by Adam Preiser updated September 24, 2019

Extend WordPress Pods Vs Toolset Vs Advanced Custom Fields Compared


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In this video, I compare some of these amazing tools that help you to build amazing WordPress websites that go beyond just posts and pages.

Video Transcript

In this video minute try to help you navigate
the options that are out there for extending

what WordPress can do when you pair it with
Beaver Themer which is the team page template

builder for Beaver Builder and Beaver Builder
is for WordPress of course I my name is Adam

from where I make WordPress
videos that people can understand because

therefore non-techies I try to put these videos
out each day if you find value in these videos

please consider clicking on that subscribe
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click on the little bell off to the side so
anyways were on my side but were to be talking

about Beaver Themer and ways of using this
and extending what you could do with WordPress

now what I’m talking about is custom fields
and custom post types and another concept

that you might not be aware of and that is
a linking custom post types together in a

relationship and so I’m in a talk about these
various tools and what my experience has been

with using them and try to give you an idea
of some of the pros and cons of each one to

help you make a decision for what you’re trying
to do now I will say that using Beaver Themer

is a very exciting thing for me and especially
when you get into the custom fields and the

custom post types and then the relationship
between the two it’s very powerful so adding

custom fields I think of already made a video
on this is actually very simple it’s just

maybe on pages and posts you want a custom
field there were you can then take that little

bit of information and put it anywhere you
want in the layout your building with the

beaver theme or this could be a date it could
be a video it could be a URL it could be a

block of text it could be an image of the
big gallery of images there so many options

of what you can do there and that’s kind of
a basic way of extending what it can do and

that is just adding custom fields and then
link it to men through beaver seam are now

the next thing you might want to do is create
a custom post type and this would be a bit

of information are a block of information
that doesn’t quite fit in a page or post so

I’ll give you an example if you go to a real
estate website they probably have homes for

sale these listings of homes for sale and
that would be a custom post type that you

create that would be in your back in WordPress
admin and that’s for all of that kind of information

is going to go and it would also use those
custom fields right how many bedrooms and

many bathrooms year built things like that
so that’s an example of custom fields and

a custom post types now what relationships
artists take that same example and you have

multiple real estate agents that are selling
multiple properties so you would want to link

it that’s when you would click on a property
and you could see the agent that’s listing

it and then you can click on the agent that’s
listing it and then it would show you all

of their properties and so you would have
this relationship between a real estate agent

and the listings that they have on the website
so that’s an area you would actually have

two custom post types right you have one for
the real estate listing and then you would

have one for the real estate agent I’ve also
seen this scenario an example being given

for books and authors an author can have many
books and so there’s this relationship linking

the two together and I guess it might be a
good idea to say why would you even want to

do that in the first place and I think it’s
a for efficiently displaying the data and

linking it altogether so imagine you didn’t
have the real estate listing with a separate

real estate agent custom post type that would
really be no easy way to see all of the listings

that a real estate agent would have if there
wasn’t this relationship going on or they

wouldn’t be an efficient way of updating that
realtor’s contact information if you’re adding

it manually to each real estate listing adding
it manually the picture the name the phone

number with the relationship you just link
it to the real estate agent and if you wanted

to update that real estate agents information
on all of the properties you would go to the

record for that real estate agent so there’s
a lot of these linking relationship stuff

that is a very efficient and I think he just
sat there and you thought about it I bet you

can think of some amazing scenarios for this
as well for situations that you might come

across so another example is a doctors practice
where there’s multiple doctors and there’s

multiple offices so that’s another example
there’s actually so many examples and as a

matter fact if you got a great example of
a relationship a typical relationship that

someone would create in WordPress go ahead
and leave that in the comment box down below

so that’s relations of so now that you start
talking about the tools to do these things

and I’ll share with you my experience on it
now I will give you one caveat Beaver Themer

it’s a newer product it’s actually been out
for four months I think us as we had the beta

for it and it just officially went on sale
maybe a month ago so it’s a newer product

