by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

How To Create An Online Course Using WordPress And LifterLMS


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Video Transcript

How To Create An Online Course Using WordPress And LifterLMS

Welcome back to another video in this video
series and in this particular video working

to go through these specific course settings
in LifterLMS him and explain all of those

to you know Michelle you kind of how to structure
a course and will even share with you how

I structure my courses and how I get those
started so let’s jump in here so I’m in a

log into the backend of the site here I am
in the back end and all of your course courses

and the lessons that go with it and everything
related to that are going to be in this course

is tab right here so here if I click will
show a list of courses I can click here to

add a course you can categorize your course
if you want if you have lots of categories

and lots of courses you want to organize them
I don’t actually use this personally difficulties

this is if you wanted to mark a courses advanced
or beginner or something like that I really

don’t use that either because I want someone
to look at a course that I have in not think

oh that’s is hard I can’t go through it because
I have a goal of making all my courses in

such a way that anyone can go through them
you can put tax on your courses you can have

some different course tracks here’s were working
to find all our lessons but you’re gonna see

that were able to find them also in the specific
courses you can create quizzes that you can

tie to lessons or courses and you here’s where
you would organize the different quiz questions

and also you can have reviews on your particular
courses I like to do this let people review

and you can also send an automated email after
they complete a course or reach a certain

point in the course to ask them to give your
review so go ahead here and click on courses

now if you installed the default course this
is what you would see right here and if you

don’t you’re not can actually see any courses
so initially the anatomy of a course right

now now in a later video were going to go
over actually creating a course from scratch

right now I’m just gonna show you the anatomy
of a course so that you understand all the

settings in all the different options so you
can be aware of that when you’re planning

out your course and this is a very important
video to understand all the capabilities of

your new course website so let’s go and click
on into heat into this right here so now this

is my having modified or changed anything
in the first thing he sees his big Yoast SCO

and I’m not ready to talk about Yoast as CON
and if you scroll down a little bit then you

can start seeing the LifterLMS stuff but this
is a little irritating to see right here at

the top now you might not be aware of this
is this little button here on the top right

when you click on it says screen options you
can enable or disable items that you want

to see in this list here and so I do want
to have this Yoast SCO there but I just really

don’t want it at the top so I can click on
this arrow right here and collapse it and

if I try to drag it down now it’s going to
be underneath course options when I scroll

down there it is I really don’t want it there
either I’d probably pretty much like this

to be kind of at the bottom sums can keep
dragging it down here because is not something

that you need to see at the top custom fields
you probably don’t need to see that discussion

and here I’m going to take it down of the
word is where the comments are right there

so that’s good I’ll leave my Yoast SCO there
but when I can go over the Yoast stuff in

this video but I will touch on it at the end
of the course so the first thing your courses

can have is a title obviously and this is
a pretty long title I prefer a shorter title

than this but that’s okay and then we get
this course option box and we have these tabs

here so let’s go through these tabs you know
everything that is there so the first thing

we have is this bit of information you could
put here in this box in here in this box and

this is the information that’s can actually
show on the course and there’s a distinction

right here is what you would show to someone
that is actually enrolled as a student in

your course and then right here’s what you
would show to someone that is not enrolled

now I really like to use this because you
could put some information here about the

core person trying to sell the course and
the benefits of the course and all of that

but if someone’s already enrolled there’s
no reason to show them that information anymore

you might as well show them something different
and what I usually put up here is maybe updates

to the core verse or congratulating them on
taking the course something like that she

can have different information in each spot
right there and that’s all work in getting

this description tab in this actually really
nice feature I use it on my website and if

you are enrolled in any my courses you’ll
know that I’m in a show some different information

there let me actually show you where this
is on the front end of the site so here I

am here here is the featured image I’ll tell
you how to put that in there here’s our title

and then here is that bit of information and
you can do obviously more to style it so if

you look right here it’s showing this right
here you know we could obviously put more

information put things in bold put headlines
and titles and all that if you wanted so just

showing some real basic information right
there but that this is what it’s gonna look

like it’s can appear in this area right underneath
the title okay so let’s go back here now let’s

take a look at some of these options here
out before I move forward I might as well

talk about that featured image is actually
very very important to pay attention to so

with WordPress’s more of a WordPress thing
if you have pages or posts or any bit of content

you add a featured image to that particular
post so this course is like a post and when

I scroll down on the right here working to
see that there’s this option right here for

assigning a featured image now the way WordPress
works is there’s a lot of different ways this

featured image can be used and it can be used
in various locations and that’s exactly what

