by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

How To Create A Free Online Course Using WordPress & LifterLMS


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Video Transcript

How To Create A Free Online Course Using WordPress & LifterLMS

Link up together in order to get your course
on line so here I am in the back end of the

website you can see my course index page I
only have this one course right here so nice

to go ahead and go to courses and click on
add new anime to give my course a title okay

now that I give it a title woman to go ahead
and set up some of these different course

options right here someone going to general
the course length I don’t like using that

course difficult to believe that where that
is I want use a featured video and right here

actually maybe I should use a featured video
why don’t I use this I have it right here

to go ahead and copy and paste that in just
for fun when I put it is the on the course

index page right here some go ahead and enable
that I’ve actually never done that before

so you see how that works out for restrictions
I want to go ahead and not put any restrictions

right here reviews I do want to enable and
display reviews let’s go ahead and turn these

on all three of these and I will display six
reviews just like that and right here I’m

gonna put a message in for my enrolled students
in my not enrolled students okay didn’t really

put anything in there because I’m trying to
do this quick for you but right here I said

thanks for enrolling in right here I just
print learn now with this free course all

right so right here I’m in a Cretan access
plans on the click on add access plan animal

to go ahead and fill this all out okay so
I put right here are free for limited time

and for the button I put take this course
and I check this box it says no payment required

it’s a free course and I’m a go ahead and
click on save access plans like that now in

this video on the try to kinda pull it all
together I’m going to create a course that

I’m in a give away for free and I’m a new
set up all the lessons and I’m going to also

set up some engagement emails on this free
course so I’m going to just try to use this

as an example to kind of pull it all together
for you to see how all these individual components

I’ve been talking about how they kind of all
and now that I’ve done all they had let me

go and click on update really quick because
I’m looking to be allowed to create an outline

until I have clicked on update so when I scroll
down now I can go ahead and create my outline

some and make one section and I’ll put three
different lessons in this section so just

to be a refresher there are all you have to
do is click on add minima click add new section

in the right here I’m going to name it now
here’s a little tip that I have discovered

for myself if it’s going to be a course with
one section I just make the title of the course

the title of this section if it’s going to
be a course that has multiple sections I usually

have my first section B introduction or getting
started something like that but it’s hard

to think of something logical to put their
if there’s really just one section to the

course so I just use the title of the course
on the go ahead and click on create section

and that’s can it created there so now I need
to add my lesson some for each lesson number

click on add and click on add lesson to put
a title and when to put for the description

I just like to put video length or less in
length and a time and I’m going to put those

lessons all in this section right here somebody
just go ahead and do that now alright I’m

back I just did that it only took a moment
or so to fill it out and I want you to notice

a couple things here that I think if you follow
these tips you’re going to come across as

more professional so right here is one of
the things for all of your titles stick with

the same type of capitalization structure
so what I’m doing here is I’m capitalizing

each word and I’m doing the same with my lessons
like that nothing screams unprofessional more

than having some lesson titles be in caps
some not being in caps and just having this

inconsistent way of displaying your section
and your lesson titles and so I shoot for

consistency across the board and for everything
to be symmetrical and that’s also why I don’t

have these mile-long section titles in these
mile-long lesson titles so it all looks nice

and tidy so that is pretty much all we need
to do to get this a lesson put together but

you know what I think I totally forgot to
click save access plan to get be careful and

I’ve done this before where I’ve created an
axis plan forgot to click on save access plan

but instead clicked on update here in everything
I did with the axis plasma is lost so let

me just see what happens when I click it here
and okay so the page is refreshing will give

it a moment hopefully I didn’t lose my lesson
stuff okay so we have it all there so we should

be good so let’s see how it’s looking so far
now it might not look perfectly symmetrical

because this dimensions of this image might
not fit what comes in next’85 Click on refresh

and just go for it, this is odd for some reason
it’s showing it broken down what it should

show right here so I’m to go ahead and solve
this and I’ll tell you the solution to it

as soon as I come back okay so I wanted to
show you what the heck was going on here so

we have this issue where I should have a second
course here and it’s doing this instead and