so the reason I bring that up is some of these
integrations are being refined or haven’t

even been conceived yet so let’s get on to
it so the first woman to talk about is advanced

custom fields they have a free version and
they have a paid version the paid version

is it really that expensive it’s quite a bargain
and this is the best tool that you can use

to create custom fields for your posts or
your pages or if you created a custom post

type now all this does is create custom fields
it doesn’t create the custom post type it

doesn’t give you the ability to do that and
it also doesn’t really do relationships okay

so this is literally if you’re building a
website and you just need to add a couple

extra fields to pages or posts or you’re using
a different tool to create the custom post

types then you can use advanced custom fields
it is the best way that I have seen the most

advanced the most select the most feature-rich
way to add custom fields to WordPress and

there is direct integration that Beaver Themer
has built for advanced custom fields they

built it themselves and it’s very very nice
let’s move onto the next one there is PODS

now PODS is a tool that allows you to create
custom fields and it also allows you to create

custom post types and it also allows you to
build a relationship so it’s like the triple

threat of extending your WordPress website
because it does all three of these things

and what’s exciting about PODS is one of the
do users of Beaver Builder that is also involved

with PODS he went ahead and built an add-on
integration to integrate PODS with Beaver

Themer and I gotta say it is pretty amazing
what this integration allows you to do in

fact I’ll be making a video here for the channel
specifically on that taking you from a to

Z creating custom post-custom fields creating
a layout creating relationships to make a

video on all of that using PODS now PODS is
great at all of those things however when

it comes to creating custom fields it’s definitely
not as slick and as nice as advance custom

fields so that’s what I was saying if you’re
to create a custom post type with some other

tool and you just or you just want to add
some custom fields you might want to just

use advanced custom fields because it’s the
best at that PODS is the best ad relationships

it’s very easy to create a custom post type
it’s very easy to create custom fields at

this just doesn’t have all the options of
advanced custom fields but it’s okay in my

mind because it is the triple threat word
also allows you to easily establish these

relationships in fact is the easiest tool
that I’ve ever come across for WordPress might

be the only tool I’ve come across for WordPress
that makes it so easy to create these relationships

it’s a pretty darn amazing and PODS happens
to be free they do have a sponsorship thing

where you can go there and they’re asking
people to donate or become a regular donator

I think I’m going to do that myself and be
one of their donators I give $25 per month

because I want to support what they’re doing
but it’s a completely free tool here is the

one of the things with adults that Beaver
Themer integration it’s not quite yet fully

ready to go it’s fully functional and its
fully usable but right now you can unfortunately

only get it here on and get hub which is in
the end of the world but I’m sure there to

be integrating it into the actual plug-in
so that could be super easy to install it

if you just have PODS by just clicking a button
and it will be added in actually need to follow

up and talk with them about it but here is
where you can download it if you wanted to

give it a shot and it’s just a plug-in that
you would add I’m using it and I’m just floored

at what this thing can do I mean it is so
amazing I have so many ideas of how I’m going

to be using it myself now you can see here
was made about to get up as it tells you all

the files in the folders and you can see when
it was last modified you can see this was

all last modified 43 minutes ago they are
actively working on this to get it ready for

prime time but what’s really great about it
is there so passionate about this I think

it’s going to be the one of the most amazing
solutions now traditionally the best option

for creating or extending what WordPress can
do has been a toolset it’s at WP

and it’s a suite of tools now let me go through
them to click on toolset components before

actually do that we should look the cost I
think Lemme click on by now so I can tell

you the cost of this by the way advanced custom
fields and things like 25 bucks for a single

site 100 bucks for unlimited sites and there’s
no annual renewal or anything like that right

I just click on the bio page and waiting for
to pull up they have a lifetime option available

for toolset in a single site and all that
so single site just $69 for that first year

agency this would be unlimited installations
149 but they also have what’s nice is they

have this a lifetime option now I hacked away
at types WP toolset this whole suite of tools

