by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

12 Best Beaver Builder Add-ons To Help You Builder Better WordPress Websites Faster


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Beaver Builder is one of the best page builders for WordPress and in this video, I will show you 12 of the best Beaver Builder add-ons to extend BB's power.

If you are a Beaver Builder user, then this is the video for you to see all the option to do more with your WordPress page builder.

Here are the links to everything talked about in the video:
Beaver Themer
Free Video Series
Ultimate Add-ons
Power Pack
Beaver Tunnels

Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder

Header Footer for Beaver Builder

WPD Beaver Popups

Cards for Beaver Builder

Timeline Module for Beaver Builder

CB Custom Beaver Builder Modules

Dashboard Welcome for Beaver Builder

Admin Page Spider

Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

Pods Beaver Themer Add-On

Video Transcript

In this video were to look at 12 add-ons for
Beaver Builder summer good cause little money

most of them are actually going to be free
hi my name is Adam from where

I make WordPress videos for non-techies if
you enjoy the content in this video consider

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right of that this will be 12 products on
the put links to everything in the video description

box down below well let’s get started I don’t
want to make this video to epically long first

were to go ahead and take a look at Beaver
Themer this is the actually it is an add-on

that most people realize it it’s an add-on
from the people that make Beaver Builder and

this is going to extend what you can do with
Beaver Builder and allow you to use it to

create things that you normally can’t create
with page builder that would be a header a

footer custom layouts for blog posts custom
layouts for WooCommerce product pages it’s

can allow you to do really neat things like
have a announcement bar at the top and there’s

just so much that this product does in fact
if you haven’t heard of it I have a attire

video playlist on tutorial videos that I have
been creating for this amazing tool I’m using

it extensively it is quite the game changer
for me and I know it will be quite a game

changer for you as well next summer look at
the big two add-on packages these are the

most comprehensive add-on packages for Beaver
Builder and there’s only two months of first

let’s take a look at beaver ultimate add-ons
afford Beaver Builder this happens to be the

one that I own they just hit their one year
and were actually both just sit there running

our anniversary and had to celebrated their
having a discount 20% off but I think this

only last another day or two so the likelihood
will be that when you visit this website depending

on you what watches video this discount may
not be available anymore this is the add-on

package that I use it adds so much functionality
to Beaver Builder you do some amazing things

some of things that I use on my click on modules
here to reveal it this was actually just added

in a recent update they just keep adding and
adding and adding new updates and new features

to be able to style gravity forms and I know
there probably can extend this to other of

the form plug-ins this is awesome I’m using
that I use the calendar module uses advanced

post module to display my posts and my courses
and some other custom post types that I have

this is a very unique module that is unique
to them and this is the hotspots you can have

an image with different hotspots on it that’s
really cool another thing that I like is there

countdown timer has an evergreen setting so
that’s a very awesome for marketing you can

create pop-ups using this add-on package and
I get asked all the time how I had that scrolling

text on my homepage while it is the fancy
text add-on that you can find in this plug-in

that’s let’s take a look at powerpack and
it’s by the beaver add-on of folks and this

is a very powerful add-on packages well now
there’s can be a lot of overlap between the

two now when they started there wasn’t a ton
of overlap but now that they’re both the-year-old

there is overlap there is say 20% off sale
I don’t know how long that can last for looks

like the month of July they have some really
unique add-ons in this package one the ones

I like the most is this announcement bar so
if I scroll down here this is there a list

of the add-ons that it comes with it’s right
here if this announcement bar and this allows

you to create announcements like the one you
see right now announcing the sale for this

and they have some really interesting and
unique add-ons here but like I said there

is a lot of overlap between the two add-on
packages so next let’s move onto the last

paid at a moment to talk about in this video
and that is beaver tunnels all beaver tunnels

all of what it does you can now do with Beaver
Themer so if you have Beaver Themer year venues

that not use beaver tunnels but this allows
you to create those same announcement bars

it allows you to hook into six certain content
areas of a website and create custom Beaver

Builder created elements and those a perfect
example in a row basic examples when you go

to a blog is go to the end of the blog posts
and there’s a section there that might be

asking you for your email address or promoting
something those little boxes there it’s can

allow you to do that it’s can allow you to
do it intelligently just like Beaver Themer

does work can be based upon certain posts
a blog post that you have a certain pages

and whatnot so now were going to take a look
at a bunch of free add on packages that are

all freely available and all of these will
be able to download from in side of WordPress

itself so let’s first take a look at of course
full with page templates and this is a free

add-on this can allow you to use Beaver Builder
on any will coded WordPress theme this is

going to unlock people with capabilities and
its can also remove the page title so your

page or whatever you’re creating will be perfectly
ready to use Beaver Builder the way it was

intended this’ll work with just about the
most well coded WordPress theme so now you

don’t have to be limited on what theme you
choose to use but there are some great themes

but you don’t have to have that limitation
anymore and this also has a landing page mode

so you can create a new page enable this landing
page mode and what it’s gonna do is it’s going

to remove the header and the footer you have
a blank canvas which is perfect do create

a landing page is fantastic plug-in works
good and actually works with any page builder

next room take a look at Beaver Builder header
and footer this is another thing you can do

with Beaver Themer but it’s okay if you don’t
have Beaver Themer you can use this to create

a custom header and a custom footer using
Beaver Builder now this is a gonna work with

every theme there’s a list down here of the
themes it works with Astro which is becoming

one of my favorite teams and is the theme
I’m using on my website of course the Beaver

