by Adam Preiser updated July 16, 2019

Gutenberg Is Coming – Do This Today To Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Break

Not ready to use the new block builder? Have no fear, here is how to can disable it and stick with the classic editor..


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WordPress is about to go through a cosmic shift with the released of a brand new content editing experience.

Problem is, its guaranteed to break a ton of websites. I don't want your website to be one of those!

Thank goodness there is something you can do today to make sure that when your website is updated to WordPress 5, your website will be smooth sailing.

Simply put, you can disable Gutenberg today whether it's on your website or not. You can do this for your client's websites.

Why you ask?

Because when its released it's not going to be compatible with everything, so instead of being a beta tester, you can disable Gutenberg while they work out all the bugs, then when you are confident it will work fine with your website, enable Gutenberg.

Video Transcript

A brand-new content editing experience is
coming to WordPress whether anyone wants it

or not it is coming and it’s named Gutenberg
and it’s going to hit every single word press

website that upgrades to WordPress version
5 and that is coming in 2018 it’s almost already

on the calendar when it’s coming out there’s
nothing you can do to stop it but there is

something you can do right now to prevent
it from disrupting your website if you have

clients their websites and I definitely think
is something that you should consider adding

to your website right now hi my name is Adam
from Remick WordPress tutorial

videos for non-techies every new year consider
clicking on the subscribe button if you don’t

want to miss a thing click on the notification
bell element just jump in and say one thing

I’m not against this new content editing experience
I’ve been using it a lot for the past week

I actually kinda like it there’s some things
I definitely don’t like about it but it is

a drastic change and it could really cause
some friction for your clients if you have

clients or for you if you’re not quite wanting
to go through this learning curve and an experience

this change on WordPress’s schedule if you
want to go through it on your schedule this

is the video for you so I have a site right
here and what I want to do is activate Gutenberg

and then I’m to show you what you can do but
see here is what you want to consider this

okay Gutenberg’s going to change the way you
add content to your website and it’s good

to be different at first and there’s a lot
of rough edges so you can either have this

be on your website on your timetable or on
WordPress’s here’s a perfect example this

is a more advanced website and there’s custom
post types of custom fielders all kinds of

custom looking stuff right here so imagine
you had this for your clients and all of a

sudden the way this looks had a drastic change
it would definitely cause phone calls coming

into you and that’s why you’re in a want to
do what I’m talking about in this video so

okay so here’s just a normal page when I’m
in a do some to go here and activate Gutenberg

which is something you could do right now
copy your website into sort of a staging or

test environment and install and activate
Gutenberg’s you can see what it’s like and

then like I said when version 5 hits you don’t
need the plug in anymore it’s just going to

be part of WordPress Summit go ahead here
and click on activate and then I’m just gonna

go ahead and refresh that one page so here
I am back on that page now this is what when

I refresh it this is what every single page
and WordPress is going to end up looking like

pages and posts this is what they’re gonna
look like right now and you can see is a drastic

changes may affect let me get out of there
it’s so drastic the change you know there’s

a lot of things that aren’t where they used
to be now I will tell you I’ve been using

Gutenberg have already tested it on my website
I do like it there’s just some rough edges

and I’m not convinced that they’re going to
be smooth out by the time this thing is set

to launch my biggest gripe right now is you
don’t have screen options use a habit a tab

here in the top right and you can click on
it you could rearrange things you can hide

some of these option boxes you don’t have
that any more okay so this is what looks like

when you have Gutenberg but if you install
this plug-in called classic editor you can

install it right now it will not harm your
website and when WordPress version 5 hits

what this will do is it’ll make it so Gutenberg
is not actually use on any of your posts are

pages and what this is going to allow you
to do is when you are ready to spend the time

or when you are ready to go in here and have
Gutenberg on your website it will be on your

timetable and I really think this is a good
idea and here’s why there’s going to be these

rough edges and there’s it’s good to be a
little bit of a bumpy road at least your website

won’t have to go through those bumps your
clients websites won’t have to go through

those bumps I think that’s a win-win and there’s
really no rush what if you have a website

that’s up running and working there’s no rush
to switch out to this thing maybe let this

thing go on six months to get better and better
okay so you see I have Gutenberg installed

and activated you saw what that.

That page looks like I’m in a go-ahead right
hearing activate the classic editor now you

can have this installed and activated right
now even if you don’t have the Gutenberg plug-in

in your website you you will just whittle
just kind of nullify Gutenberg and it won’t

harm your website or slow it down okay so
now I’m back to that page that using a Gutenberg

I’m in a go ahead and do a refresh and Juergen
to see that this all goes back to using the

classic editor so the point of this this video
right now is to let you know this is something

that you can do right now you can go to your
website you can go to all your clients websites

and install the classic editor plug-in it
won’t cause any problems today and when WordPress

five hits you have nothing to worry about
when you are ready you can go in there and

you can deactivate classic editor and then
you can begin using Gutenberg on your website

it’s good numbers in as great a cabin using
it I like some aspects about it but it’s going

to freak people out because they’re not ready
fourth are not used to it in all these little

plug-ins that you might be running on your
website they’re not all compatible yet there

so there’s going to be some rough edges but
I don’t want you to have to deal with downtime

with confusion or any of that I want your
website to stay up and run smoothly okay so

I wanted to say that this is going to be Gutenberg
Grand Central Station soon Guttenberg is going

to be in every one of my tutorial videos and
I met a have a ton of specific videos on Gutenberg

to make sure every body that is all viewer
on this channel is fully prepared when Gutenberg

hits so that’s all that I have for you in
this video you found value in this consider

giving it a thumbs up and remember to subscribe
and have the notification bell that’s the

best way for you to find out when I have new
videos if you have any questions about the

classic editor go ahead and leave them in
the video description box but here’s the thing

what would be really nice if you had specific
questions about Gutenberg that you would like

me to answer in a video I would love to do
that for you asked those questions down below

in the comments I’ll be happy to do that for
you hey thank you for watching this video

I can’t wait to see you in the next one!

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hello Mr. Adam,
    I am a beginner and would like to create a website just like you.
    Need your full support. I also referred your youtube video but it is completely different from the webiste that you have.

    I have no programming skills, Need your suggestions.


  2. Thank you for these great videos! There is much to learn..
    I have a question if you don’t mind. What classic editor should I install. i have checked on wordpress.. and there are plenty. Please, englighten me! Thank you!

  3. I just installed and activated the ‘Classic Editor Addon,’ Adam.

    I have this message on my dashboard>

    [Dependency] We have detected that the main Classic Editor plugin, has not yet been installed. Install Now »

    Dismiss this notice.
    Plugin activated.

    Do I still need to install the actual plugin?


    Bob (Non-Techie)

    1. It looks like you initially installed the add-on for the classic editor plug-in not the actual classic editor plug-in. So that is why it is notifying you to install the classic editor plug-in.

  4. I did this because I tried Gutenberg and didn’t like it a bit. I am sure it will be fine down the road but right now….nope. Great video and great advice Adam!!

    1. Smart move. And with Gutenberg being released right before a major holiday, many people don’t want to spend their holiday fixing things.

  5. Is it possible to have more than One domain name to a web hosting account

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