LifterLMS does that uses this featured image
in various places so if I go right here you

can see here’s an area that it uses that featured
image also in the course in grid and so when

I click on courses right here working to see
it right there and this is another place where

it uses that featured image now one of the
important things for me I like everything

to look symmetrical and that means even so
I’m going to have say two or three courses

I want each course it to look perfectly lined
up right here now what happens is sometimes

people what they do is they’ll take a featured
image and it will have a certain image dimensions

and then on the save the next course the image
that they assign is the featured image doesn’t

have identical dimensions so then these two
courses would be listed out it in that the

size of them would be different and they wouldn’t
all kind of line up symmetrically and be even

and I personally want everything to be symmetrical
so Mike tip to you is to use the same image

dimensions for every single image that you’re
going to assign is a featured image to your

courses or your lessons you want to use the
same image dimensions we can look and see

what the dimensions are here so when I click
on it and then I go to media library here

it is and then here is listing out the dimensions
now I personally don’t know where they got

that dimension size maybe they use that on
all of their featured images on their website

or something that’s pretty pretty weird dimensions
there so I typically tend to go with the 16

x 9 dimensions so essentially what that means
is the width of my images I put at 1280 and

the height I put at 720 pixels and so that
is what I like to stick to for all the media

on my website is 12 80 x 7 20 which would
probably produce a perfect rectangle like

this as well it doesn’t actually matter so
much the dimensions that you choose as long

as each of these images are the same size
and dimensions so that everything looks symmetrical

and everything lines up perfectly that’s another
thing that is kind of a pet peeve of mine

as well that’s why don’t like to have super
long course titles because when I’m here and

say have three courses I would want them all
to take up the same amount of lines so this

course title gets pushed into lines so if
I had a second and third course I wouldn’t

want a course title that took up three lines
or one line I want everything to be perfectly

lined up in even it’s just the way that I
like to do things you cannot really do things

the way that you want to do things but just
the way that I personally like to do things

so that is the featured image is pretty important
to understand that in image dimensions so

that you make sure everything lines up and
looks perfect together so that is the featured

image and just just remember that featured
image gets used in multiple places in LifterLMS

you see it’s visible when you’re looking at
the course index page and also when you’re

looking at the specific course so now let’s
go through some of these options here and

will just will just blast through all the
various options you have for your courses

right now but keep in mind there are some
specific features that are lesson specific

like drip content and stuff like that and
I’ll get to that on my video on the lessons

specifically on the lessons so here’s our
general tab right here this is just some information

you can put in here to give to the people
that are interested in taking your courses

so for instance course length I actually don’t
like using this setting because I mean how

the heck do you really estimate the length
of a course I mean it depends on the kind

of courses you’re creating but for me it just
really doesn’t make any sense what I like

to do is put information on the length of
each video in the lesson description and that

gives people an idea of how much time it’s
gonna take to go through the course but I

really don’t find much use for this course
length but everyone is making a different

type of course and you might find some use
of it this doesn’t really serve any purpose

other than to show on the front and when someone
is maybe going to enroll in your course and

then here’s the course difficulty I don’t
actually use this either and so here are the

three default options that are in there but
like I said you can click on difficulties

and add more options or make them more specific
or brand them out if you want so right here

it has these I don’t use this and I don’t
even show it on the front end you can have

a featured video so when were right here and
we click on what actually right here as well

so if you have a featured video right here
in this can just be a link to Wistia via mio

or YouTube and it will also allow it to work
with any of the different WordPress oh embed

providers so what that means is for instance
with YouTube they make it so WordPress makes

it so I have do space a YouTube link into
a video and it does everything for you so

if it is a video coming from a place like
that where it’s WordPress on bed support set

you just paste the link to the video and right
here now here’s what you can do that featured

video if you have this right here it says
display featured video and course title you

have this on when you’re right here it’s can
it show the video instead of this thumbnail

image so if you had say three courses book
and click on that and get the introduction

to that particular course and here’s the other
place words can a show instead of this future

damage right here it’s going to put that featured
video in right there so you can choose whether

you want to have a featured video and I actually
do suggest having a video on your course index

page so people know about the course and they
can hear exactly from you what to expect in

side the course and you can also do the same
thing with audio but with featured audio it’s

not finish on that course index pages just
to show right here if you wanted it to be

some kind of an audio file personally to me
that doesn’t make a ton the sense so here

are some restriction options that we can put
soap right here is the message that someone

sees when they try do so Sam on the course
here and I want to take this lesson but I’m

not enrolled in it shows me this message when
you can customize that message right here

and I really like that there is the option
to customize that message you can put your

little twist on it and that is something that
I do as well you can restrict the enrollment.

