by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

Divi Theme Review – Perfect Conversion Rate Optimization WordPress Theme


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Divi is a powerful WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. It is very feature packed. They recently added a new feature called Divi Leads which gives you powerful A/B split testing.


Divi is one of the original theme & page builder combos for WordPress. It has been around for many years and because of that, it has a huge userbase of fans. It boasts many innovative features that are unique to Divi.

Key Divi Features:

  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements
  • 40+ Elements

I can see why people buy Divi. It has a lot going for it especially after the release of Divi 4 which added theme builder functionality which was lacking, but now it's here.

I will say that the pricing and the lifetime option is very attractive.

Also, the Divi team over the last 12 months has become a well-oiled machine cranking out unbelievable features and enhancements. If that wasn't enough, they also have pushed out an insane amount of free templates and a template manager for them. It's a good value all around despite the issues mentioned above.

Check Out Divi

Video Transcript

Divi Theme Review – Perfect Conversion Rate Optimization WordPress Theme

I want to give a review of a theme called
Divi now if you’re not familiar with Divi

is a theme that is been created by company
called elegant themes and I want to go to

their website right now but in this video
just you know I’m going to look at divvies

website talk to you about the features of
Divi and then I want to show you a Divi insulation

that I have right now and I’m trying to make
this a bit thorough and I’m to give you my

honest opinion of Divi so you’re my website
click on the recommended underneath WordPress

themes you’ll see our right here elegant themes
and us right here and you could just go ahead

and click on right there were just click here
and it’s gonna take you right on over to elegant

themes website now elegant themes has quite
a bit of themes but their main themes that

they sell the most of and are you see you
can see the most on the wild Divi and a new

one that they have called extra that is kind
of using a lot of the same technology as Divi

now one of the nice things about elegant themes
is there’s a huge community around it they

have a unbelievably active Facebook group
where there is so many developers theme developers

using Divi it’s crazy now the nice thing about
Divi is it has so much flexibility you can

literally there’s a setting for everything
you you can do pretty much anything that you

want to do with the website you can do with
Divi so anyways when he got elegant themes

of website right here is Divi Divi they really
should update some of these screenshot images

but let’s see let’s click on view our themes
and here’s the first one to be here’s extra

but I might go ahead and click on learn more
and take you to the Divi page now you get

this demo video that you should watch it’s
a very informative about to be now when you

scroll down to look more at what Divi does
your to be pretty Mason out to be to build

content of your any use the Divi page builder
and it’s a tool that allows you to build complex

layouts or flexible layouts to make a page
or post look exactly how you want it and here’s

kind of what it looks like I’m in a show you
in a moment here’s what the what it looks

like using their page builder now snotty front-end
page builder like Beaver Builder which I’m

a big fan of his well it is kind of like partially
front then and I’m in a show you what I mean

by that when I’m demoing it for you now out
of the builder has all these modules lose

a lot of things that normally you would need
a plug-in for you don’t need a plug-in to

do it in Divi Divi already has the features
built into it like audio player video player

called action all kinds of other things right
here pricing tables is all or he built into

Divi now let’s see if there’s so much customization
options continue scrolling down here and I

sure some of the more advanced demos of the
lease you can see what you’re able to do with

Divi let’s take a look at the let’s just jump
in and take a look at one how does Divi Caf’e9

so here’s a example of a divvies site now
it’s important to note that you have so many

flexible options with the heavy with your
head or your footer and everything in between

him because he just does them all by itself
it already looks pretty beautiful I when you

scroll down you get all the nice subtle animations
with it like you can see here and is total

flexibility to make it look exactly how you
would want it to look for you and for your

requirements make it out there for a moment
let’s see if it continues going down now a

lot of the theme customizations there done
in the WordPress customizer as you can see

in this little example right here you can
have either so many things that you can adjust

the make it look exactly as you wanted him
in a month and a demo that for you in a moment

there’s premade layouts which saves you time
right here it says there’s 20 premade layouts

which is nice to talk about this in a moments
he was really nice is it allows you for each

section of each page allows you to have setting
specific to different mobile devices so tablets

and mobile devices and stuff like that you
can really fine-tune your customizations and

have total control over it where most themes
it just adjusts based upon the browser size

will in Divi you can you can configure how
skill look at all the different browser sizes

which is amazing it’s fast Elliott themes
is phenomenal supports it’s a very secure

platform and course multilingual and stuff
like that now here’s actually something that

was a feature that was actually Reese released
today in this really got me some just pretty

excited about using Divi moving forward and
they introduced a new feature today called

