by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

Everything In WordPress Is About To Change With Gutenberg New Page Editing Experience


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Change can be good and it can be bad, but one constant thing that comes with change is uncertainty.

WordPress is in the process of a massive change and it's named Gutenberg.

Video Transcript

Big changes are coming to WordPress whether
any of us like it or not hi my name is Adam

from where I make WordPress
videos afford non-techies if you enjoy the

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this video is going to be about one thing
whether you’ve heard about it or not it is

coming and you can start using it now and
it is called Gutenberg I don’t know of you

heard about Gutenberg essentially what Gutenberg
is is it’s a very aggressive plan that WordPress’s

implementing to pretty much change the way
you create content in WordPress and there’s

been a lot of chatter across the Internet
about it in fact I was on a podcast last Friday

where we talked a lot about it and at the
word camp in Europe just a few weeks ago the

beta version of it was released now if you
are a WordPress user I would encourage you

to test this out because this is the future
of your website it’s called the Gutenberg

and working to take a look at it right now
now traditionally with WordPress the way you

create content is in that little box and whether
you knew it or not that is called tiny MCE

which is old and outdated and WordPress feels
the pressure of competing with these other

website builders namely wicks and Squarespace
and what’s that other one where they shop

a five they feel the pressure to have a better
user experience for people using WordPress

and I’ve really come to the realization to
core things about WordPress that I’ve always

thought and now I know them to not be true
number one the word press is not cheap so

if you want an e-commerce store to cut you
some money on different plug-ins that you

might need so it’s not this free or really
cheap solution Juergen spent a little bit

of money it’ll be worth it but in it’s probably
a lot less expensive than the alternatives

and it’s gonna be much better but it’s gonna
cost you some money and number two with WordPress

is it’s not easy now for me I’m in a bubble
you know I’m using it so long it seems easy

to me but there’s a lot of things that are
not intuitive and not easy about WordPress

especially if you have an active site and
you have a bunch of different plug-ins and

you’re trying to get them all working together
in be to behave okay so this is Gutenberg

I’m not to talk too much as go ahead and take
a look at it you can test this out now I do

not suggest you test this out on a live site
so if you’re like me you would go and get

local by flywheel it’s a program you can install
on your Mac or your PC and allows you to create

WordPress installations on your computer and
they run superfast and you can easily create

them and delete them build entire websites
move at your web hosting whatever I do have

a few videos on it and is totally free you
can’t beat that just Google local by fly will

rot maybe tussling down below why not it was
logged in go to plug-ins add new do a search

for Gutenberg in the first the first morning
right here is as this is beta software do

not run on real sites I want to go ahead and
click on install and then I’ll go ahead and

activate it now right now they are in the
beta testing phases of this but it’s been

under development for a year and the goal
of this and what is been said about it is

with the direction that this is taking things
would ideally leapfrog all the different competitors

in the website building platform space so
when you install it it’s can add a new option

right here so it’s not to take over the blog
post editor or the page content editor is

going to just put it in its own little container
right here because it’s more for you to look

at and see got get just how it works get comfortable
with it find bugs and if you’re a plug-in

developer or theme developer kind of look
at it and see how the heck is what I’m doing

benefit in this and that is a big hot topic
right now is with Gutenberg and its new kind

of a visual editor you can see it right now
what does this mean for page builders I happen

to think page builders are going to be fine
than to be around just fine I don’t think

this is a page builder killer but it gives
you this elegant and beautiful way to create

your content and it’s is the type it out it’s
all visual now the negative is you don’t actually

at hopefully there to do this at some point
but you don’t actually get to see how it’s

gonna look on the front and which ideally
should be what it’s allowing you to do is

to actually enter the content in the context
of what everyone’s going to see anyway so

anyways my first impression was it, looks
like the customizer but these options are

on the right instead of the left so we got
some options right here but where most of

the action happens is right here word says
insert in this is where it gets its name a

block editor so everything you do in it is
now going to be in blocks so I can just click

right here and start entering the title there’s
my title and then I can click right here and

start creating my content and entering it
in and you can see as soon as you click in

there you get the different formatting options
right here in you can start entering everything

in these blocks you cannot rearrange them
by clicking up or down I don’t happen to find

that super intuitive personally and I’m not
so thrilled about this bullock this block

way of doing things so let me just put some
content in right here there is I put this

is my first written block right there and
then I can go here and now I’m in a different

block and then a different blocking and then
a different block in all your content is in

these blocks but then here is where it’s a
little different I can click this little plus

right here and here are different blocks that
you can drag into your content so you have

the textblock obviously this is what I many
of an image gallery a heading a quote to a

list a cover image so these are all things
you could do already in WordPress but you

just do it a little differently and then here
are some formatted blog Caesar pull quotes

tables some preformatted text of this would
be kind of like a my coat or something like

that custom HTML or code classic text and
then when you scroll down you get some layout

blocks and widgets and then you get embed
after embed after embed before you would just

for you to be just paste your link in and
it would automatically do everything for you

but with this it’s a block that you would
just go ahead and drag in and then there’s

a search option right here they’re actually
on the think this is like the third beta of

this public beta I’m sure there’s been many
revisions that they’ve had in the past is

the third when that’s been out there is a
lot of people talking about it I really encourage

you to check it out but it’s kind of hard
you know to think about what this means for

WordPress now when this does come out it’s
not gonna be backwards compatible so that

means if you implemented on your site in all
of your content gets converted into it you

not to be able to go back unless you had a
backup of how it was before you upgraded so

once you move forward there is no moving backwards
but you always want to definitely move forward

in this actually very very controversial this
new editor there’s a lot of dialogue on the

wire they go in this direction I know they
need to go in a new direction but why this

direction is this really what people want
who is this designed to compete with is this

going to kill page builders there’s all these
different things that are being discussed

right now about this not what’s nice if you
start trying this out testing it your voice

matters you can add your voice to the conversation
and you know things you like about this don’t

like about this or bugs that you run into
but it’s kinda crazy this is what is going

to be jammed down everyone’s throat whether
you like it or not on version 5 of WordPress

when it’s released now they just recently
released 4.8 there in a due 4.9 probably in

a few months and will probably have this for
sure in 2018 it next year and I’m just sitting

here because I make all these YouTube videos
I’m thinking holy cow every single YouTube

video where your is a tutorial about creating
content all of those are now immediately outdated

and ditto everything’s going to be starting
from a clean slate which actually is kind

of exciting for me anyway so anyways I will
put a link down to Gutenberg down below where

you can read about it I’d encourage you to
go ahead and test that out and why don’t you

add down below in the comment section what
you think about Gutenberg and how it might

fit into page builders and help might just
fit into WordPress is just totally different

way of doing things when I was really looking
at this a few days ago it made me feel pretty

uncomfortable but that’s okay I you know change
is going to be good hopefully it ends up maturing

a lot before it gets released and were all
now using this but I think I’m gonna miss

the old editor even though it’s outdated some
soap anyways this is Gutenberg let me know

what you think about Gutenberg if you think
it’s good for WordPress are bad for WordPress

if you’re excited or you’re like fearing this
thing like me just go ahead and leave it in

the comments tableau hey thanks for watching
this video I’ll see you in the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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