By dates so I can turn this on right here
and I can have a start date and a close date

on enrolling in the course if I wanted I personally
do not use that site here’s an option to restrict

when the timeframe is that they can actually
take this particular course so this is for

enrolling in this is actually going through
the contents you can actually make the entire

course expire at a certain period of time
right here is prerequisites you could make

it so someone has to complete something before
they can even enroll in this course so if

you have say three courses and you want them
to go you want your students to go in order

on your courses this would be the option for
you to enable a prerequisite and then right

here you can limit the capacity of students
in this course by turning on this option here

I’ll be honest I don’t use any of these four
options right here my courses are always open

anyone can take them whenever but I understand
that there are many situations where a lot

of these options here might make sense to
you next we have this reviews tab right here

in this week and just the enable or disable
the ability to leave reviews and when you

turn that on now people will be able to leave
reviews on your courses and then right here’s

an option to display the reviews obviously
if you’re going to let people leave them you

might want to show him so you can go ahead
and enable that in you can list the number

of reviews you want people to be able to see
and then right here you want to enable this

and probably because I’ve actually had this
happen where the same person leaves more than

one review so you’ll probably want to enable
that as well she might want to enable all

of these may be a good number of reviews is
maybe 10 reviews or whatever now I will say

that this is okay this setting here in all
the settings are fine however the way that

they display the reviews is almost like a
comment on a blog so it it doesn’t really

display their review in the most prettiest
way so it’s up to you if you want to display

them this way or come up with a more elegant
way to show those reviews when people leave

them but right now it’s gonna look pretty
basic so we’ve gone over the course options

in the featured image and option so far so
let’s scroll down here and let’s look at our

course access plans and this is a how you’re
going to charge you for the course now there’s

multiple things you can do here and you can
have more than one course access plan and

there are scenarios when you want to do this
this would maybe be if you have a course that

you want to have a one time payment price
and maybe a three payment pricing so that

three payment plan makes it easier for someone
to pay for the entire course because you’re

going to break it up to maybe so say the one-time
payment for your courses $300 but you want

to break it up into a payment plan of three
payments of maybe $125 each so they have to

pay more to break it up into multiple payments
but you are still giving them an option to

do that you can have multiple access plans
you can also have a free access plan let me

click on this little arrow to reveal the options
here so this is what you see for a free plan

you can name it free and so what I would do
as well as name this a free or something along

those lines you don’t have to have askew if
you didn’t want to there is in a ton of reason

for that but I do believe it would show on
maybe a credit card statement or something

like that depending on how someone paid and
this is the text to enroll let me show you

this actually on the front and so might make
more sense so here’s that title here’s a description

here’s what the button says you can say enroll
in this course or whatever so let’s go back

here so here’s the title which showed on the
top here’s the text for the button right there

you can choose this box the kind of highlights
this payment plan if you’re going to have

multiple ones but if you’re not there is no
reason to click on this box right here and

so if you’re marking it free this is what
you want to check right here no payment required

and then you would list what they’re actually
getting access to is it lifetime access or

does it expire in six months or something
along those lines you would choose that right

there you can have someone’s access expire
and this is who the plan is available so what

this is a really cool option I would have
to show you this when I’m building out a course

later in this video series but this is something
I use a lot on my website actually let me

see if I can show you really quick how I use
that so I’m in go ahead and click on courses

and here’s my list this course is to let me
go into this one right here WordPress optimization

essentials but let me point out you see how
all my featured images are all the same dimensions

all my titles take up one line that’s that
having a be symmetrical and that’s kind of

important to me so many go ahead and ambitious
click on this one word press maintenance essentials

and here I am in there and you can see how
I have these two payment options right here

is that someone wants to buy the course they
can go ahead and buy it right here and then

I have a membership price and check this out
if some of the member they can buy this course

for free because they have access to the membership
and this is how I manage giving someone that’s

part of the membership access to any number
of courses and all they have to do is go here

in order that course and it’s free but it’s
only member pricing so someone is not a member

now this is a paid membership that I have
that LifterLMS facilitates but if they’re

not a member they’re going to have to pay
$99 or they can go here and they can join

or get information on the Masters course and
they’ll realize what is all included within

and here’s a little bit of information I told
you where I include the length of the video

in the description of my particular lessons
so let’s get back into this course right here

so that is who the plan is available to anyone
or members only so that is how that’s done

so if you wanted to have more than one axis
plan you would go here I’m sorry would go