Divi leads and what that is is true AB split
testing for any page or post on your site

and I’ll get to that moment that’s amazingly
powerful actually here was to talk about right

now maybe split testing is this you have a
homepage in there’s a big headline and you

might want to see what would say there’s a
button underneath the dances get started or

the pricing page whenever Sue got a headline
and a button there amongst other content and

you want to see how how many people would
click on that button based upon different

variations of the headlines you can create
three different variations of the headline

that says something different and the goal
is to get them to click that button over Divi

is really easy to set something like that
it will track on which headline someone saw

and did they click the button and it will
calculate all these analytics in it will tell

you which headline is working better for you
so is really the phrases go CRO conversion

rate optimization so it’s really got a CRO
engine built into it and this is something

that you don’t see on that no other theme
no other plug-in has you’re only going to

get this with elegant themes and I think it’s
it’s pretty darn amazing because after all

you know when you have a visitor on your website
your trying to get them to take an action

in any way you can improve or make little
tweaks and constantly tweak your website to

improve it to get them to take that action
it’s it’s only no benefit you more so you

can split us anything headlines colors different
elements you can split test all of it to see

what’s gonna work better for you so it says
right here smart split testing and the script.

One of the things that you should be doing
is following the elegant themes of blog and

I follow their blog they have of course they
are product announcements but they also have

very helpful articles there and I’m sure if
you’ve ever search for anything WordPress

related guarantee you’ve landed on elegant
themes website before so here is the outpost

that the posted today announcing Divi 2.7
which has this new Divi leads feature built

into it and it’s right here and it’s amazing
you can learn all about it by going to this

blog to blog post right here but it’s just
phenomenal what what you’re able to do in

this one theme K holistic a quick look at
the pricing it’s a very affordable and I want

to get into the backend summary click here
on joined to download right here you get access

to all of their themes and it’s only $69 per
year if you want updates and support however

what I like is you have this other option
for $249 it’s a one-time fee you get everything

they ever make in the future and you get lifetime
support it’s amazing how they can do that

but they got phenomenal phenomenal support
they’re going to answer your question and

help you out within 15 to 30 minutes there
really amazing at it but it’s only $249 but

what sizes you can start out with the $69
and then when you see how great of a deal

this to 49 is then you can go ahead and buy
that they also have amazing plug-ins and themes

and all that but this video is mostly about
Divi so right here I have a demo of DV set

up and I was just a plain around with it settings
so let’s take a look at it real quick so if

you wanted to make a page you just go to pages
let’s make a new page and let’s just call

it test test page like that’s go ahead and
click on publish okay so here yard now I’m

going to click on this big button here this
is used to be builder near to see the WordPress

editor change in now I’m actually using the
Divi builder go ahead right here and click

load from library number to load a layout
click here and here’s all these pre-done layouts

that you can literally have your site configured
for with the click of a button so here’s different

home pages that you can have set up all kinds
of portfolio pages blogs splash pages everything

in landing pages is all set up your for you
so let’s use like a friend since this a homepage

for company and you click on load and it already
built it for me so these are the different

rows separated here in the different elements
within those rows and each of these elements

have their own settings so for instance here
it started out with a full with slider and

I can click on this little hamburger icon
right here to pull up the settings so it just

pulled up the settings and what slices I can
see how this looks right now by clicking on

the little I write here and so by clicking
on it is going to generate a preview of what

it looks like and how it set up right now
and you can see how it looks like on a tablet

right here and how will look like on a mobile
device so anyways him to go ahead and add

exit out of the preview and if I want to edit
any of the slides I would just click on the

hamburger icon right here and I can change
any of the text the links to the URLs I can

change my background image I can change whatever
I want it’s all in these settings here and

you can click on advanced if you’re more of
an advanced user and you cannot really flying

fine-tune how you want your website to look
slimmer get out here and these are all the

different rows and you can move things around
so I wanted to move this here and then I wanted

to move that there is so easy to switch those
things around click on update and now that

is live another nice thing is this is if you
are a web developer you have a lot of the

development web development community behind
us and here’s a new feature that they added

an eye I move day of my cursor over right
here import export so what’s amazing is you

can design a major amazing looking page layouts
and you can export it and easily imported

into a new site that you might be designing
for someone and it’s it’s really fast and

it’s very easy now I wanted things I plan
on doing is making a nice design in Davie

and offering that to you for free in a video
so you can look for that in the future but

now that they have this functionality built
in it will be really easy to do going to appearance

and then I’m a go into the customizer right
now just to show you some of the customization

options okay so let’s look at the house playing
around with it here’s little homepage that

