by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

Best Video Gear For Creating Screencast Videos Like A Pro


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Here is a list of the gear I am using right now to create my videos:
Camera: Logitech C920
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Lighting: Softbox
Software: Camtasia

Video Transcript

Best Video Gear For Creating Screencast Videos Like A Pro

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies and in this video I’m going
to kind of peel back the curtain a little

bit I get asked all the time how I make my
videos and I had always meant on intended

on making a video to show you how I make my
videos just for those that are interested

and especially with the different course template
that I put together a lot of the people that

are interested in that are interested in how
to make good video content for their business

for their online course just for themselves
for whatever purpose people want to know how

to do this stuff and just you know I’ve been
making videos for probably about six years

now and I’ve tried everything and I finally
have found in a on constantly improving but

I’ve kind of found what works for me now as
you notice I like to do the videos where there’s

video of me and it’s so I’m good obviously
talk about that equipment as well so first

let me show you the camera that I use and
just you know all the stuff that I use I’ve

tried expensive things I’ve tried inexpensive
things and I’m kind of financially conservative

person so a lot of the stuff that I use doesn’t
really cost that much so right here is the

camera I use and it’s a high quality WebCam
and as you can see it’s very expensive it’s

only $62 now I’ve actually had this WebCam
for three years it’s not a new model actually

recently released a new model to this WebCam
however it’s not really that much more expensive

so I was a bike today I probably buy that
new model so this is a Logitech C9 20 that

once called this scene 922 but you can get
this one it’s $20 less it’s only $61 it shoots

video and full HD and when I have it set up
as I just have it sitting on the top of my

monitor that’s right in front of me and that’s
how I capture my video now there are a few

caveats with this WebCam if you’re using a
PC their software so you can control it but

if you’re using a Mac like me you’re going
to need to purchase this program it’s only

like seven dollars it is called WebCam settings
and let me show you that real quick so here’s

the settings panel and will probably look
so similar on a PC there’s something you have

to disable and in order for you to get good
video quality now on this channel if you look

at some of my earlier videos you’ll know what
I’m talking about with this setting it’s right

here is called this backlight compensation
this setting right here was screwing a lot

of my video quality up and when I really dug
deep and tested different things that’s when

I realized that this backlight compensation
was screwing everything up for me so Juergen

I definitely want to if you have a Mac get
this apps you can disable it and if you have

a PC you will probably be able to do that
simply with the software that this camera

comes with so that is the camera that I use
and if I was to buy everything all over today

I’d probably buy the same one or maybe I buy
the one that’s $20 more the brand-new model

of this
now when I have

is one soft box now I’ve tried I’ve seen every
video on YouTube about lighting but I tried

it all and I finally found something that
works for me and it’s one soft box and these

are soft boxes that is literally just right
above me in at shooting the light down at

an angle like this and that’s all that I have
that’s the only lighting I have I don’t have

a life here I don’t have here here I don’t
have one of those three point lighting solutions

with backlights and all that kind of stuff
I keep it simple around here and I have one

soft box now I am looking into having you
looking in the soft boxes are not expensive

and mine was an expensive I might’ve spent
$50 on this one light box and you could see

him here sorry the boxes and so you could
pretty much get anyone that you really were

interested in getting now right now LED light
panels are very popular and I am looking into

switching to an LED light panel the only problem
is the light that comes off it is so bright

that I think it would be kind of hard for
me to look even though it’s more of a gamer

centric type of camera so as to get good quality
video you do need the lighting now in my room

here that I do all my recordings I have some
blinds right over there and I have them close

