by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How-to Create An Amazing Landing Page In WordPress


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Want to create a landing page for that awesome new product or maybe for and AdWords campaign? Well in this video I will show you how to create a landing page right from within your WordPress website.

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Steps To Follow

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Sign-up for website hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Purchase OptimizePress
  5. Install OptimizePress
  6. Install OptimizePress template

Update 2019

This video is from 2014. It's still a great video, provides value, but I no longer recommend OptimizePress when compared to other page building options available. For my up to date recommendations, please visit the reviews & comparisons sections of this website.

Also, take a look at Elementor and Thrive Architect.

Video Transcript

How-to Create An Amazing Landing Page In WordPres

Now let me tell you in the beginning of the video this is going to be a little longer of the video and then the videos I typically put out which are about anywhere between five and eight minutes this can be much longer because were to be doing much more from a disease in this video you’re gonna be able to have a landing page that looks just like the one you see where you can scroll down there’s all these different elements the topography is styled just looks gorgeous together and we can just scroll down and continue to see some of the unique features of this landing page and thus I like this video is all about creating landing pages this is pretty neat right here when you click on it little play video and then take it to a sales page so inept organic free this landing page together now most businesses need to have landing pages for their business whether you’re using some AdSense or some kind of advertising and you want to drive people to this landing page most businesses are just gonna find themselves in that position now to order a landing page from a designer you’re going to be paying the minimum of $300 a can go to a couple thousand dollars for their design in whatever they come up with anything get real expensive really quick if you just want to get in there put something out there and try something that’s a lot of money to do that so renew create this together today and what because this is a business it is gonna cost you some money you’re gonna need a software plug-in for WordPress to be able to have this output now there’s two primary ways of developing landing pages and one of them is the software called LeadPages which I don’t use nor recommend it’s a very expensive so if I click on get LeadPages you got these high per month charges that I just think they’re too high for what they’re offering in their limited amount of templates that they give you some for instance the cheapest plan is is can run you $37 per month and then it goes up from there when you really don’t want to be honest the $67 one but let me ask out of this because really don’t like their designs of their system what were any use in this video is called OptimizePress and it’s a very mature software made for WordPress and that’s what I designed this in so this video were to go through setting up a hosting account installing WordPress purchasing and installing OptimizePress and having this landing page be the output alright so the first step is gonna be to get a hosting account and this is the web location that your websites can be a hosted on that’s going to be storing the files and they also provide email as well if you don’t already have a solution for that it’s a good idea to just have your email at the same place so I’m recommending to you to go with host gator and the reason is they are literally the largest web hosting provider and if you’re just getting started and this is a small to medium-sized business website your needs are gonna be met just fine with host gator now when you start having more traffic your website and you’re using it for more things others definitely other hosting providers that you can read [email protected] in order to upgrade your web hosting but upgrading it also a means is can a cost more money per month and host gators extremely reasonable so working to go through the set up process right here Sony first go to the website you can just click on view web hosting plans and they essentially have three hosting plans that you can choose from the hatchling the baby and the business and the big difference between the hatchling in the baby is with the hatchling plan you can only host one website with the hosting account with the baby plan you can host unlimited websites with the web hosting account so if you have more than one website which you very well might might have at some point it’s worth the couple extra dollars to go ahead and get the baby plan now each of these plans they show this drop-down but keep in mind that it’s the price there is reflecting a 20% off discount that you can see in this little banner however I have a better coupon for you and some more savings in a minute show you in a moment so you have these different options if you prepaid for three years it will average out to be $6.36 a month with the 20% discount if you just want to pay month-to-month which is totally fine it’s only to be $7.96 but that’s for the first month it’s really $8.95 per month when you get down through to the order form but I have a coupon code am I give you that if you want to go month-to-month it’s gonna make it just a penny for the first month if you want to go three years it’s been a take 25% off of the price so it’s can