I was creating you can see all the different
Divi options here in the left so for instance

this header area to click on that click on
header formats and there’s different hairstyles

this is that her style with the logo in the
middle I can have it be let’s see the default

would P the logo here and then the menu here
you can do vertical navigation when I check

on that I got the logo here and then my navigation
here and though the list goes on a limb you

like remove that and let’s go with that number
to show you why it’s looking like that in

a moment because of some settings I did go
to the primary bar and see here’s the background

color right there and you can see I actually
remove the background color that’s why it

looks like that so if I put it back there’s
my background color of which you can have

the background be whatever or if you move
this down it will be completely transparent

like that that’s how that looks okay so me
leave it like that for a moment you can customize

everything you can customize your font in
here all right here you can have your fonts

else I like BUT say you just wanted it you
didn’t want IT could be like that you can

see how changed and we go back to THE time
like you go to underlying you can italicize

it like that that usually I like if I want
my text size to be larger I can go like this

and you can see dynamically there in the left
so the point of this was that you can literally

manipulate everything let me go back and show
you something that I was having fun with the

earlier in that’s the style of the buttons
so I can go here click on button style when

I can change anything in the style I like
this hover perfect and I put this little icon

here you can literally set this all here so
I wanted to change that icon or have no icon

here’s the different icon options if I wanted
it to be say a pencil by going that now I’ve

got a pencil if I wanted a shopping cart like
this and now you’ve got a shopping cart there’s

all these different options in features that
you can implement in Divi that just think

it pretty amazing to get exactly what you
want El and I got this around the corner and

that is one of these, border radius I was
at the 15 I wanted to be square I can go like

that now just perfectly square scope back
to 15 Rx and only go back and there’s just

setting after setting that you can customize
right here color schemes you have all the

flexibility to build an amazing looking website
here with Divi now let me show you the us

the theme settings right here so words is
Divi can go to theme options and you can see

just continues to be the several really beautiful
looking interface panel and you can throw

up your logo there’s just say this is actually
really nice this a color picker palette you

can choose the colors that you want in your
theme and so when you’re customizing things

in your choosing colors you can choose one
of these predefined colors which saves so

much time and you can just see there’s just
so many different settings you can get this

site to look exactly how you want it to look
it’s a pretty amazing now only actually scratching

the surface of what you can do in Divi there’s
so many features built into it it’s just a

powerhouse for a web developer or anyone that
is going to have a website that has a good

amount of content in it and you want the real
modern elegant look to it is a great deal

I recommend Divi Divi let me give you a little
talk about one aspect of Diviing out that

he has this was called a backend page builder
using my Beaver Builder review that’s a front

end page builder work you’re in the front
end and you can see everything as you change

it divvies up back in page builder today they
released today to version 2.7 and I asked

the Divi folks a question I said one will
you have if and when will you have front and

page building just like Beaver Builder and
they said when they release version 3.0 there

you have a front end page builder in and that
got me excited because I’m a little has attempted

to to to work with Divi because I prefer the
front and page billing experience however

when I saw that a government thinking you
know what now’s a great time to jump in to

start using Divi because they are going to
implement a front-end page builder of course

they are ever that’s the direction are things
going to front and page building but that

and the fact that they have is a B split testing
engine which you can’t get anywhere is really

sold me on using and recommending Divi now
I am redoing my Web agency page and I’m gonna

do it Divi and you’ll see an update from me
in about a months time when I finish that

site and I want to show you some of what I’ve
been able to do and Divi so anyways if you

want to be I’ve got a link below for you to
go and check it out you can also go to my

website go to my recommended page where you
will be up to find info on it as well yes

you made it to the end of the video which
must mean that a product value to you so can

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