by Adam Preiser updated September 6, 2017

Creating Custom Content Grids With Beaver Builder & Ultimate Addons


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Video Transcript

Creating Custom Content Grids With Beaver Builder & Ultimate Addons

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies like me being in this video
I’m initially with a new module that is recently

released from ultimate at all that that really
cool add-on package for light version of Beaver

Builder in the team version of Beaver Builder
and I really like this new update in this

new module that they added so if you visited
my page right here this Beaver Builder resources

page and you scroll down I have this blog
grid right here on using their blog posts

module and to pull in the different posts
I have that are Beaver Builder related you

click on it takes you over there etc. etc.
know what they did is they took that module

they change the name now is called advanced
posts which is a lot more appropriate and

the they added a bunch of advanced features
now prior this was really only working with

blog posts but now it works with any post
type on your websites you can make gorgeous

content grids with this new add on and the
reason I wanted to demo it on my website is

because I have some custom post types that
are meant to show you how easy it is to make

a custom content grid with this new ad on
now let me pull up the Beaver Builder stuff

I’m in remove this life preview and I’m getting
at the module right here someone ago to add

content and it’s right here under advanced
posts there it is so many drag and drop it

right here now I have a custom post type called
courses in it is how I have my whole course

and lesson library built for my website in
a maneuver make a custom grid for that so

by default it’s using my posts and there’s
different the ways of making it appear as

a carousel grid of feeder Manson re-some go
to contents and I’m just can actually scratch

the surface on what this can do is just for
the sake of showing you really quick so under

post like you can see now you can choose any
custom post like that is on your website including

products so if you have a WooCommerce store
you probably have this products custom post

type right here so for me I want to test it
out with this course is page right here now

I have about nine courses and this will go
ahead as you have the post count to six let

me change that 29 let’s play some let’s set
some different the settings here I don’t want

to pay pagination hugs only have nine different
courses to scroll down I do want to show the

custom post types was what it looks like so
far let’s see here I don’t want the post metadata

there so I’m going to disable that by clicking
no and so that should go away right there

and I probably don’t want this read more there
either siding that’s in the link and I can

actually disable that I just want people to
click on the image or click right there on

one of the titles and so for the style like
everything’s lining up her up perfectly for

the style I probably want less padding here
I go to style but see it might be here are

content patting’85 Probably not it actually
that is it lets go by see okay here we go

so I can adjust the padding from the top right
bottom left from where the content is so for

the top I will leave that the weight is the
left and right is fine but on the bottom I

think I want 15 let’s see if that pushes Adele
a little bit looks like there’s none there

right now and there is actually that looks
almost perfect right there so that I probably

want to change this background color and so
here’s where I can do that probably just remove

the color and leave it whites so kind of blends
into what I’m doing there and that’s pretty

much it for what I would do to the site content
grid see it looks like I have to choose Whitesell

let me just do that and it should change this
brown here to white and it looks like there’s

a little bit of a shadow that I probably want
to get rid of is well I’ll let see the box

shadow is right here someone to say no and
it should get rid of that little shadow of

their shadow options it doesn’t look like
there’s options with the shadow so they go

and that’s probably exactly how I would want
it to look you can change your topography

this would be the different font sizes and
then there’s some advance options now be daring

I let C wonder what this would look like if
I did a carousel and this is probably going

to eliminate all the settings I just did I
just wanted to go through some of the settings

but let’s see what this does I very well might
not like it that’s actually not bad it takes

up less space and I wonder if it will auto
advance there does autoplay scrolls up I clicked

on yes and the speed let’s see 1000 ms okay
that’s actually not bad is going little too

fast for my tastes oh I probably do may be
6000 ms asking to be about six seconds and

let’s see what that look like and then I have
my arrows enabled and I can change the different

arrow styles I actually really like this to
take my custom post types into displayed in

a carousel like this slits to see square background
I’m not in a play around with the different

arrows but you get the point so far I click
on save and then I want to click on live preview

just to get an idea of what it’s going to
look like okay so now I’m in live preview

mode in there it is you know I guess it’s
okay to have the arrows I might probably make

the background of the arrows the same color
as the background here and maybe make that

arrow a bit larger but I like this and it’s
perfect for you to display your content but

not yet have a take up so much space so I
could add this to a post and say take a look

at some of my courses or something like that
and I really like the way it’s smoothly scrolling

so anyways this is actually just one more
thing show you on the website I don’t know

if they updated it but there’s a bunch different
examples here but on the website are so calling

it a blog post like that but there’s different
setting styles that are available for you

here’s a Manson relay out so anyways this
is been the now old the old blog post module

now is called advanced posts and you can make
advance custom content grids with any custom

post like that is on your website and you
can do some really neat stuff like you just

saw me create with it and if you don’t have
ultimate add-ons or Beaver Builder for that

matter I have links in the description down
below and I also have if you’re watching this

on my website I have links in the post where
you are watching it if you purchase it as

an affiliate link they give me nice little
reward and if you do purchases and if you

for the receipt to me I’ll verify your purchase
and I’d like to give you access to a course

that I sell for $47 call Beaver Builder essentials
and that will be just my way of saying thank

you for purchasing either of these products
through one of the links on my website before

you go I have something for you and before
I get into that I wanted to ask you to do

something for me to give me a thumbs up on
this video and if you’re not a subscriber

click on the subscribe button right beneath
me if you have a question on this video I’m

happy answering you can also leave a comment
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together a course just for you in him and
they give it to you for free all you have

to do is click on the button right here on
the right three steps to repress success is

an awesome course you’re gonna love it I would
love for you to join in and enroll as a student

in this makes for watching this video I really
appreciated and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hello Adam,
    Thanks for this video. My question: how do you make Custom Post Types?
    Do you use a plugin (which?) or do you change the code?
    Maybe you can make a video of that?

    1. I think there are a few plugins that make it REALLY easy. I don’t have a need to create custom post types myself, but some plugins I use create them for my site. I am using this module all over this website, including my courses page which is a custom post type.

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