be a pretty good savings so it’s gonna choose monthly and then click on order now okay so the first step on completing this order is to either a choose a website name if you haven’t already chosen one in registered it someplace else you can just register right here at host gator in it makes it a bit easier I few board the registered a website someplace else like Go Daddy or something like that that’s okay to you can just use this option right here so I’m an assume that you have not registered a website name so right here you would choose the website you want to understand put anything in here a really cool which is fine so if the website that you typed in is currently available it’s gonna say congratulations it’s available and you can register and now they try also upsell you here with getting the dot info get you really don’t have to go and purchase those but if you want to secure them you could do that I never do that really it’s all up to you so let’s scroll down so here working to confirm the package that were choosing and so I’m in a go with the middle plan which was the hatchling and right here a minute ago with the month-to-month here you’ll choose a username and password then you’re an answer your billing information and you can just be with a credit card or PayPal whichever is more convenient view now here’s a little tricky spot they they try to sneak in all these up cells that you may or may not want so when you register domain name year information you used is made public nephew wanted to be private you would keep this here it’s $10 a year if you don’t want this you can just uncheck it then right here is a a feature called site lock your definitely don’t need that and Coast Guard right here you definitely don’t need that so I’m just can uncheck all three of those now here’s where it gets fun right now they give you this discount we saw the first page of 20% off I’ve got a better coupon code for you so if you are going to just pay month-to-month I got a coupon code that you can enter and that will make the first month of pending and to to take advantage of that you just have to type wp crafter one set okay and then click on validates and it applies it so now you can see what your startup cost is going to be also right here it says the first month of your hosting plan instead of 895 it’s gonna be a penny and then right here for your website registration and set of $15 it’s can be 1295 anyways in a comes out the $12.96 now if you take advantage of some of the discount for registering it for a longer period of time I got a different coupon code for you so when you were right here in you chose whether to be one month six months or 12 months for instance if you choose 36 months I’ve got a coupon code that’s gonna remove 25% off the entire purchase price so let’s scroll down here so will get rid of this coupon and will type in wp crafter 25 and click on validate that took the price down from 178 down to 133 and that’s gonna be literally three years of web hosting for only hundred and $33 so I feel like the monthly bill you can definitely go that route and that’s typically what I actually do when I register for new hosting is out out take advantage of the bigger discount is it just seems to make sense so if you want to save 25% off if you register for get the hosting for longer than a month definitely type wp crafter 25 and take advantage of that so all you have to do is click on the box here to agree to their terms and conditions then click creating an account now after you do this there gonna send you a receipt in your email and are also going to send you your login settings and information now I have to do is click into that email and then click on the link that’s gonna take you to something called cPanel and this is what you see in this is where your analog and with that username and it’s gonna have assigned a password for you so once you get here just go ahead and enter in your username and password and then this is what’s your control panels gonna look like now don’t get overwhelmed by its actually pretty simple there’s just lots of different icons of items that host gators actually trying to sell you what working to do though is were just a new install WordPress now and it’s extremely easy to do with host gator they make it really easy and there’s actually several links in the control panel here to accomplish it so for instance right here it says get started with WordPress today you can click on that and it will take you there and that we can scroll down here are just a little bit to where it says a software and services and you can click on your word says quick install and that will take you to install WordPress as well and here’s another item, fantastic oh and that will help you install WordPress but were working to do is just go ahead and click on install now and it’s gonna pull up a screen that looks like this it’s gonna say quick install at actually what this is you can do more than just install WordPress you can install all types of web-based applications it’s a pretty neat but were religious deal with WordPress right now so when you get to the screen go ahead and click on continue now what you want to do here is that there’s gonna be a drop-down to choose your domain name that you just ordered and so for me I added a domain called staging.wp however yours will be whatever the domain name that you just registered so all you have to do is fill out these few pieces of information the first thing is the email address that’s can be associated with the user account in WordPress for you at title of your blog you can put anything in Europe is working to really change that in WordPress the admin user now this is one things that I want