How To Delete WordPress In Softaculous

Updated: May 18, 2017
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How-to Delete WordPress From Softaculous

Alright so this video is for those of you that have installed WordPress via Softaculous and now want to remove that WordPress installation.

Now you can manually go in via the file manager here, in the leave it that way, but then you also have a database that the lead in the user to the lead and it’s actually a lot cleaner if you just go back in the Softaculous and deleted that way.

First you will want to log into your cPanel and then scroll all the way down and so for me under software and services there’s an option that’s a Softaculous. I can click on that or I can click on where it says WordPress I’m going to basically need to go to the same place so go ahead and click their and actually I should just go the other way to show you. My click on Softaculous and this is where it shows me all the scripts that it can install for me and go ahead and click on WordPress and then when you scroll down its list your current installations. And you can see here’s my main website I in when I installed it via Softaculous. Here’s that staging area that I was using in prior videos.

So in order to remove this all you have to do is click on this X here to deleted in order to be presented with some options. The first one is to remove the directory and I want to remove everything, all the files that were created, and I also want to remove the database, that section second option. Here in the third is the database user, so I deftly want all three of these removed.

You can scroll down and click on remove installation and then you don’t need to anything else this is really what you want to do because there’s no going back unless you have a backup so I’m still going ahead and click okay and then there it is it was removed successfully. If I go back to the WordPress overview and I look under current installations it’s no longer listed. All traces of this that installation have now been removed, so it’s a good way of keeping things nice and clean so anyways there you have it thanks for watching this video.

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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