I don’t know what the deal is so I went into
Elementor I clicked on this grid right here

in this is the proper short code but when
I remove this option right here it shows this

was supposed to limited to just showing six
courses but if I remove it like this it’s

going to show the one that I am creating right
now right here and I’m sure when I save it

it will fix that so this is actually quite
bizarre why it’s doing that I’m going to have

to check and see what the deal is so I’m sure
if you followed my prior lesson where I’m

setting up all these pages on this website
we popped in that short code it had that little

bit there and when I remove it I can now see
that so sorry if you’re running into a problem

there maybe by the time you’re seeing this
this problem will go away so I went to save

the course index page and let’s take a look
at it right here and you can see it doesn’t

actually come out good this option there’s
you know what I am not going to use that option

of showing the video right here let’s take
a look at what the course pages looking like

a so far she can see if they put my video
in their nice get a little bit of a cut off

on the side so which it doesn’t look right
let’s look at everything else working to just

tweak that so here’s my text words is learned
now with this free course here is what I set

up free for a limited time course free here’s
my button here’s my lessons and can see how

my lessons are perfectly they just look good
together in the navigation it just looks good

when I don’t have lesson titles spelling into
a second line or course titles spilling into

a second line so let’s go ahead and start
tweaking some of these things a little bit

more so I was running into what the problem
because I had this enabled and I’m in a go

ahead and disable that like that when I click
on updates and then I go back to the front

and when I click refresh I should still see
this but when I click on courses there should

be just a blank here because I don’t have
a featured image and so this is kind of Remer

I was saying how you really want to have all
your featured images be the same dimension

because if you don’t you’re going to have
it all look wacky like this so you can see

here is this image placeholder which pushes
this down but as a negative result it pushes

this down and it just doesn’t really look
that good so I want to go back here and assign

a featured image now I don’t have an image
prepared some to just go ahead and choose

that same lawn it be nice if it restricted
so I could choose any of these and it would

just gonna make it all lined up and fit right
but it doesn’t so go ahead and choose that,

click on updates and so now it’s going to
use the same image right there and it’s going

to look at better this is also why, like my
course titles to all be a similar length I’d

prefer if this was to line it would just look
a little better so let me just do that right

now because I’m weird like that so I just
added the words with WordPress I’ll do an

update and when I go to the front end and
do a refresh it should push there to see how

it looks symmetrical that’s what I’m always
after but that’s just me you don’t have to

be a perfectionist like me so now I can click
in here and I’ve got my course information

right here but actually you know what I probably
will not want that featured image right here

let’s see if there’s an option to remove it
from here because I want the video there instead

so let’s go here okay so I just look to see
if there is an option here were I don’t have

to use some additional custom CSS and LifterLMS
doesn’t actually have that as an option sign

on my website it must be doing it with CSS
now if you had the paid version of generate

press there is this area right here where
it says disable elements in the free version

just given us this content title so we can
just remove that but if you click on this

ad on available it tells you all of the elements
that you can hide and when you scroll down

one of them right here is the the post image
and that would be that featured image so that

would make it so the featured image could
would not show here and you can choose that

on a course by course basis because we probably
want this video there only in the scenarios

where we actually have a video so you probably
want the featured image if you’re not can

have a video but if you target have video
you would want the control to hide the featured

image instead of showing because it would
just take up too much space here so were just

going to have to roll with this right now
like I can whip up some custom CSS to hide

that featured image which is guaranteed what
I’m using on my site but it would be kind

of a globalist thing I know how I use it on
my site I disable it globally via CSS when

I show you that right now how to do that but
then what I do for the spots where I do want

to have it I can just go ahead and click on
add media and add it right here which actually

makes a lot more sense to me so what to do
right now is go into the lesson right here

I’m sorry the course I want to go into the
customizer and then on to drop some custom

CSS that’s going to hide the featured image
globally so what I meant to do is go down

to additional CSS and this is what I’m going
to put so I’m going to just put it here at

the top if you got the top of the bottom whatever
makes sense to you, to paste this in and I’m

going to write right here or display and then
let me get that in their rights and then right

here a minute tighten on and there it is that
will hide that page header image on the course

area right here so that when ahead and did
what I needed it to do I would actually go

ahead and I will add an additional file to
the download package that has this little

snippet here is optional also put it in the
show description text area here for this video

on YouTube some go ahead and click on save
and publish that gets me what I wanted and

then let me get out of the area here and let
me get rid of this inspector I was using and

there it is so this is actually how I wanted
to look I wanted my title I wanted my video

and then I wanted this this pricing right
here for this free course and then I have

my lessons right here in these lessons are
completely locked so now let’s get back to

this enema to put together my lessons so let’s
see him scroll down and I’m going to first

go to the first lesson why create an online
course to do this page header bit and I’ve

already selected a video on for it and I’m
good cyst can be YouTube videos of enough

if it’s a free course you could just slap
it as an unlisted YouTube video and I mean

if it’s free anyway but anyways here’s my
URL I’m going to embed their click on the