you to not put something obvious so you might think I’ll just put the username admin that’s the last thing you want to do or I’ll just put the name of the website you don’t want to do that either you want something different like maybe your name in here as the admin user and that’s for security purposes if you just use user or admin or administrator someone that might want to hack into your website there or do you know your username and that’s not good so it would just be a matter finding out your password at that point so that’s why you always want to use something that is not the obvious unit and enter password you don’t one use password it’s the same concept so I would go ahead and fill this out right now okay now that I have this all filled out all you have to do is click on install now and just sit tight it’s only in the take about maybe 10 or 15 seconds in its gonna fully install WordPress for you and here it says congratulations it shows you your username it gives you the password it generated it can change this password if you want and here’s the link to log in select completes this stage of the process you’ve already done so much you already purchased and registered a website named you created a hosting account you’ve already installed the platform on the hosting account and got the initial configuration and so next were going to start working on the website right so the first step is to purchase this software that I recommend called OptimizePress now this is the OptimizePress website and tells you what it does put him in a walk you through it as well so what it is as it’s a it’s three things actually there is a theme a plug-in and a another plug-in for membership sites is so what it is is a way of creating cells pages Landing pages membership portals complete launch funnels and authority blog sites I question the authority blog sites though I don’t know anyone that really uses this on an authority blog site up what it does these other things really really well so let me try to explain more what it is through their website here so you’re going to make landing pages that are separate from the design of your WordPress site and I’ll show you in in more depth what that means you need to make the separate pages used for a sales and marketing for training for webinar registrations and that one of the plug-ins were actually help you secure certain pages so that you’re making a secure membership portal you can make product launch funnels and that everything’s mobile responses continue scrolling down and away works is it’s it’s pretty neat am in a walk you through it and has this live editor where you can kind of see the different elements on the page and you can edit things it’s a pretty easy to work with everything’s mobile responsive so here gives you a little bit more information the software works with WordPress and there’s a theme version and a plug-in version what that means is if you wanted to use this theme version of OptimizePress you don’t need a separate theme you can do everything in this OptimizePress team however if you are you have a WordPress theme that you really like the design you can just use the plug-in now I tend to use the plug-in only but you can use whatever makes more sense to you now it’s gonna come with 30 templates that you can easily with a few mouse clicks implement so these are different templates for landing pages thank you pages membership portals and whatnot and the backbone of building out one of these pages is these different things that they call custom elements and I’ll show you what those are so essentially you build landing page with a series of different elements of for testimonial boxes different image is bullet boxes whatever you can see the different ones here but I’m initially more so anyways if you are ready to make the purchase you can just click on this big green button here and it’s gonna take you to the different pricing table here to see the different options so there’s three different ways to purchase this verse three different options one is just this core package and it includes a license to use in on three different sites then there’s this publisher package it’s a licensees and on 10 different sites and then for 297 you can use it on as many sites as you want I personally own this 297 package however if you just are now you can get this $97 package I’m sure if you came to the point where you needed it on a fourth site that they would let you upgrade in it would be that big of a deal now they do issue a license code per sites and so three means 310 means 10 Unlimited actually unlimited means 50 they give you 50 licenses and then if you use those all-out Phyllis you another batch of licenses so anyways just choose the one that you want so I’ll just click on get Pro now and it’s good to take you to this limited special offer now you can actually order this whenever he wants if you wanted to you don’t need to order it now and essentially what it is is a membership program called their club membership on the show you what’s included visually and basically it says here you get new templates every month advanced training it’s very limited on the events training they give you these resources are very limited that they give you in the customizations is limited you really are only any use this for new template so I showed you just a moment ago that includes 30 templates but if you get this club membership you’re gonna get upon more templates fresh designs that are modern they look great injury get those month in and month out now the cost of that is $17 a month it does say it’s normally 29 a month well it’s still 17 a month it’s been 17 months since it was released about a year ago Summit to go