here in you can also get more flakes
of 200 is not enough by sharing this I think

they give you like 500 fleeqs for each person
or not 505 extra fleeqs for when someone signs

up so anyways this is a Fleeq I think it’s
really really need it’s not for everyone but

I can sit here and think of some theme developers
and plugging developers that I wish would

buy this in just crank away at creating Fleeq’s
they can assign one of their team members

to do it and all those things that they get
asked in support tickets as they would just

make a Fleeq and kick it into the knowledge
base I can see them creating a much better

user experience but there’s probably tons
of applicable uses it for this I’m very impressed

with it like I said is a video creator the
ability to go back to the Fleeq in just change

the one image or a little bit of text or if
it actually the process change I think would

be pretty pretty amazing for me also I didn’t
cover it there’s this thing called series

is so you can link links together 10 of them
together and it would create a series it’s

actually very very cool you can choose lots
of different voices by the way the voice is

really good you’ll come to the website and
just go to W FL DEQ and

you’ll be able to sample some of the Fleeq’s
and see how you like the voice I’m pretty

impressed by it actually it’s very high-quality
so that’s it for this review video of this

I think this is really really neat if you
see a need for it in your business and what

you’re doing if you’re interested in and I
got the link in the video description box

the pin comment or just go to
last Fleeq if you want to get your Fleeq on

and it will take you right over here to get
it to go ahead and post a link to this video

as a matter fact on the page right here so
if you actually see my comment and you found

this video helpful click on yes and it will
I help bump it up so more people could see

this review video let me know what you think
of Fleeq or if there’s other services that

you’re aware of that does something similar
and if you have some ideas on ways to use

this to get the most out of it let me know
I think it’s a really neat platform and I’m

glad that I have a Fleeq account so I can
get my Fleeq on out that’s actually not vulgar

I don’t even know what I’m saying it just
sounds cool anyways thank you for watching

if you like the video give it a thumbs up
leave a comment I’ll see you in the next video

a lot of may be plug-in and theme developers
or anyone that sells software as a service

there is a recurring theme and sells websites
that wants to have some documentation for

their clients this is jump in change that
screenshot change some of the speech the text

or maybe if you’re recording with your own
voice record that one little spot with your

own voice so you don’t have to start over
again every single time so a perfect example

of this is maybe a WordPress theme that comes
out and it’s new and things change and a video

you might make a month ago is not so relevant
today because the way you do it has improved

take a screenshot like that click on capture
screenshot and then I get the option to capture

another one so it makes it really easy to
capture the various screenshots that you’re

going to assemble and then I can click right
here to go straight into creating a Fleeq

so here on the click on add to step in its
initial me all the images that I have so I’ve

got this one and I can just start selecting
multiple images just like that I’ve it says

added three steps because each step is pretty
much each image is a step in this Fleeq in

here they are I can rearrange them I can add
them it’s really cool what I can do so this

is what my third step looks like so here on
each of these steps we have these options

right here so right here I can change or zoom
in or out on the image and if it’s not a perfect

square I can fit it to screen if I wanted
and then right here I can click this to add

in effect this would be maybe a spotlight
or an arrow an outline or an annotation I

really like this spotlight right here now
when you first click on it it shows it as

a box but you can choose this circle right
here and I really like that so I can just

position it right here I can also change the
scale of it and I can do more than one of

these annotations on itself I also wanted
to add an arrow I can do that I can say I

want the arrow to

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. The founder is very rude and in most cases they don’t reply to your tickets even if you submit bugs.

  2. Hi. Which one is better, Fleeq or Rocketium. I know there are different approaches, but if you have to keep one, which one will be?
    Thx in advance

    1. Yea they are totally different. Fleeq gives you total control on your videos, Rocketium is more for promo videos with music in the background and a bunch of moving things.

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