First Look: New Beaver Builder Templates Just Released

Updated: November 18, 2017
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With the newly added page templates, Beaver Builder just keeps getting better and better.

Beaver Builder

First Look: New Beaver Builder Templates Just Released

Media video the other day talking about Beaver
Builder and I was comparing it with another

page builder called Divi and I had made mention
that the beaver builder has some new templates

that are going to be released soon and ironically
enough about two or three days after put that

video out the builder put out a alpha build
that’s basically you know there’s Alpha beta

and then the final version so they have this
real early version of the plug-in that they

gave their customers access to that included
all these new page templates so I have them

now and in this video I wanted to show you
all of the Beaver Builder page templates there’s

now a total of 28 I don’t know if that’s gonna
change go up or down but right now there’s

28 while when the final releases out you’ll
be able to have access to all 28 but only

to show you all of the different page templates
that are available in the Beaver Builder plug-in

to you in this video so I’m on their website
right now and ironically they’ve made a few

really nice design changes to their website
if you want to purchase Beaver Builder I’ve

got a link down below and will take you right
on over the 3 plans agency Pro standard and

your in either one standard if you’re in use
your own senior and one pro-if you want to

use the included Beaver Builder theme on you
can also use agency if you are selling at

customers and want to cut a white label the
plug-in not white label but change out the

logo I guess it’s called white labeling and
that’s what they’re using so it was a second

look at the different page templates so I’ve
got them all set up here with their name I’m

sure to click on view and we will view them
one by one so here is the first one and actually

this is more just a committee like a coming
soon type of template word you can now collect

email addresses okay let’s take it the look
at this one here is called agency and this

is a very vibrant and colorful outlets scroll
down a bit you can see there’s that the parallax

effect that’s going on there and we have some
nice animations that are coming in with this

different sponsor for text and here’s like
it’s like a team page this is interesting

I want to see other doing this these moving
images how they’re doing that maybe that’s

a new feature in the upcoming release Beaver
Builder 1.8 there some images and out to see

what they look like when you click on it and
this one choosing I think the native word

press slides lightbox gallery feature Kelso
down weeks we’ve got some logos we’ve got

the counters and some text here right so that
was the agency was to get the original agency

template this is the original one one of the
original batch of templates that they released

and you’ve got a nice a video background going
on there and I can scroll down so this is

one of the original template solicited this
one Apple a five a and it’s pulling up here

in this I guess would be ideal for an app
or something like that if you had a and after

marketing on one of the different app stores
and that’s what you get in that one and here’s

another one called Associates I think this
is one of the original ones as well yes this

is one of the original templates right here
Steve got this kind of a slider like area

in his letters actually built into the plug-in
the ability to have a slider like that is

more of your standard templates such as associates
biz this is one of the newer ones outs take

a look at this one right here actually this
is one of the newer ones this is one of the

original ones a case that is coming soon I
think this is actually as well one of the

original ones yeah this is another kind of
just a lead capture page our rights that was

coming soon okay DJ this is new I know it’s
knew for sure here is the DJ template so you’ve

got this video going on in the background
it’s taking up and also have the video on

the background and it’s taking up the full
screen actually pretty slick that we scroll

down a little bit we have this text area here
and then we have another slighting image or

another image there okay and this is for selling
tickets and events information like this whenever

there’s an effect where the image kind of
overlaps a section and here’s some more stuff

and there we go so that is DJ one of the new
ones essence can’t remember if this is one

of the new batch of the old batch skies the
limits okay that’s a sense fashion freaks

this is definitely one of the newer ones this
is probably one of the morsel are slick once

so you get the same thing going on where you
have this moving image in the back I like

that it’s probably easier on resources and
if there is a video playing in the back with

a little down arrow here that should slated
for us their ego and so I got a text image

like that’s image text and here we have a
nice video nice image in the background this

right here is for your blog posts we have
that here this is an out version I think this

right here might the button could be some
settings with how I have it set up that it’s

not showing right really like how that slid
in these are different images slid in in a

different way right there here’s an opt in
is another spot where we have a transitioning

images like that effect as well and then a
custom footer such a fashion reeks here is

photo see I can remember this is new or old
I think it’s new yes it is like you on this

new transition with the tiles like that you
can scroll down to get some services actually

this isn’t new this is one of the original
ones full screen let’s take a look here though

this is actually humor there’s a little beaver
that’s their little Beaver Builder icon or

logo and we can scroll down and see what they
did with this one so it’s different sections

with an image that slides in and text this
is interesting as you have the moving beaver

rights and I got to see how they did this
different diagonal lock colors there probably

with an image so as fullscreen let’s look
at grand and grand is one of their original

templates okay Janel awkward this is definitely
a new template okay I think this template

when you load it is supposed to have an image
in the background there here’s a camera a

nice little slighting in about me and I like
how they did this here with these three different

sections with a slight different color tone
in the back here’s a little rotating testimonials

which is cool and here are different images
and like I showed you in the earlier one that

is looking at when you click on it it just
so pulls it up there pulls it up there okay