ahead and click on yes give me access to the exclusive optimize member club OptimizePress club and so the first thing you want to do here at the order form is choose your country fill out the form now if you are can use a visa or a MasterCard then just fill out this form and you’re good to go however if you can use something else or more use PayPal you got a scroll to the bottom and there’s this little tiny text here that says if you want to use PayPal click here so I just go ahead and click there that’s what you want to do is use of PayPal now after you submit your order your can receive an email with a link to optimize that’s the membership site reader to be able to download everything and it’s can issue you a username and password so, go ahead and click into that area right now okay when you first login and click on downloads right here you’re gonna see the three downloads it’s the like I said the theme the plug-in and the plug-in version of the theme and then this this a playwright here, optimize members what you’ll use to secure the pages if you’re creating a membership a secure membership site so let’s go ahead and download all of these now okay no while those are downloading I am going to show you the clubhouse that was a purchase option in the prior video so all you have to do is click on clubhouse now when I click on it it’s gonna take me to it when you click on it if you didn’t subscribe to it it’s gonna take you to an order page for it so what we want to do is click on this right here with his clubhouse template library summon it be showing you kind of the inside look of what is actually inside the clubhouse with you purchased it or not if you didn’t you be able to see the different templates that are in there so offers of all here’s the latest ones that let me count it just you can know how many you can expect each months there’s one to three 456-789-1011 1213 so in the last month there was third clean count and 13 template so 13 you paid $17 for it it’s pretty good so if you want to look at any of these templates you click on its and then you click on this little expand option and you can see what that templates can look like scroll down you can see they they are designed very very nice and pretty much a lot of these all you have to do is modify your text and maybe modify these images there and you’re pretty much good to go so, click off of that and so there’s lots of designs to choose from so just last month here’s this landing page here’s a webinar registration page which is pretty nice right here and sounds matching here’s a number lending pages is a smaller shorter one rights and that he was a pretty nice one let me open that up scroll to the top so you’ve got a big headline your user can click on this in a video will pop up in the lightbox just really nice designs here so if you want something different like for instance just something with a video and an opt in form you’ve got this right here there’s lots of different variations of it here’s a nice simple sales page that you see a lot of you’ve got a big headline a video and then your add to cart button and so you can scroll down they also have different templates as well I see here let me show you as a launch funnel so that’s where there might be several videos and you get the people to come to your website and watch each video and then your priming them essentially for the sales page at the end and to hear some other different pages and is also important to know when you scroll down that you get other kind of useful templates as well like an email confirmation templates here’s a download page template right here and that here’s a series of templates that would be suitable for any kind of business so this could be used for your next business right here put an image there or something and to use for any business purpose on the nurse the smaller ones here she got this wide variety of pages that are available to you so anyways when I’m in it do them in a go-ahead in download this showcase one right here okay now what you want to do is leave this page open and then click on to licensing and when you click on their skinny give you your license codes in it issues one license code per site that you’re any use and you can only use it on one site now that every things downloaded and ready to go will move on to the next step okay so now that we’ve purchased and downloaded OptimizePress we’ve signed up for hosting we’ve installed WordPress now I’m in go ahead and install the OptimizePress plug-in on the WordPress installation here so the first important step is to go to Wirtz’s media and then click right here where it says add new now the OptimizePress plug-in in theme there both under 20 MB in size now depending on the host you’re using if you’re using host gator you’re not can have a problem but if you’re using some more restricted web host or low cost or maybe even free web host the restrict off how low large a file can be that you upload in the way you can see what your limit is is to click on media and then add new and see right here it’s his maximum upload size hundred megabytes so I know that the OptimizePress is less than 20 MB I know I’m going to be able to upload it and not have a problem if your install is saying that it’s less than 20 MB likes a 10 MB or something like that or 15 it needs to be 20 or greater trying to install the plug-in or the theme is through the web WordPress interface is just not gonna work for you you’re gonna have to do it via FTP and I’ve got a separate video for that in human OptimizePress has a video on that so it’s not too complicated but it is a few extra steps so, go ahead and install the OptimizePress plug-in can go to plug-ins and click on