by Adam Preiser updated July 17, 2019

How To Connect Gist To WordPress The Right Way


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ConvertFox is a great tool to stay connected to your website visitors. But did you know there is a right way, and a wrong way, to connect it to your WordPress website?

When I first started using it, I did it the wrong way :-(, but you can learn from my mistakes.

Video Transcript

In this video to show you the best way to
connect to your WordPress based website with

ConvertFox and ConvertFox is a software service
where you can get live chat on your website

you can use it to replace email marketing
systems is a very powerful tool that I made

a couple videos about a week ago and in this
video I just wanted to share with you the

best way to connected to your WordPress WordPress
based website hi my name is Adam from

were I really said ton of content to help
you get better results faster with WordPress

anything I talk about will be linked in the
video description below if you’re new here

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belt to make sure you don’t miss anything
right I’m actually using this service ConvertFox

on my website I happily been using it and
I really and get a lot of use out of it this

weekend this weekend is Black Friday that’s
the big sales go on and a lot of people have

a lot of questions in fact if you go to my
website actually don’t have ConvertFox on

my homepage I have it everywhere but my homepage
but if you go to say this black Friday page

I put together with all the various discounts
you’ll see the little chat bubble there on

the bottom right when you click on it you
got me there what I like about the live chat

is it doesn’t have to be live you can ask
me something and if I can’t get back to you

in a couple hours ConvertFox will actually
email the visitor that live in chatted me

so let’s get to the best way to connect this
to your WordPress based website know when

I first started using the service I use this
little snippet of code it gave me and I put

it in my theme and then I switch to using
the WordPress plug-in that they built and

I was blown away by something so right now
I don’t have it capturing email addresses

except if someone enters it in the chat box
so I logged into my ConvertFox dashboard and

I saw there was hundreds of people information
it had collected on people their names their

emails and all that I was kind of surprise
how that happened and I found out that if

you are using the WordPress plug-in for ConvertFox
if your website has people maybe register

and log in at the point of registration at
the point of logging in their information

will be captured into ConvertFox all for you
automatically and I was very blown away by

that so for example earlier this year I came
out the whole video series on something called

learn a whole the whole video series on how
to create an online course using something

called LifterLMS and LifterLMS charges hundred
dollars to have the MailChimp add-on or hundred

dollars they have the convert to add-on so
that when someone registers that info goes

to those services but if you have the free
convert flock Fox plug-in it will automatically

do that for you and they are exploring ways
of getting past email content from your WordPress

user database into ConvertFox but right now
any new registrations or logins so someone

registered a year ago but they login today
that info is going to get captured by ConvertFox

the second benefit is for the speed optimization
of your website it’s going to ConvertFox loan

something was him and visit your site and
it’s going to be loaded in a more optimal

way if you’re using the WordPress plug-in
okay that was a happy mouthful so here is

the plug-in right here it’s in the WordPress
dashboard just go to add new and type ConvertFox

and you plug it in it’s super easy to configure
in fact here is the documentation on it so

just goat and you’re out I was already know
how to install WordPress plug-in but then

when you login to ConvertFox there is that
little icon with your your your project on

the bottom left you can click on that to look
at your project and then there’s a actually

here I should just show you okay I’m back
I just logged in and so when you log in and

you hover right here it says projects when
you click on it it’s can show you the projects

that you have but just click on project list
and then when you click this right here next

to the trashcan when you click on that it’s
going to show you the little snippet of code

and it’s also going to give this little bit
of information you need to add to the WordPress

plug-in after you install it it’s gonna show
you this manual and then word present when

you click on WordPress it’s going to give
you this little bit of code right here which

is your project ID you just need to copy that
and then when you’re in word WordPress where

the plug-in settings are you just gonna paste
it right there and then click on this checkmark

to enable the tracker and then you are off
to the races now when someone registers the

logs and then impose going straight into ConvertFox
no additional work on your part needs to be

done and it will also load in a more optimal
way so this is really the ideal way I know

for guessing and I don’t want to add another
plug in love just toss the coded but then

when I realize that if I went the plug in
route it has his benefit of automatically

capturing information but then also the speed
optimization I immediately switched to the

plug-in so if you bought ConvertFox definitely
in your using WordPress go this route it’s

gonna work out much much better for you if
you’re thinking of getting ConvertFox you

like and doesn’t integrate with LifterLMS
or doesn’t integrate with this MemberPress

or doesn’t integrate with this tool I use
it when people log into my website well you

don’t have to do anything it’s automatically
going to do that for you if you don’t have

ConvertFox and are interested in it I’ll have
a link in the video description to the video

that I have a tutorial on it and also have
a video explaining how it all works is a special

offer going on that’s can expire in a few
days it’s really worth looking at all to you

that or you can go straight to ConvertFox’s
website by visiting

one word ConvertFox it’ll take you straight
to this special deal page that I have set

up with them so that’s it for this video if
you are using ConvertFox and you have any

questions about it you can ask me in the comment
section down below will be very happy to answer

it I’ve been using this on my site since October
and I have been using the chat extensively

for last week and 1/2 and I know right right
now with the Black Friday so much try fixing

to come to my website so much Travis Brandon
come to your website if you’re selling anything

you you it’s nice to have that chat there
so you’re available to answer people’s questions

right away so that’s all I have you in this
video thanks for watching and I’ll see you

in the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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