I don’t have any light coming in so I could
do my best to kind of control that lights

and there’s a door right back here that I
keep close as well so that that the room by

itself is a little on the dark side now audio
is extremely extremely important and this

is the Mike I have it’s the blue yeti and
I probably have it may be a foot away from

my mouth and it’s right sitting here on my
desk and it’s a Mike that I use but any condenser

microphone is going to be fine and you want
that that type of microphone it is called

the condenser microphone you can use this
one I I like this one because it comes with

the stand and I like the little angles that
you can have it with right there and so that’s

kind of why like this this is the exact model
I have but they do have them in different

colors so I think about the bike today I might
by this black one if I was to buy today but

this is the one that I have and I’ve had this
for about two years now if you look at any

my videos in the past I haven’t I haven’t
tweaked the audio in this video I did tweak

the audio and moving forward on to start editing
my audio a little bit and I use a free program

called audacity to do that and at some point
in the future I will make a video on how to

improve the audio quality of any microphone
and it doesn’t matter which microphone that

you have so that is my audio now here’s the
thing with audio you you probably listen to

some videos or audio and you you hear this
popping going on and that’s because certain

vowels are certain words have parts in it
where we push air out of our mouth to make

the sound and so when that is cut pop filter
because when you when you make the sump air

shoots out your mouth and when he gets into
the microphone it makes that reverberation

noise in it and it pops and it doesn’t sound
good is unique was called the pop filter and

this is a really expensive pop filter I have
one pretty close to this although Mina has

a metal material right here in this excite
kind of a mesh this is actually probably better

than mine so you get any microphone so the
situation you’re going to need something like

that to protect the audio and essentially
when you make up sound it basically captures

all that Aaron doesn’t let that burst of air
shoot into your microphone so you definitely

going to need that now what I use software
wise is a program that will record everything

at the same time it’ll capture my WebCam video
capture my audio that comes out of the blue

yeti that one caveat I can get audio out of
the WebCam it sucks you deftly want a condenser

microphone so and then it will record my screen
and it combines all that together for editing

now there’s two programs that you can do that
with there’s camp to Asia what I have been

using a screen flow now screen flow is a Mac
$9999 now

before this video I had only been using screen
flow this videos actually done in camp to

Asia and I’m a try do do my videos incantation
moving forward because with this new version

there are more features to it that can allow
me to have a little bit more polish to my

videos which I definitely want them always
wanting to improve my videos so

so that’s pretty much all the equipment that
I use II think it’s important if you want

to make quality video content is to keep it
simple keep it very simple and I have a system

where you know that you will be easily able
to hop in creature content easily be able

to edit it and get it up to wherever you want
to distribute that content I think that’s

the key when it comes to creating any kind
of content but especially video content is

to get the best results with the least amount
of effort and the least amount of money and

if you live I was a list and add up everything
that I showed you in this video you can tell

it’s it’s not that expensive I’ve really spent
less than $400 on everything and I have good

quality videos that I release so anyways if
you like any of the products that I use in

this video I do have links below if you’re
watching this on YouTube in the video description

area and I’d like to hear what equipment you
use I’m always wanting to improve my video

quality and if there are some suggestions
you have for me I’d love to hear about them

if you can leave that down below and if there
was anything specific that you wanted to learn

about my video creation process you can ask
me that question down below and I’d love to

make a follow-up video to this to show you
anything that you want to know my whole process

is a complete open book to you before you
go I have something for you and before I get

into that I wanted to ask you to do something
for me if you can give me a thumbs up on this

video and if you’re not a subscriber click
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you have a question on this video be happy
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or question down below this video hey I put
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given to you for free all you have to do is
click on the button right here on the right

it’s called the three steps to WordPress success
it’s an awesome course you’re gonna love it

I would love for you to join in and enroll
as a student in this course thanks for watching

this video I really appreciated and I do it
just for you at the camera with the light

right behind it says only thing that I reason
why haven’t upgraded to something different

only application you can only get it if you’re
using a Mac however and it’s only $99 camp

Tejon they just recently released new versions
where it’s for Mac or for PC in the cunning

unified I’m a little bit so the interfaces
are near identical in the feature sets are

very close but with that they also increase
the price so camp teaches one Kim Deja is

what I am using for this video number try
to use moving forward

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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