add new and then I’m in a click on upload eminent drag and drop it right there and then click install now now depending on your Internet speed this might take a minute or two because were literally uploading a 20 MB file so it is good to take a little bit of time now while you’re waiting for this is probably a good idea to log back into the optimize hub and click on licensing and copy one of those license codes into your clipboard now I’m gonna do that now but I’m not can show you because I need to protect my license codes right so alright I just copied a license code into my clipboard okay now it’s done uploading its unzipping the plug-in and getting everything set up that needs to get set up now I obviously fast forwarded a little bit this whole process probably took about two or three minutes which is completely normal now I have a pretty good Internet connection so if you’re on a maybe like a DSL connection and her something like that it’s gonna take a bit longer for you but anyway Sarai it showing that it’s installed and it’s also been a put some images into the WordPress media area for the 30 templates that it comes with rights it is all installed all I have to do now is click on activate plug-in okay and then click on WordPress here now what Juergen want to do is you’re probably can get an error message appear about the API key that your license key needs to be installed you want to click on dashboard and then scroll down and click on right here it’s his API key enter your API key then scroll all the way down and click on save settings then your API keys gonna be associated with this website you’ve installed it on and you will have used one of your license codes down the show you how easy it is to set a landing page or any type of page in OptimizePress so Juergen and just need to click on page builder right here and it’s gonna pop this overlay right here and then right here you come up with the name of the page Skype call this test landing page then write your creates a slug for the page so that would be whatever the name your website is/test-landing-page you can change it and then click on check availability and that is available right here’s if you want to put a page thumbnail you can skip that step and then write here we choose the design that we want so we can click on use a content templates and then when you scroll down here it’s been a show you the 30 templates or so that it says are included so here’s your homepage is that it comes with some membership page templates that it comes with some simple opt in page is right here and there’s quite a few there and then there’s some other pages these would be different download pages and things like that here’s a frequently asked question page air some sales pages and some webinar registration pages now what I want to do is actually use that template that I downloaded from the club membership Summit click on upload content templates and then I’m going to just drag and drop it right there and click on install now and it says that it was uploaded and installed successfully now I just need to scroll down and selected and it will always be available for me to select in the future and here it is it was called the showcase sales page and ominous scroll down and click on proceed to step two okay step to just pretty much brings up their life editor right here and when your pages created its gonna be in draft mode right here so what I meant to do is putting in publish then I’m going to this click on the save and continue in its gonna save it and now it is a life page and then I’m going to click on view public link right here it’s can actually open it up in a new page so now that the page is live on my websites and you can see right here is just it’s a very nice-looking page it would have cost a lot of money to hire someone to create this for me and I haven’t even gone through and edited it yet but you can see it’s right here in is pretty much as a matter of changing some images and some text and then it is going to be good to go so let me click on back to the live editor and it’s really easy to change items she can see when I hover my mouse over something and our religious call it an element call it properly so right here this is an elements it has a it it kind of puts it in this dotted box and then there’s these controls in the top right and this is the edit control and I click on that and I’m gonna be able to just change what the headline says so when I just changes to landing pages made easy and then you can scroll down you can modify the size the font in all these different aspects of its just click on insert and you can see my text is been updated and you can just keep doing that as you scroll down if you want to change the image it simple you would click on edit right here and then you would just select your file so you can see how easy that is under some testimonial you can change the headshot you can change the quote these are different icons that it actually comes preloaded with and we can scroll down we can add elements if we wanted to so say right here i.e. wanted to add something I can click on add element and here’s a list of all the different elements that are available for to be inserted there’s just so many different things a countdown timer I mean their shoes just there’s a lot here they also have a search feature right here we can just type in the name some I want to put an image and I would just type image right there and right here choose if I wanted some kind of a frame around its like that and then choose my file and it’s as simple as that in most of the different elements have like a video associated with this I can click this little eye and then of videos get a pop up