embed button there it is to go ahead and get
the little snippet of code that it generated

to put that into my clipboard and then then
I’m at a pace that right there so for all

my other videos I just need to change out
this little bit right here which is the YouTube

video ID or you can easily just come back
and regenerated whatever is easier for you

so for here I wanted to add padding change
the container to full width and that’s all

fine right there and then I want to put in
a background color such start with black and

let’s lighten it up like that and what is
it threes across so I should remember that

so the color can be the same so I have all
that in there and I’m not can really do anything

with these settings remember if it’s a free
course you do not use this option this is

for a paid course with a free lesson in it
I’m not you have any prerequisites or drip

settings or a quiz for it at all and that
is pretty much all the different options here

actually I don’t want to allow comments let
me uncheck that, go ahead and click on update

and let’s see if that worked for me actually
let me just go ahead and set up my other lessons

so before I would always find my lessons by
going to courses but let me to show you my

going the lessons since it’s the most recent
lessons I made it showing here at the top

but you can see this site already has 37 lessons
is just too hard to find everything here so

that’s why I like to go to courses and go
that way so we just did this lesson them and

to do this lesson right here animal to file
the same thing I’m at a pace that in CA allow

padding container full with the color is going
to be that 333 so let me just enter that in

right here there he goes to the colors going
to match and then I just need to change that

little bit right there for the video ID here
Gavin my clipboard and I can paste it right

there and hopefully that works and no settings
change there some go ahead and click on updates

and then I want to go back to lessons and
I’m going to do the same thing for the hosting

video right here I’m a new turn on my padding
switch to full with choose my color right

here which is 312-3123 that’s my colorcode
and I screwed up I didn’t actually copy my

that an embed code into the clipboard so let
me get my video URL and just generate a new

embed code right there there is order new
hosting to copy this I’m at a pace that right

in there and then a minute click on update
so I was the on these lessons I probably want

to put some written information here that
would make sense but I’m just doing this really

fast to show you how easy it is to do so all
right so now let me do my last little refresh

so first thing I need to do is enroll in the
course I gotta click on take this course and

it’s going to go ahead and enroll me why is
it doing that without taking me to the shopping

cart well it’s because I’m logged in already
so some is already logged into your website

they can click on that take this course and
it’s going to automatically enroll them but

if I wasn’t logged in and actually the end
of this video I’ll log out and show you but

if I wasn’t logged in it would’ve taken me
to the check out where I put my name in my

email address but now you can see I have access
to these these lessons here let me click on

the first want to make sure I got it right
yet that looks how I wanted it when we click

on this for the next lesson Yep that looks
right and let me click on the next lesson

and that looks right so I was sad want to
put some information here so anyways we have

done a lot of this but what we need to do
now is set up an engagement email and this

is gonna be kind of a a welcome email so someone
signs up for the course will have it send

this email so what I usually like to do was
send an email that says congratulations for

enrolling in the course and then giving them
a link back to either the course index page

or to the course it’s self or maybe what might
be a good idea is to give them a link back

to the first lesson so you become to get them
back into that though the learning environment

taking a lesson that might be a good idea
anyway so what we need to do is click on engagements

right here and what we would want to do first
is it’s that whole working backward bit we

want to go ahead and first create the email
and then create an engagement for it some

click on emails right here, click on add to
email and this is where were basically creating

the email that gets sent so we can name this
here so what I would do is name this the free

course welcome email there it is free course
welcome email right here is where we would

put the text of the email now what we can
do is there’s these merge codes and what this

is as if you want to send a personalized email
where we call them by their actual name now

that’s a dangerous thing because people might
not you put their real name in and they might

put something stupid and fortunately and you
know you don’t want to call them by this stupid

name that they put in and I actually see that
people give me their name when I asked for

their name they put all kinds of crazy stuff
in there they put vulgar things in there they

put stupid things in there they don’t always
put their name and I would say only about

half of the time they actually put their name
and it makes absolutely no sense at all to

me so anyways right here I’ll just put some
info in all right have gone ahead and filled

everything out let me just show you what I
did so first of all I went to the text tab

for my email right here and this is all I
entered I entered you are now enrolled in

create an online course which was the name
of the free course that I just created and