right here and click add access plan and then
this can add a new one so we can just call

this anything I’m lacking creativity today
I just named it best deal and right here for

the enrolled text we can say take this course
we could use the highlighted I don’t actually

like the highlight feature myself but you
can play around with it now on this one I’m

not to make it freeze so I wouldn’t check
on this no payment required right here I can

specify the price so let’s make this course
$50 and then right here you can choose the

frequency of the payment so right now to settle
to a one time payment but I can click on every

and then right here’s options so if I wanted
to make that every year or I can make it every

month or every week or every day would ever
make sense so typically you would might have

every year or maybe every month so I could
choose month right there and then you need

to specify how long this every month is going
to be for so doesn’t go off into infinity

so it has options from one month all the way
down to 24 months right there so that is the

options that you have when you’re choosing
the price you’re going to charge for your

course now we have that same access expiration
and plan availability and here you can actually

enable a trial is so if you wanted to have
a trial price on your course you could do

that so maybe if it was a monthly thing you
could charge them maybe a dollar for the first

10 days or something like that and then they
would go through and have to pay the full

amount and you can also put a course on sale
if you wanted like this might have a badge

that says it’s on sale or something like that
I would have to check but right here you can

put your sale price and all of that and here
you put a little bit of description of for

your pricing plan so when I’m right here this
is where your description would go in here

the reason this is free is because this is
actually what we have is the price is free

so for this plan were creating it would show
$99 so let me actually clean up some of these

options to reduce the frequency to a one time
payment lifetime access let’s go ahead and

put this on sell for $40 and we will make
the sale dates like this just put some info

in like that so I’m in a go ahead and click
on save access plans and it’s gonna refresh

this and let’s scroll down and see if it saved
our axis plan and there it is and you can

order these I think it would be the order
that it would show on the front and just take

a quick look some and do a refresh on the
page and here you see we’ve got the free one

which obviously this makes no sense to have
it be free and then the charge but right here

you can see it does have a sale tag on it
and it tells you the end date of a sale like

that and so I think if I go down here I can
go like this and change the stacking order

click save access plans make sure you always
click on that save access plans or you’re

gonna lose your work so I do a refresh we
could see their flipped and let’s see what

happens when I click on take this course I
actually don’t know all right yes it takes

is right here to check out and it’s popping
in my information and all of that right there

and given me the option for my payment information
so that’s good let’s go back to my course

index page so that is setting up these pricing
plans and there’s more options I might not

have hit every different scenario but I think
you get the point of how you can have multiple

pricing plans the reason you’d want to do
it and I’m sure there are is a lot more information

on axis plans on the LifterLMS website’s right
here’s where we actually build out our course

outline in this is going to be what you see
right here let me just click into it this

is our course outline right here so this is
like a section title this is the title of

your lesson you have a spot to put some description
information there if you have a lesson marked

is free it can show this little free badge
and then this is another section right here

in another section right here and it just
keeps going on from section to section until

you reach the end here is that little bit
right here it says write a review by the way

okay so let’s show how that’s done and this
is actually one of the reasons I like LifterLMS

I find that it’s in my opinion the easiest
learning management system for building out

the outline and the lessons of your course
because all you have to do is click on this

little add button right here and you can add
a new section add a new lesson or add an existing

lesson just like that and it doesn’t take
you someplace else if I want to add a new

section I would just click on that and then
click in here and give this section a title

there it is my new section and then I can
click on create section like this and it’s

going to by default add that section to the
very bottom so if I scroll down here it is

my new section and there it is so then oops
let me add a new lesson some click on add

enema click on add a new lesson and I’m in
a give it a title and if I wanted to description

and then I’m gonna choose the section that
this lesson goes to so I’m in a put some info

here okay so I put my lesson title I put a
short description here and I want to go ahead

and choose the section I wanted to go into
my new section right there I click on create

lesson now give it a second now I actually
created a lesson right now there’s obviously

no content in it but I’m going to see a lesson
now in there if I clicked on lessons it says

my new lesson and I really like that so let
me scroll down to the bottom and you can see

it’s been added here it is my new section
in my new lesson and I’ve got that little

note right there and it now if I wanted to
change any of this here or here I could just

click on this little settings icon right there
so I wanted to change my title of the lesson