right here and explain about it you can also move items around In re order them so if I wanted to take this whole section right here I can click on this in move it around to move it up or down a different section and you can do the same thing for the different elements if I wanted to move it around I would click on this and in CA I just moved it right there saw me actually put that back so it’s that looks good C can do that as well now I want to show you one of my favorite features in OptimizePress you might’ve heard of this is called a two-step opt in or maybe there is a box that says get your instant access now someone clicks on the thing in there to get the instant access but instead what they get is a pop up asking them to join your list you know asking them for their name and their email address well OptimizePress has that is a feature but it’s actually way more powerful the way they implemented so for instance right here when you click on the play button it pulls up a light box with a video and then the get access now or purchase now button and so this is called the overlay optimizer I know it’s kind of the quite a quite the name but we can go ahead and we can modify what pops up here so if I go back in to the landing page and scroll to the very top right here I have the different settings for it so I can click on this and then it pulls up this overlay optimizer and I can change the headline I can change the video and I can change what happens when this button is clicked and you can do that all pretty easily you can add different elements as well if you wanted all just a quick note to show you how easy it is to work with video you can click on that edits and right here you can just plug in the URL of your video or YouTube and it but this has an embed code cousins of the Vimy also with those three options is really easy to get your videos playing here so it was on a close that overlay optimizer and let’s see what else is available down here okay the get started now let’s see what happens when we click on the get started now button arcade actually do isn’t set to do anything so you’re not want to edit these buttons to where they goes with you click on the edit option it’s gonna pull up first the different settings to design the button but then when we scroll down a bit right here you can put the link in of what’s gonna happen when someone actually clicks on itself a ghost to a sales page or something along those lines you can just paste your link in and then click on the insert button so there you have it this is OptimizePress installing the plug-in and then grading landing page so now what I would do is click on save and close and it’s gonna take me here to the pages area and if you want to get back into the live editor just hover your mouse over the OptimizePress page and then click on live editor and also has a nice clone features you can easily clone a page that you’ve worked with now the best thing about using the OptimizePress plug-in is it doesn’t modify the way your website looks so five visit the site it’s still been a have this default look right here even though if I click on the link to the landing page it’s gonna look like this so it’s a very powerful way of creating all the landing pages or pages that you want and have the design be separate from your standard website design theme now there’s tons of tutorials in the OptimizePress customer portal in go back into it in scroll down in ears a starter guide how to install it hurt he showed you how and here is a section for the basics and the various things that you want to do so if you want to set up a membership site are many do a video on that you just click here and it comes up here with all the different information that you would want to know about how to do that actually pretty simple and easy so that’s how I create landing pages in WordPress and if there’s something that I might have left out this video when it you just leave a comment or head on over to my blog and leave a comment there and maybe I can make a follow-up video if there is any specific question you have that I did not answer and once again on the links to OptimizePress then to host gator are below thanks for watching this video may we’d appreciate it if you took a moment tingling on the thumbs-up button and the share this video with your friends also please subscribe to our YouTube channel and take a moment to go over to our website is a common question the sign up for newsletter.

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  1. Hi Adam,
    Great website. How do you manage to let the video scroll on the right even when a user starts scrolling the page? I find it very interesting and useful feature on a website. thanks in advance for your response.

  2. Hi, I don’t really get it – you both promote OptimizePress to use building a landing site and at the same time I find a review of OptimizePress on your website which does not lead me to want to buy it. Argh…I am trying to work out which solution I should use for my landing page. Any advice here? Otherwise – I really like all you videos šŸ™‚ Best wishes from Norway, Eyrun

    1. Well you have to take into consideration dates that content is published. If in 2014 I make a video on OptimizePress and say its good. Then in 2018 I write that OptimizePress is great if it were 2014, there is nothing inconsistent. I am not going to take this post and video down because 4 years have past and better stuff is out. I can’t go back in time to change a video.

      1. Thanks, Adam šŸ™‚ I did not see or hear that – I only noticed the “Updated: January 28, 2018”. I am looking at the Elementor review now. Great!

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