by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

Best Link URL Shortener For WordPress To Have Customized Pretty Links


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Pretty Link is the gold standard for link shortener plugins for WordPress. It has the largest user base and is full featured.

Video Transcript

Best Link URL Shortener For WordPress To Have Customized Pretty Links

In this video were to talk about short links
and when to use those are also called pretty

links over to talk about how do you add those
use those everything about short links hi

my name is Adam from where I
make WordPress videos for non-techies now

you have probably experienced or seen short
links let me show you how I use short links

personally if you been to any of my videos
I might make reference to a link that I might

have down below in the show notes and this
is that area right here at the show notes

and here’s an example of a short link where
when you click this link right here you see

it has my domain name which is
then whatever I wanted to be and I can send

you anywhere I want to when you click on this
link and these are called short links and

I’m sure you’ve seen short links both before
you can actually generate short links with

several online services once called
the actual images show you bit Lee’s website

right now this is Bentley’s website and you
can easily go here and create an account and

create short links and you can also do it
via Google Google has a short link creator

service WordPress itself has a short link
creator service now personally I don’t like

to use Google short links short links
or what was the other one it doesn’t matter

you know why because a lot of times those
links are attributed to spammers so there

are literally email services where if you
send a link in an email that emails

either to go to the spam folder be automatically
deleted so a lot of these commonly used Link

short nurse services that are free on the
Internet there commonly just the services

polluted with spammers and you can’t trust
those links that’s why it’s never a good idea

to use links or the Google shorten
links any of those links in there is a really

good solution and you can integrate this right
into your WordPress based website now if you

go over to WordPress’s website
click on plug-ins and do a search for the

phrase pretty link you’re going to be able
to see a variety of plug-ins that actually

will allow you to do this with WordPress now
the funny thing is I column pretty links a

lot of people call pretty links and there’s
actually they’re called pretty links for reason

there’s a plug-in called the pretty link it’s
kinda like when you want a tissue to blow

your nose or something like that that we commonly
call them clean exes but Kleenex is the name

of the brand not the name of the product that’s
kinda like with pretty links if you think

of these shortened links there prettier links
instead of having these very long links or

something along those lines lines you can
have these pretty links so there are a few

in here there’s pretty link light which by
far is the number one in terms of usage another

well-known one is thirsty affiliates right
here let’s see there’s so many different ones

that try to do this but I’m in it so you which
one I have always use in which one I currently

use and it’s a pretty link light I have been
use them they been around probably the longest

you can see there on over 200,000 websites
pretty link light and I have used this since

she’s 2012 so were talking five years I have
counted on this plug-in and it is been perfect

the whole time but I’ll give you some honesty
here about maybe six months ago I was strongly

considering not using them anymore because
I kinda considered it has having been abandoned

they were they weren’t really improving yet
it was kind of outdated and all this kind

of stuff and I was literally looking at alternatives
and then bam they released an update they

updated it they updated the interface they
updated the code they updated everything and

I was very blown away now pretty Link light
it says lights because it is the light version

which means there’s a paid version and that’s
called pretty link Pro here is pretty link

pros website so they updated the plug-in but
they didn’t get around to updating the website

and let me just tell you the developer this
is also the developer of a very popular very

successful membership plug-in called MemberPress
so it’s built by a rockstar WordPress developer

so here’s pretty link light now I actually
have pretty link Pro I started with pretty

link light now I use pretty link probe to
be honest with you all the features that come

in pretty link Pro they’re not so crucial
especially if you’re getting started out they’re

not that crucial but there are some nice things
in it like more reporting options and stuff

like this so anyways let’s go ahead and do
a quick test install so I’ve got a test site

here to go to plug-ins add new him to show
you how to make it your first pretty link

to a search for pretty link in it will be
the first result let’s go ahead and click

on install and then let’s install it now go
back to the pricing I have a link down New

Britain links website but when you click on
the pricing tab right here you can see it’s

$47 per year they actually had a recent price
increase and I’m the first guy to tell you

not to buy something if you really don’t need
it I think you’re going to be okay with pretty

