Best WordPress Themes For Elementor, Beaver Builder, & Divi

Updated: December 27, 2017
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If you are searching for the best theme to use with any page builder, like Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Divi, then this list is for you.

The #1 piece of advice I give to folks is to choose 1 WordPress theme that can do just about anything, and master it.

The next question I usually get is, which is the best theme and that is what I try to answer in this video.

Yup, yup, these are the 3 best themes that I have used that just so happen to work perfectly with any WordPress page builder.

Want to know the best theme for Elementor?
Want to know the best theme for Beaver Builder?
Want to know the best theme for Divi?

Well, that's all answered in this video. Enjoy.

Astra Theme



In this video only assures you the three best
themes that will work with any page builder

that you may be using hi my name is Adam from were I make WordPress videos

for non-techies know the one that best piece
of advice that I’ve repeated over and over

and over again is if you make a website don’t
go in constantly switch from this theme to

that theme to this thinkers are closely going
through that learning curve all over again

having to learn a new settings panel all over
again the intricacies of a theme all over

again I think it just makes so much more sense
to pick one or at most two themes and master

those themes but they need to be things that
are very flexible and can pretty much allow

you to create any theme or layout that you
are looking for and I have dug up the three

Vesta themes for that purpose and the best
part of these themes are as they are designed

to work with any page builder that you might
want to throw at it now before I tarred to

start talking about these three themes I want
to share with you this free plug-in right

here colorful with page templates now this
is can allow you to use your page builder

with virtually any theme so when you install
and activate this and you can enable it on

a page by page basis what it will do is it
will remove the title and it will make the

the layout of the page or post fullwidth so
you can enjoy those full with roses going

to give you compatibility with pretty much
any theme however there are these three themes

that do some extra special tricks so the first
one is GeneratePress now congratulations to

GeneratePress because today they hit 1 million
downloads which is pretty massive and it is

a huge accomplishment for Tom the developer
of the same I think when I started first noticing

this thing they had 500,000 active downloads
and that was some point last year this theme

is phenomenal Tom has so much discipline in
coding this theme it is literally the most

well cared for theme I’ve ever come across
and it has the most passionate developer that

I’ve ever come across and in this theme is
just fantastic there’s a great group of people

behind it that use this there’s a great Facebook
group community behind it as well there’s

a free version but you really know what the
premium version of this and it’s can give

you full control some of things I like about
it is that it’s constantly evolving in getting

better for example there is this new page
template feature that was released in this

theme that allows you to create different
page header templates that you can use on

the various pages of your website it’s very
neat and it’s actually deserving a video I

did do a review video on this theme in his
improved so much even a sense than so this

is GeneratePress and I have links everything
down below in the video description notes

GeneratePress is fantastic the next one and
I’ve been kind of resistant on this theme

and just kind of waiting for some things that
shake down with it is OceanWP now the reason

I was hesitant to jump on the ocean WP bandwagon
early on was well at limit for study I’ve

been in touch with Nicholas the developer
of this theme since last year before this

theme even came around there was a different
version of it last year and I was in touch

with Nicholas on it in the reason I waited
to kind of see what happens with it is because

he is, new to the scene of developing WordPress
themes and I just wanted to see what would

happen with it before I took a deeper look
at the theme and I got to say I’m impressed

with some of the things that he’s doing to
this theme so out of the three themes I’m

talking about this is going to be the most
feature packed free version but is really

doing some really innovative things that are
really pushing the envelope on a theme let

me just show you one of them now now this
feature is actually not released just yet

it’s coming out I don’t know maybe a week
or two so in the theme panels here he’s adding

a my library section where you can create
sort of a theme of parts that you can use

over and over in your theme so for example
you can create custom headers and footers

you can create custom mega menus and that’s
one of the features that really caught my

eye is the mega menu feature where you can
design the mega menus in your favorite page

builder and save it here as a template that
you can use and he’s really pushing the envelope

and really innovating when it comes to what
the interaction is between your theme and

your page builder in all of these features
are gonna work perfectly with Beaver Builder

and Elementor and pretty much any WordPress
theme was playing around that today you can

see I designed a header just testing this
feature out this is beta no one has a copy

of it the developers working on it but he
gave me a quick advance the look on it and

this should be out in a few days but it’s
really nice what he’s doing here and he also

has some pretty interesting add-ons that he
has as a add-on package I’ll give you link

down below as extensions here is doing some
really unique things and what I like about

what he’s doing is I think he’s kind of thinking
outside of the box not being a traditional

theme developer he’s thinking outside of the
box and implementing some things that honestly

I’m pretty excited about so this is OceanWP
I will put a link down below and lastly is

Astra and this is the theme that I decided
to switch my website to about two months ago

Astor theme it is well says right here on
the home page of the most lightweight and

customizable theme built ever now Astra has
a very exciting future there focuses on performance

and speed but they’re not sacrificing flexibility
and features in that mission now one of the

things that I like the most about the Astra
theme is when you go into the customizer settings

of Astra it is the most logically laid out
settings panel in the customizer that I have

every set ever seen they have grouped everything
in such a smart way I think some themes you

gotta jump here for a Fontan to go jump here
for menu font than he got you get each go

to do all these jumping around and things
are logically laid out and they started with

page builders in mind with this now they are
releasing a premium packages can add so much

additional functionality and you can actually
sign up for the beta for that now I believe

but one of the things are in a dues or have
a package that includes professionally designed

templates so you’ll be able to use this theme
and develop websites faster if you like the

templates and you can look through some of
these templates are there pretty impressive

I must say what they are doing so let’s see
I think you’re on the homepage you can go

ahead and click on get Pro and then right
here you can pop in a put a link down everything

down below but you popping your email address
and get beta access to some of these amazing

add-ons that they are adding to the theme
now this is the thing that I chose to use

and I’m also manager review video on this
is so the next video I am going to be comparing

these three this video I’m introducing them
to the next one I’m gonna put them side-by-side

against each other but you know some pros
on them and some cons on them because there

certainly definitely things to think about
with that but as far as I see these are this

three teams that are leading the pack in themes
specifically designed to work with any page

builder and yet have those innovative features
that they are adding so after I make that

video on the to be releasing a full review
and tutorial on OceanWP and a full review

and tutorial on Astra theme so this is the
thing that I chose the switch to and I know

a lot of people on this channel are using
actually all three of these themes I want

to hear what theme you think is best for your
page builder and why you think it’s the best

are you a GeneratePress Fannin OceanWP fan
are you a an Astro fan I want to hear about

it in the comments section down below

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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