by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Create A WordPress Child Theme Easily


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Want to create a child theme for your WordPress install? In this video I will show you how, the entire process takes just a few minutes in total.

Video Transcript

How-to Create WordPress Child Theme Easily

In this video I many show you how to create a WordPress child theme for the being that you have installed in your WordPress installation now this work with anything that you have its theme independent but you might be asking what is this whole child theme business about why do I even need a child thing so the reason you want a child theme is is because customizations if you want to change something that the theme doesn’t let you change any need to be changed by adding a little snippet of code and some of the videos that I put out you need to be up to put this snippet of code so what you could do is you could put that little snippet of code to change something you can actually put it in your theme but then what happens is as the WordPress versions are released Juergen have most likely need to update your theme that you have on your WordPress installation and when you update your name your overwrite all those customizations and changes that you may have added to your theme’s last shopping comes in will create a child theme and is linked to your main theme and you put your changes in the child theme and then you’re free to update your theme as much as you want it’s no big deal because your changes are actually hear the child being so that’s the reason why you want to do this now if you’re new to WordPress you might be thinking that connected a change any code I’m not change in any code in the thing is I don’t even know what but that is but up to you as you get more comfortable with WordPress and you start to see things that you may want to do that your theme isn’t letting you be able to implement in your you realize you need at some code you need a child theme so you might as well just start off with the child theme now some themes they will actually provide a child theme for you but not all things is a lot of things that I have that they don’t provide a child theme which it doesn’t matter because it’s really easy to create our own so this is how you do it I just log into your WordPress dashboard I’m logged into my here in our authority clicked on themes and you could see right here’s my active theme right here is just a free WordPress theme so I just go ahead and click on plug-ins and add new and it will take you right here not already done this search all you have to do is search child theme and hit enter right here now the plug-in that I’ve used to create a child theme is this one right here except that one on the top left which I guess WordPress thinks is the most popular this is the one I use in and so on the go ahead and install it know what I do is I install it creates a child theme and then delete the plug and there’s no reason to keep the plug-in installed at that point so click on install now in the number click okay it’s going to install Eyman activated and that once is activated all I have to do is go back to the themes area and then click on the Dean’s details of the being that is active and then if you see right here it says child theme and go ahead and click on that in the right here you would give is going to this is the process of creating the chopping just I give it a name so thelocalit child theme and need to put something for description and then your name you could put the name of your website or whatever I’ve just believe it what it is it’s actually pulling the name of my username here in this WordPress installation guide click on create child and seeps a free plug-in is not pretty basically it doesn’t do some real need piece of information or Grapher image it just says theme switched in it creates the child theme it might be a little scary to Hesiod’s code here but it just know that your chopping was created and go ahead and click back on themes and see how it says child thing and this is the active females this is my child theme and data here is the being that I I that prior was live and die it easily created this child theme so whatever you named your child thing it would show right there is the active theme in your safe to put any changes at that you want here and it will be overwritten when you go to update your theme if there’s an update released so anyway so you have that’s real simple to install child thing hope you found this see in the next one a we’d appreciate it if you took a moment to click on the thumbs-up button and the share this video with your friends also please subscribe to our YouTube channel and take a moment to talk to our website leave us a comment this question that sign up for our newsletter don’t have enough time for all this work is and having experts install and configure WordPress for you will install configuring and optimizing WordPress or three all you have to do is sign up for hosting account from one of our recommended providers for more information visit the

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  1. Wow! This is really simple. I am curious to try it now. Thank you for this simple tutorial.

  2. After a WordPress update my Theme reset itself. Luckily I didn’t change much or I would have gone crazy. Happy i stumbled across your videos now. That will change things. Thanks Adam. Keep going. 🙂

  3. Still, there is no perfect solution that would allow you to always override themes safely. Btw, nice tutorials 🙂

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