by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

How To Add The Best Free Live Chat To WordPress


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If you want to increase engagement with your website visitors, then adding live chat may be the ticket.

Not only is it an effective way to communicate, but it also gives your visitors a sense of availability.

Since posting this, I have started using ConvertFox on this website because I like how it's focus is not on live chat per se, but simply chat.

When someone requests a chat, they are notified of my response time and asked to leave an email address. When they do, ConvertFox will email them when I respond and they can then return to the website to further communicate.

Video Transcript

How To Add The Best Free Live Chat To WordPress

Visit my website at any point in the last
two weeks you’ll see a chat option on the

bottom right and I just installed this on
a whim I was installing it for another site

and if I we put it on WP and see
how it performs in I guess it’s been amazing

never been able to connect to my website visitors
be available for them asking questions and

it is also led me to some new opportunities
and I am a huge fan now of having live chat

on your website so I thought I whip up a quick
video on how you can get a free live chat

account just like I’m using on my website
now I’ll be straightforward here there are

lots of live chat options there is probably
moderately like 50 to 60 different live chat

providers different companies out there now
the reason I went with this live chat company

is I really like the sleek modern look at
how the interfaces so you can see on the bottom

right there’s my message and there’s a picture
of me and it’s got this really neat kind of

hovering chat effect that I really like plus
they have a desktop app you can of you can

moderate via the browser there’s an iPhone
in an android app there’s all these great

ways to be able to respond to people that
might want to chat you what so you skip all

the talking and to show you how to get this
on your website so if you haven’t noticed

it’s there’s a little bit of file right here
to video chat and that’s the name of the live

chat company not cuddling down below I’d appreciate
it if you do go to their site I clicked through

on my link just wait and see how much traffic
I’m sending their way up but it’s all free

here’s video chat in here you can click on
this and create a simple account is just can

ask you the price of the website you’re gonna
put it on now I have lots of different websites

so the website you put it on isn’t as important
because you can have that same live chat account

on multiple websites and I’m to show you how
to integrate it into your WordPress website

now they do have a paid plan I’m on the free
plan I might stick with the free plants however

I’m considering getting the pay plan so here’s
the pay plan for 12 bucks a month on my upgrade

to its because I want this automatic message
automatic messages is actually the only thing

that I want from them actually opening hours
is actually pretty cool too and to preach

at survey I don’t use that am so but I would
like this automatic messages and I’ll show

you what that is but with the free version
is extremely generous you can have one shot

at a time if you just one person I don’t I
could do more than one chat at a time anyway

you can customize the appearance at the colors
and everything you get the to use the mobile

apps the desktop apps on their chrome extension
and you get your history sideways just go

click through on the link that’s down below
and then click on this button and sign up

for a free account now in WordPress they couldn’t
have made it any easier to add this to your

WordPress site now few have websites other
than WordPress they do have plug-ins and extensions

and all that for just about every platform
of work you do for WordPress because this

is a WordPress channel so you have to do is
log into the backend of your WordPress dashboard

go to plug-ins add new and they have a plug-in
in the WordPress plug-in repository summon

a search for Tidio later the right sweet okay
just search for Tidio and here it is said

to be a live chat it’s all five-star reviews
for them they are that good go ahead and click

on install now and then click on activate
plug-in right there and then you have a new

option right here as you can see that’s a
studio check: click on that and all you have

to do is put in your email and password that
you use to create the account just a moment

ago now think you have something here where
you don’t need to have an account I don’t

know what you would want an account though
some anyways I’m the new pause the video in

him and enter my account okay so now I put
my email and password in I submitted it in

that it takes you to this screen were it allows
you to choose your project so when you set

up the account you create a project put a
URL I only have this one even know I have

it on his several different websites so, click
on that and then I’m a click on select and

then what happens now is when you click on
this button is good to take you to the operator

panel and it should do a new tab so I’m go
back to WordPress’s is loaded up now in WordPress

whenever you click on Tidio chat right here
it’s going to take you straight into the panel

from here on out is not to show you this option
right here so here is the panel and I can

see right now their seven people on my website
I can see exactly where they are and I can

actually click on any of these and initiate
a chat with someone so when I can even see

what country they’re in so let’s see that
that the let’s go ahead and see what this

person right here’s up to you can click on
it and I was a we don’t know the person’s

name yet so it just shows this random character
but if you do get their name you can replace

it with the name and I can go here and say
hi can help you and then hit enter we’ll see

if they respond up and about their IP address
I know what browser I know what country therein

and I’ve gone ahead and chatted them up I
don’t have to sit here and wait for response

I can just close out if they do respond I’ll
get a notification here in my computer and

on my phone and I’ll be of the jump in and
respond to them so your son the managers of

the paid version are right here you click
on automation and you can automate on these

four instances right here so someone goes
to a particular page you can automate say

sending them a message if you get to the OS
or email sending them an email and if someone

visits for the first time someone returns
your website and if you don’t respond so say

someone chat you and you can have it send
them a message after some. Of time if you’re

not able to get back to them such a look at
some of the action so let’s guard your freckled

on this when someone opens a page so let’s
just say this say that the page would you

wanted to be specific page and then so Ted
this is by default saying 10 seconds after

due this action of it you can change this,
click on okay and here’s the different actions

that you can do you can send a chat message
send an email added tag and remove the tag

so these are some of the really cool actions
that you can do automation but that’s for

the paid version now for the appearance you
don’t have to pay to get these appearance

options signatures what this first message
is what the images that shows there there’s

different looks to it I like this modern look
like I was telling you but if you prefer something

else those are available as well and you could
choose what corner it’s on there just all

these wonderful options you can even do this
little sidebar thing I like how I have it

set but some people might want that little
sidebar on the side that says chat with us

and here you can change the color you change
the text in that’s included all in the free

version of its when you click on apps as I
and out this video are right here these are

all the different platforms it integrates
with which is pretty deep if you ask me so

anyways I really want to encourage you to
test this out go ahead and slap live chat

on your website and just see what happens
I know for me I hope I love it and what really

like is only to connect and talk to you so
I want you to know on right over to my website

and you can chat me up I am their fences on
there I am there is not a chat bot now course

at first message you might C is is an automated
message but that doesn’t mean I’m not there

so whenever someone comes to my website for
the first time I have sent a message saying

his teacher first time once you know glad
to have you and I’m here to answer any questions

you might have so anyways lifejackets also
I recommend you put it on your site that’s

it for today’s video I love to hear your thoughts
on it in the comment section down below please

also give me a thumbs up on YouTube that really
helps me out and if you haven’t subscribed

it to the channel go ahead and click on that
subscribe on that also helps me out now I

don’t want you to ever leave empty handed
and that’s why I put together a free video

course just for my subscribers called the
three steps to WordPress success now if you

would like a free access to that course just
go ahead and click right here on the right

thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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