I hacked away for for a full weekend trying
to get it to do what I wanted to do man I

can even get back to the homepage okay there
we are some other components let me go through

the components and I’ll share with you my
experience toolset is a suite of tools number

one is types types is actually free and you
can downloaded from the WordPress repository

it’s a tool for creating custom fields and
also for creating custom post types and it

does a really good job at it one of things
I don’t like about it those when you just

if you just wanted use types and you added
in it has all kinds of annoying meta-boxes

in your posts and that you are the custom
post types that you make and even in your

posts that kind of are like nags to get the
other the full suite of tools now views is

the other tool that it comes with and this
actually allows you to use Beaver Builder

to create some layouts but the integration
in my experience is completely half-baked

and it doesn’t work and a lot of the modules
and especially the modules provided by the

add-on providers powerpack and ultimate add-ons
for Beaver Builder I was trying to get it

to do what I wanted to do and I couldn’t but
with use you can also what what it does is

essentially lousy disk display your information
and it also gives you the ability to create

these beautiful search fields where you can
have this a search box whatever to filter

and sort and find the information on these
custom post types I think is actually really

good at that other than the other component
is screed CRED and this allows you to have

a front and form that users can submit the
information that gets put into the custom

post types so that real estate example you
can have a front and former someone can put

a property into the system and then you have
layouts right here as well and this is another

way for editing of pages and templates that
comes with this suite in the and axis is just

access control maps is actually punch of different
things it comes with a but I feel like it’s

bloated my experience using a types was it
has a very steep learning curve and I I feel

like that’s a very fair thing to say and I
feel like if you were to ask 10 people that

were developers and you gave them types to
try to figure try to figure out they would

probably all say the same thing it’s got a
pretty steep learning to curve and I can be

using this without learning how to do some
custom code even though that is kind of the

promise on the homepage that you don’t have
to write any code you are writing code for

sure using toolset now there are tools to
developers and they are masters of it and

they can do all kinds of things they’ve been
using it for a very long time and essentially

toolsets it doesn’t really integrate well
at all with Beaver Themer and where I found

this problem was if you wanted to link up
some custom fields from toolset and you wanted

to link that into say one of the Beaver Builder
modules it was actually very limited on what

you were able to do and that’s I think a toolset
would need to decide to build a deeper integration

so if you already have beaver theme or and
you want to do things the Beaver Themer Way

toolset might not be for you because it kind
of does a lot of the same stuff from a layout

creation perspective but it just doesn’t do
it as well or as simplified in a way that

makes sense I I kind of felt like that was
my spiritual toll said when I wanted to create

something I would have a an option screen
on top of an option screen on top of an option

screen and it was just very hard to follow
it’s it’s not really simple and I think it

could be simplified but it just isn’t but
the main problem for me was the field blinking

just wasn’t there now there is that also that
other thing I was talking about with the relationships

and creating relationships and tool said is
not easy at all and it’s not as powerful as

what you’re getting in pods as far as creating
a one to many relationship or what’s called

a bidirectional many to many relationship
it’s actually very weak in creating those

relationships so in that scenario of the one
realtor can have multiple properties and that

maybe a property can have more than one realtor
listing agent may be an agent that showing

the property you can have more of a tough
time using toolset to create those relationships

and you’re not can have any chance at all
of her relay of displaying related information

from those relationships meaning if you’re
looking at the property for sale having all

this realtor information there or if there
is more than one realtor that that whole thing

you’re not can be using Beaver Themer for
that your you’re pretty much committing into

toolset in the toolset way of doing things
so I give toolshed set a shot I’m going to

probably try to play around with it a little
bit more but I know for me my solution my

stack is going to be a Beaver Builder Beaver
Themer PODS now let me show you some alternatives

to some of the things you get with types that
you might need air you might want so for hear

us talk about these custom search well you
can get facet WP facet faucet whatever facet

WP and it’s an add-on that you can get to
create those searches and I think this is