I say here your username is and I use one
of these merge codes right here and it was

the student username and then it adds this
oops let’s get rid of that it adds this little

bit here user login so when this gets sent
it’s gonna show them the username that they

chose and then right here I say to start taking
this course visit the syllabus here and I

put a link to the course syllabus and they
can see all the lessons and jump into them

this is just a little bit of HTML that will
make the link clickable in their email and

you know what I’ll actually take everything
I pasted in here I’ll take it and I’ll add

it to the download package so you can just
do that here or you can click on visual and

you can create a link how you would in WordPress
in the visual tab using this a link option

right here but I just use the text editor
I prefer hear this it is always I’m here to

help you on this journey I can be reached
via live chat via contact form on my website

and then I have a little bit of information
here which is fine and so for the email settings

I put you are now enrolled in then I put the
course title and there’s also this heading

area and this is just a small area above the
actual contents of the email and I just put

this one big word congratulations and this
is where the emails going to go it’s going

to go to the student email address whatever
email they gave us and I did that as well

through the merge codes right here and you
can also if you wanted to CC or BCC this email

to you you can put in a you can just enter
in the manual email address or you can or

you can choose this admin email right there
so that is everything for the email settings

right here and so on click on publish so now
that I’ve actually created this email right

here I now want to go to engagements and song
then click on add engagement because I haven’t

created any and so I’ll just give it a title
that kinda corresponds to the course so it

makes sense this is engagement is been a send
this welcome email to people that register

for the free course so this is what output
okay so I want you to see what I did here

you see how I started it with free course
right here I’d recommend all of your engagements

that pertain to a particular course that you
have them all start the same way so can be

free course or you could put an acronym like
FC or something like that and what this is

going to do is when you start having a lot
of engagements a lot of automation with your

courses and you click on here this way you
can easily sort them based upon the name of

the engagement and you can see all the engagements
for each particular course grouped together

so here are our triggering event options and
so let’s just go to the drop down here and

so we have actually a lot of options here
now engagements is not just for sending emails

it’s for maybe giving people achievements
or issuing certificates it’s for all sorts

of things so we can have quite a few options
here now for me in this situation I want to

just send this when a student enrolls in a
course but here’s a lot of options here you

can see when someone passes a quiz completes
a lesson completes a course or anything like

that somebody click on and roles in a course
and now I get to select my course and is just

to show me the two courses that are here and
I’m in a choose the one that I want to tie

it to and then we need to choose the engagement
type so there’s not as many options here it’s

give him an achievement certificate or send
them an email so obviously I want to send

an email and then right here is going to give
me all the options of the emails and here

is the email right here free course welcome
email so I can go ahead and click on that

and then right here we can actually enter
a delay if we wanted to so you can have some

kind of automated email sequence that you
send people based upon any of these trigger

event triggers so if I wanted to send an email
right now I can and will right now I can either

enter zero or leave it blank I’ll put a zero
but if I wanted to send them an email tomorrow

I can change this from a 0 to 1 or however
far out in the future I want to automatically

send them emails so there it is him and click
on publish and so now what happens is when

someone enrolls in this free course they’re
going to receive this email immediately so

now when I click on engagements you can see
we have our first engagement here and this

is nice they give you some additional information
years you can see what the trigger is and

you can see the type it right here and you’ve
got all these kind of links here what sizes

you can sort this by title so if every title
that pertains to a particular course starts

out the same way it’s easy to sort through
them and see all these different engagements

in a different view now I will tell you that
this videos can it be outdated probably within

the next few months in the sense that they
are Inc. making enhancements to the engagements

and the emails so I know the emails for sure
is getting an enhancement then engagements

work fine I don’t think there in proving the
engagements per se but I think with the way

you can format emails that’s gonna be improved
upon so you have more control over the design

of the actual email that gets sent right now
it’s kind of plan which is fine I mean doesn’t

have to be this beautiful thing right now
it’s a little on the plane inside but they

are improving that and I’m sure in a couple
months or less they’re going to have more

options for how you can style an email I think
there to make them look more like what you

would see sent from your paid auto repair
sponsor services so that is all there was

to creating a free course with three lessons
getting everything loaded and they’re making

it immediately available creating an engagement
email it’s all set up and now you’re able

to collect these email addresses that you
can use to market to I mean you can automate

a whole autoresponder campaign right here
out of LifterLMS you can just create your

emails and have them auto drip out to people
you can also create all kinds of engagements

to kinda get people reengaged with your course
if you notice they’re not completing the lessons

you can totally map this thing out based upon
the various triggers and the engagement types

that they give you and come up with something
that’s really going to keep people coming

back to your course because ultimately you
want to make sure the learner has success

on your website but anyways I hope this video
I know is a little longer than I wanted to

be but I hope it kinda pulled all of these
concepts together so that you can see how

they all work to gather

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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