Link light in case I’m not saying come here
and by this but I do own it and it’s been

working out great okay have downloaded it
I want to go ahead and install it and there

it is and so here’s an upgrade to Pro so then
it’s can add this new option right here this

is pretty link you can click on it and then
all you need to do in order to create one

of these pretty links just go ahead and click
on add pretty link right here and right here

would be your target URL so let’s just send
people to my website why not okay the VP

and so you can choose whatever you want to
appear for the URL after your website name

so let’s just make this say Adam okay and
then we can go ahead and give it a title if

we want and I’ll just call this test okay
there we go and then we have some advance

options here and I usually like to make this
a no follow link just like that you can also

group these links together I always have the
tracking enabled right here let’s see what

if it shows you anything for the pro options
okay yeah just saying you don’t have the Pro

version so you’re not can get any of these
Pro options honestly I don’t even know if

I use those Pro options anyways I would go
ahead and click on creates and I’ve already

received an error is because this needs to
be a properly formatted URLs let me just go

back here and were talking the HTTPS and all
that so I just toss that in my clipboard I

want to go there in I’m going to paste it
in like that in the him now let’s click on

create ride out one thing I overlooked was
the different redirect options in the right

here which is redirection and you can read
up on these there are more additional redirect

options in the Pro version so will just go
with with 307 right there and go ahead and

click on update again even though we don’t
need to anyway so here is our pretty link

and what I can do you can see right here it’s
the domain name/and then what I put for that

slug so we need to do is click on this little
link here to copy it to the clipboard and

then I can go into a new tab just this one
right here and paste that ends you can see

I have it there the domain name and Adam and
when I hit enter it should go to my WP site

just like that and there it is so it works
now what’s cool is when I refresh this the

clicks should increase and then I can click
on this and see what it shows me it shows

me some reporting and we have an IP address
here we have a date and time stamp we know

exactly the link that was clicked on and right
here if this was a link on my YouTube video

it would say the link to where they clicked
on this from I’m explaining that and you can

see that this a free version is a very very
full-featured and it works pretty good now

I think you get some advanced reporting options
oh I know what you could do with the paid

version you can do word replacements so if
you have a blog post and say this blog post

is about Beaver Builder and you say the phrase
Beaver Builder several times we you can have

it automatically do keyword replacement that’s
where you could type in Beaver Builder and

anytime Beaver Builder appears on that page
it’ll make it a hyperlink that will take you

to that link or whatever that pretty link
is that’s actually great feature and I use

it a lot assets I think one of the Pro features
is probably much more of Pro features that

are useful that I’m not bringing up right
now but if you just want a basic link shortening

solution this is ideal right off the bat and
the accuracy comparison of the two so you

can okay none of these are so crucial let’s
see’85 None of these are so crucial some

of these links import export here does replace
keywords and pages post and custom post types

this is of the feature that I actually do
use time-based redirects so anyways the point

is you can come here and decide if you want
the paid version of it or the free version

I think for most people the free version is
going to get you pretty much everything that

you need but once you start making more money
with your website you might want to invest

back into some of these Pro versions of these
tools that dynamic keyword replacement for

me is an important feature so I’m typing out
a blog post I don’t have to say here’s the

link for Beaver Builder I could just type
Beaver Builder and is can a change it and

make it a hyperlink that is tracked in I really
like that but if you just want this link shorten

or then you are all set and there’s a lot
of scenarios where you want to use billing

shorten or personally for me whether you realize
this or not if anyone that puts up a YouTube

video puts a link in the description if that
link is not associated with your website when

someone clicks on it you two first sends him
to a warning pages is warning you know you’re

leaving YouTube and we don’t know what’s going
to happen but if it’s a link that’s tied to

your website address you don’t get that when
you click on one of my links sets a lot of

times when you click on my links I’m not I
an affiliate or anything like that it’s just

because I want to make it a smoother process
clicking out of my link and into wherever

you want to go so that is why I use them in
my YouTube videos but you absolutely should

take advantage of operating links and shortening
your links there is also I think that thirsty

affiliate they they have a different link
structure so that your your website name/and

then a lot of people make it say go/and then
the link short or I don’t like that because

then I’m talking kind clicking on someone’s
affiliate link or some kind of link where

I don’t know like where it’s actually taking
me so that’s another thing I like about radiolink

it’s literally my domain name is/and then
whatever I want soaks if you use a link shorten

or I would love to hear which one you’re using
down below but also add why you use that particular

link shorten or I would love to hear about
it in the comments section below

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Great video… except the phrase “pretty links” came out AGES ago. I remember using the phrase when doing network marketing back in 2003.

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