Probably kind of the best at what it does
so then the nice thing about that is if you’re

getting use PODS if you need is what I’m telling
you what I’m suggesting that you use or what

I’m going to use your really getting the test
tools for that particular task work you just

go the toolset route you’re getting the tools
it gives you but they might not be the best

tools on the market for that particular task
so you can get faucet WP where it are facet

WP ’96 I know the comment section down below
is gonna blow up at me for pronouncing things

wrong but you get this which is pretty much
the best way of searching and filtering your

content she can get the best of the breed
with that now for the other toolset component

creed right here for having a front and form
you can use a gravity forms there’s a gravity

form integration with PODS and you can use
gravity forms for that to create the front

and interface for having people give you information
to add to one of those custom post types so

you can have this stack so that’s going to
be my stack as a matter of fact I’m doing

some significant enhancements on the two of
my websites and what I meant to be using is

Beaver Builder Beaver Themer PODS and first
search I’m going to be using this and I’m

not gonna need the white initially met in
any of the front and submission of information

so I’m not in any gravity forms for that but
I actually already have gravity forms on both

of those websites and was also nice about
it being gravity forms is there is an add-on

with powerpack for Beaver Builder to style
the gravity form really simply and easily

and that same functionality is also being
added to ultimate add-ons and so if you have

one of these add-on packages not only are
you going to be able to use gravity forms

to create the form but you can be able to
use this tool you already own to make it a

beautiful form that bully fits in with the
style of your website so I’m sorry that I

might’ve made this video a little longer than
I would’ve wanted to I wanted to explain this

for people because I’ve spent days days of
sorting through all this so this short video

settling in to save you lots of time and and
and skin to give you the information that

you might need to make the best decision of
the tools you’re going to use to extend your

WordPress website now I am going to include
links to everything down below and appreciate

your support if you purchase anything you
do through one of my links have these don’t

have affiliate programs or anything like that
so it wouldn’t really matter anyway but I

have a link to Beaver Builder Beaver Themer
advanced custom fields pods which is amazing

and there’s more PODS content coming up with
a link this link as well to the initial version

of the specific integration uploaded toolset
link below a faucet link below and a gravity

link down below I want to hear from you what
am I leaving out one of my missing out and

here is there other tools that are better
for the task also other great scenarios are

commonly used scenarios in order to extend
extend that developers might want to do to

add functionality to their WordPress website
whether some of those scenario ideas I gave

the real estate example the book example so
there’s all these different examples out there

in the dental office example as well so I
love to hear from you down below thanks for

watching the video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. YO utalked about ACF not being able to create custom post types….so what would we use to do that?

    1. There are many plugins for free that can create a custom post type for you. Just do a search and choose the most popular one. I personally use PODS to create my custom post types.

  2. Awesome review and advices. Thanks! I will go for Pods with FacetWP and Gravity Forms. Would be very nice to see this video also consider Elementor. Happy new year!

  3. Thank you Adamfor this information.But what if I want to create a listings like a real estate, products etc.with many properties or products…it has to be done one by one? I know there are themes or plugins that can do that but if I want to develop the listings myself with CPT it will take forever to load like 500 properties, Is there a way or a CPT that can csv import /export to mKe things easy and that can manage custom fieleds of the post?

    1. There are tools for importing data into WordPress. I would suggest taking a look at WP All Import.

  4. I build sites with Beaver + Themer and Toolset all the time. Might want to update the video here to talk about relationships in Toolset.

  5. Hey Adam!

    Thanks a lot for the video… I know how much time it takes to really research this instead of just copy pasting a bunch of characteristics from their product pages.

    One doubt that popped up while watching your video… Is there any substitue for Toolset Access? That is, conditionally display/take actions based on user role or status (logged in or not)? So that we don’t display a submission form to a non logged-in user.

    If Pods or any other plugin can take care of that, it’d be a killer stack having BB + Pods/ACF + GravityForms + Permissions.

    I too much prefer having specialized tools for each task deeply integrated.

    Thanks for all your work!

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