Builder theme Genesis themes GeneratePress
and primer primaries that payment made by

Go Daddy so this is a fantastic add-on right
here a lot of folks are using it next her

and look it beaver pop-ups and what this is
this functionalities in those add-on packages

can essentially lie to crape pop-ups and slide
and pop-ups you in your to be able to create

and design those using Beaver Builder this
is a pretty powerful stuff right here and

I’m shocked that this is available for free
but if you don’t have one of the main and

on packages this is one of the ones that you’re
gonna want to be able to create these at these

pop up marketing elements using your page
builder Beaver Builder next let’s take a look

at a Beaver Builder cards this is ideal if
you don’t have the paid version of Beaver

Builder are you want any Aiden easier more
streamlined free module in the paid version

to create cards that look like this and so
I can best see this in you know maybe go to

website you see a team page or testimonials
or something like that this module would be

ideal or creating that next let’s look at
this timeline module for Beaver Builder I

believe this is included in powerpack or something
like this but I could be wrong I like this

went when you go to someone’s website and
they have one of these so if it’s a business

and I click on the about page and said show
me three or four paragraphs of text in a couple

stock images if you have this to kind of visually
show people that while you been in business

a long time and zero some of the milestones
that your business has hit or the growth trajectory

if you’re a software developer and you these
are fantastic to show the maturity of your

software different features that you’ve added
when you added them there so many useful ways

that you can use this a free add-on next is
a suite of add-ons that are geared mostly

towards photographers and is called custom
Beaver Builder modules right here now this

is one where you’re gonna want to go and click
on to their website and see demos of all the

different modules to see if these are some
things that you would want added to your website

but these are mainly kind of geared towards
photographers and data that’s available freely

for you is well now look at some admin related
or more advanced related add-ons so let’s

first take a look at this now this is pretty
stinking awesome if you make websites for

people using Beaver Builder and Juergen to
give that website over to your client so they

want to customize the back in a WordPress
I think that’s a horrific idea I don’t think

is good at all to make WordPress look different
just let it be WordPress there’s nothing wrong

with that that’s actually a plus and you could
break things this is a perfect solution if

you still want to have that customized look
and feel in the back end but you want to do

it in a way that’s not to cause problems for
you so essentially when you log in WordPress

to go to the dashboard you see some default
widgets this is going to let you replace it

with something you’ve designed in Beaver Builder
that is pretty amazing you would see in the

example here is a little bit info on the company
a contact form and a few helpful links I think

this is a great way to maybe upsell some of
your clients or make it easier for them to

submit a ticket to if that’s how your business
operates this is a fantastic plug-in right

here next let’s take a look at admin page
spider this is going to be a big timesaver

if you’re in the backing of your WordPress
website and your jumping around editing page

needing to jump back and forth in the content
this is gonna save you a ton of mouse clicks

so if you’re in a page and you need to go
into a normal page typically you gotta get

out of that page click on pages click on all
pages scroll down find your page click on

edit there’s all of these clicks and this
is going to reduce it there is going to what

is good news is can add an option in your
admin bar in its can allow you to quickly

jump around your content and even get into
the different modes or to edit that content

there’s also a paid version of this that you
can take a look at its insanely inexpensive

and affordable the developer isn’t really
doing that in my opinion to make money this

is a very handy thing very useful and a lot
of people that are using this on every website

and it’s saving them clicks saving them times
now I’ve got two bonus add-ons for you and

I’m actually making videos on this as we speak
in it’s going to be PODS PODS allows you to

extend WordPress to get it to do more stuff
for you so it’s can allow you to do a couple

things versus can allow you to create custom
post types then it’s going allow you to create

custom fields for those custom post types
or maybe your blog posts or your pages it’s

can allow you to create these custom fields
for them number three is going to allow you

to create relationships between between different
pieces of content and number four it’s can

allow you to create a custom settings panel
you can do some really amazing stuff creating

a custom settings panel can allow you to extend
the user features of WordPress’s so you’ve

got your list of users you can add custom
fields to that you knew some really neat stuff

with that as a matter fact I should make a
video on it PODS is amazing I’m using it I

just love this thing but where the real power
of PODS will be unlocked for a Beaver Builder

user is PODS it Beaver Themer add on in this
is going allow you to easily integrate this

custom stuff you’re doing into Beaver Themer
pulling in your fields your relationships

and all of that this is the total way to go
if you’re creating custom post types it’s

the and using Beaver Themer it’s the pods
married with this Beaver Themer add-on I’m

using it I love it I’m just blown away when
I’m able to do now I am making a video tutorial

on this so you’ll be able to watch it and
understand everything that I’m talking about

with this and I am going to do a couple life
streams on it as well to answer some Q and

A’s so these are my 12+2 bonus add-ons for
Beaver Builder what you think about these

add-ons have you use them and what are your
experiences and if I have left anything out

I want to just add that to the comments section
down below like you said in the beginning

of the video all have links everything in
the video description box and if you’re new

to the channel please consider clicking on
the subscribe button thank you for watching

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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