by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

Easiest Way To Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website


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Video Transcript

Easiest Way To Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make videos for

non-techies like me and in this video I’m
to show you a new way with the quotes air

quotes a new way to add custom CSS to your
WordPress based website seat just a short

while ago a new version of WordPress was released
version 4.7 and they needed superduper easy

in this new word press release I just wanted
to show you it is pretty awesome what they’ve

done now there’s lots of ways that custom
CSS to your website first of all you can add

custom plug-ins or do it sometimes your theme
might have a special area to do that or you

can always just go ahead and directly added
to the style.CSS file in your theme or if

you had a child theme you could do it that
way as well however this new way is just so

much easier and it’s visual and I just want
to show you how to do in this video and I

think moving forward if anyone ever asks you
like a theme developer summonses put this

custom CSS in your website this is

version 4.7 and they added some new fee that
added a whole bunch of new things to WordPress

4.7 but the one I’m talking about is going
to be in the customizer so to add custom CSS

you would log into your WordPress website
go to appearance and then customizer and it

takes you here now this is the new 2017 theme
that was just released with this new release

of WordPress itself and they got a new option
here in the customizer it says additional

CSS and so when you click on it you can go
ahead and put whatever CSS just copy and paste

it right in there now I do have videos on
using custom CSS and how to find things and

make those those fine tune little tweaks that
you’re gonna want on your website so what

I want to do is show you how easy it is to
get rid of the sites tagline or site description

and so here I have it right there site description
and these are the properties for it and I

want to go ahead and remove those so say I
wanted to make it disappear entirely well

the what you would do is you would type in
the class which is site description and you

type display absolutely how you’re going to
want to do it all right so I’m in a log into

a demo site that I have set up and it has
a fresh installation of the latest version

of WordPress like that and then you would
type none in the need go like that so loops

like that and that’s all you have to do to
apply CSS now here’s what’s awesome about

this if you notice this soon as I put the
entry in it immediately reflected on the website

and so what that means is now you can make
your CSS edits and see them in real time now

some of my done for you templates I was waiting
to release because I wanted you to have this

functionality I have one on creating online
courses and what I wanted to do was make it

very easy visually to change the colors of
certain properties in the learning management

system that word there’s no like set setting
so anyways this is the way I am going to be

modifying CSS moving forward it is pretty
awesome there’s a lot of new features in WordPress

4.7 I’m
custom CSS to your WordPress website the new

way of doing it before you go I have something
for you and before I get into that I wanted

to ask you to do something for me if you can
give me a thumbs up on this video and if you’re

not a subscriber click on the subscribe button
right beneath me if you have a question on

this video I be happy to answer it you can
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this video hey I put together a course just
for you and I’m in a give it to you for free

all you have to do is click on the button
right here on the right it’s called the three

steps to WordPress success it’s an awesome
course you’re gonna love it I would love for

you to join in and enroll as a student in
this course thanks for watching this video

I really appreciated and I do it just for
you really enjoying get us but I just wanted

to get this info out to you on how to add

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial‚Äč, however how can i know a CSS class or id of a “email download link plugin” I want to change the css

    1. You need to use a browser tool to identify the class. I use an extension called firebug in chrome.

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