I write and then a little spot here for images
such Janel let’s meet that’s a new one as

well think this one might of been the one
for restaurants you real so we got this full

screen image in the back scroll down go here’s
a little menu that kinda slides in and right

there I like this with the image in the back
and the different testimonials right there

or reviews their egos that’s less meat here
is a moon landing I can’t remember if this

is one of the newer ones I think it is yes
it is okay so we scroll down and got a big

button here is my baby is the template for
an author here’s some information there caseloads

moon landing take a look at motor city this
is a newer one so here we go we scroll down

like other doing that with the moving image
of like a little bit of motion and to hear

some different what you call these kind of
elements and then there’s little footer so

is motor city now let’s look at pro Ms. okay
we get this full image back here get some

different sections there map got the counter
going right there logos and a call to action

area so now it’s gone to page 2 and here’s
Pro crabs so you got the app looking type

of theme that’s lights up there here’s our
counters there’s another image very simple

and clean layout and here’s of course their
pricing table that’s built in so is pro-crass

Royal Academy
right so scroll down here we go” three different
sections this is nicer here I like the stiffer

into tab elements here’s that the fact that
were seeing a lot where you have an image

in the back that’s moving a bit here’s our
counter and some news in a call to action

so as Royal Academy here is scroll her and
I think this might’ve been an original one

yeah this is an original one I just zipped
through it okay that’s one of the original

pages I hear his cell so I got this slideshow
here a reason and showing this is because

I don’t have WooCommerce installed and this
would automatically show some of the products

Sears testimonial area and some reviews and
why this is a look and right on this one because

I don’t have WooCommerce so a cell what’s
a good subscribe what if this is just a simple

opt in page yeah it’s a simple opt in pages
think is one of the original ones right there

so subscribe the body factory this is new
I think it’s maybe for gyms or personal trainers

and to hear we have some our counter here’s
our blog posts and here’s our pricing table

Steve got that’s like this year to where you
got these different boxes right here to put

the information I like the way that looks
so as a body factory let’s look at city lawyers

and that we only have two more after this
King so we see this common trend where you

know in the new ones you got that full-screen
image hero image like other doing this with

the box I don’t know if that’s how they’re
doing that I like to dig into it here steamed

the weather doing this with the goal this
is actually part of the image you can see

when you try to drag it away testimonials
why us quotes and here’s their accordion so

you can have file uses a lot with frequently
asked questions some counters in the footers

that was the city lawyer and here’s wooden
and then we have one more after this cam scrolling

down and got some nice animations going on
parallax effects is that motion and some often

elements that was wooden and let’s take a
look at the Zen life okay and you’re going

to counter got quotes and we have these little
graphs we have a gallery and in opt in so

that is all 28 templates that come with Beaver
Builder like you said the new ones you’re

not to see until they officially release version
1.8 but if you do if your customer you can

go and you can install an alpha or beta build
before it’s really mass released was really

nice for Beaver Builder figures in any case
all layout templates if there is a row we

really like that row you can actually save
that as a global row and you can easily drag

and drop it in any page that you want so you
can literally it’s very modular like that

you can take the best pieces of these different
landing page templates the best pieces that

you like and then you can piece it all together
to be the exact page design that you want

with minimal effort in configuring on your
part soap and resents up even though this

was just a video on the landing page is not
necessarily any of the features of builder

Beaver Builder but I intend on putting out
more videos on that once again you want to

buy Beaver Builder I gotta link them below
this may take you straight over to their website

as you made it to the end of the video which
must mean that a private value to you so can

you go ahead and click on the phones up down
below that’ll help me out and if you want

more videos like this be sure to click on
the subscribe button right down below me know

if you want to find me on the Internet I’ve
got a special Facebook group that I set up

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now I never want you to leave empty-handed

so I created a free video course for you Colby
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is that free video course go ahead and click

on the link over here on the right you can
also find needed WP actually check

out my 60 minute website challenges those
are very popular and you can find those on

the website as well eight thank you so much
for watching this video I make these videos

just for you and I hope you watch the next

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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