I can just click on this right here and I
can go here and change that information it’s

so simple and this is something I really like
as well now I can move my cursor over a lesson

and I can literally drag and drop it someplace
else so if I wanted it someplace else I can

just drag and drop it there and now it’s going
to be in this section I just dropped it into

and I can just move it back if I wanted to
and you could do the same thing for an entire

section so if I click this I can move this
anywhere I want now what’s nice is you can

do this and it will immediately reflect here
on the lesson area so if I move the section

to the top here it’s going to be on the top
here and this really makes organizing your

course so simple and this is really the thing
that I love about LifterLMS is how simple

it makes it and so the way I start my courses
as I think through logical sections and I

create my sections and then I start creating
these lessons that have of information that

I think that will will be good as individual
lessons and then I start organizing it all

this way and I might find that whom I my I
think these these lessons shouldn’t be in

that same section I should create a new section
and I can easily do it and then reorganize

my lessons and move it around in a way that
makes sense and so that is why this course

outline is so powerful and this is the way
I make my courses I I first come in here and

I build out my course outline and then when
it comes time to actually create the content

I know what the heck to create I’ve already
logically thought through how I’m going to

take this entire course in in the slice it
up in the bite-size chunks and then I go and

create the content and I suggest that’s how
you do it to because it was it’s just what

makes sense so anyways that’s how I make my
courses from start to finish I start with

the it’s his concept I actually talk about
and some of my courses work I try to do everything

where I began with the end in mind it’s almost
like working backwards in our minds we think

okay the first thing I want to do is create
my lessons when the first thing you should

do is actually just map out the course and
then start working backwards the last thing

you should be doing is creating your lessons
not the first thing so that is a very powerful

feature and then all you have to do is go
up here and click on updates and then the

page will refresh and I can go to the front
end of the site here and then do a quick refresh

and we will see it at the bottom Psalm and
go ahead and click on refresh on the scroll

all the way down and there you see my new
section and then we have right there my new

lesson and you can even see the little note
that I put their of the lesson length and

you see how easy that is to do now once you’ve
gone ahead and created your course outline

so then what I do is for each lesson I go
ahead and I click on edit content like this

now right here are a few icons that give you
some information about how you’ve configured

the lesson so if you notice the lesson I created
these are all grayed out and whether there

grayed out or highlighted depends on how we’ve
configured the particular lesson so when I

scroll all the way down to the bottom right
here you see there are all grayed out now

let me show you that just were quick but the
next video is going to be specifically on

these lessons some click on edit content and
now it’s gonna take me straight into that

lesson she noticed we were in courses before
an hour in lessons so right here is the lesson

content and we have the same thing when I
scroll down here for lessons we have lesson

settings so this particular lesson I think
had some drip settings right here and so that’s

why the drip icon was highlighted and I think
there might’ve been a pre-work requisite her

quiz yet there’s actually a quiz that’s assigned
to this particular lesson before someone can

move forward and that’s why it was highlighted
let me go back like this so that I can show

you see right here it had the drip that’s
why it’s highlighted and right here for lesson

content this was to let you know that there’s
actually content in that particular lesson

so this gives you an idea of kind of what’s
can it be inside the lessons so but but right

now were not going over lessons were to go
over lessons in the next video so let me scroll

down to show you what’s left here custom fields
are probably not can really use this that

much you can go ahead and collapse it discussions
they should be unchecked this is to allow

some of the comment on your course you just
go ahead and leave those unchecked then you

can go ahead and collapse it right here’s
the assigned author to this this is just the

WordPress thing you can collapse it and right
here is really cool and I like this gives

you the option to kind of manage the enrollments
in this particular course right here and I

like this a lot so right here you can search
for students and you can search for them but

based on status you can see who’s enrolled
you can see how they’re doing on the course

and you can see I’ve actually had some people
while I’ve been recording this course actually

enroll in it and I bet this people watching
the video and then going in there and just

seeing the domain name show the demo and testing
it out for themselves which is fine but you

can see enrollment dates and you can even
click in here to see go directly to the users

are the students records and you can see exactly
where they are in your course this is like

a mini snapshot of what you’re gonna find
in the reporting section up here what’s also

nice is you can manually enroll a student
so even though the course cost money if you

wanted to let someone in for free you can
go ahead and enroll them right here very easily

which is also very nice and that’s going to
be it for what what we can do here on a particular

course I think you grasp that this is where
you’re going to set up some initial course

restrictions you’re going to set up your pricing
and how you want to price out your course

you can assign a featured image in your going
to build a course outline that makes sense

now in the next video minute go over lessons
and I’ll probably touch on quizzes and in

a later video I’m going to I’m in a talk about
memberships and how we can kind of bundle

memberships together and then I’ll hit engagements
and that’s where we can automate the sending

of emails to your students based upon what
they’re doing and where they are in your course

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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