by Adam Preiser updated June 27, 2017

Beaver Themer Tutorial – Details & Free Course Special Bonus Offer


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Video Transcript

Beaver Themer Tutorial – Details & Free Course Special Bonus Offer Announcement

Well today is the big day Beaver Themer is
officially available for purchase which means

it’s no longer in beta anymore and if you
have been following along with any of the

videos in this video series that you know
the power of Beaver Themer hi my name is Adam

from WP can afterword and make WordPress videos
for non-techies like me and if you enjoy or

find value in the cup to do these videos I
like to encourage you to consider clicking

on the subscribe button and if you want to
receive notifications of new videos there’s

a little bell off to the side so yes you could
purchase it Beaver Themer now and I do have

a link in the description down below I will
also have it in the pin comment for any of

the videos in this video series now I want
to give you a little bit of updates here number

one this is not the end of this video series
I consider it just the beginning I’ve been

organizing them all in a tidy YouTube playlist
that you can click on to and whenever I add

new videos about Beaver Themer I am going
to put them in that playlist and like I said

this is the beginning now there is going to
be a sale on Beaver Themer for the next two

weeks I believe it’s 25% off and so I am going
to continue making these videos of for you

about the Beaver Themer for the next two weeks
and over that period of time I’ll be able

to get you more thorough tutorials about using
pods to create custom post types working to

create specific types of headers and I want
to show you some of the tricks and and and

trendy things we can do with headers as well
as how to use the theme parks feature to grow

your list that when you click on the link
it to Beaver Builder it’s going to be a link

through my website and I have something special
meant to give you if you do that is just gonna

take you to Beaver Builder’s website where
you can go ahead and place that purchase remember

it’s only on cell for the next two weeks and
I believe it’s 25% off the retail cost of

Beaver Themer is gonna be $147 I don’t know
why they picked the 47 will I do know but

I was saying it should be 149 but anyways
that’s neither here nor there now check this

out when you go to my website and click on
that link in the description or the pin comments

it’s going to take you to this page right
here I’m going to tell you about this special

offer it’s not going to cost you a penny are
right I have put together an extensive course

it’s become very extensive called Beaver Builder
essentials and I’m in a give it to you for

free if you purchase beaver theme or through
my website and it’s a promotion I’ve had for

a while for beaver builder if you purchase
it through my website now the only caveat

no below video here explaining it I need you
to right click on the link to go to Beaver

Builder’s website and open it up in an incognito
tab on this page will have all the instructions

on the how and the why I’m asking you to do
that now that way they’ll see the order as

having come through my website I’ll get a
nice email notification from them and then

he could for the receipt off to me let me
show you that course now is called Beaver

Builder essentials although one thing about
changing the name because it’s a lot more

than essential information in fact is my entire
website building system all wrapped up in

this course and were using Beaver Builder
as a tool for that now let me scroll down

there’s a bunch of modules you can see if
you wanted to purchase it it’s hundred and

$49 so I actually shouldn’t even be doing
an offer like this but I I am good to do because

my ultimate goal is to help people to master
the tools that they purchase so when you get

Beaver Builder any kind of page builder you’re
now stuck with this blank canvas and it I

really want to give the guidance to know what
to do from that point and that’s why I give

this to you so the first module I’m actually
in a convert this to be free eventually let

me scroll down to just the specific Beaver
Themer modules you can know what is coming

now on May 15 I’m going to have the following
lessons already to go and some the stuff you

can know but I’m in a go into a lot more depth
a video on Beaver Themer what it’s gonna be

able to do for you a video on creating custom
headers theme parks custom fields custom layouts

custom post types now here’s the money lessons
on May 20 and I’m going to have my video on

the list building strategies using Beaver
Themer and also on May 20 I’m going to reveal

my SCO strategy if you’re using Beaver Themer
I have a killer strategy that you’ll be able

to use if you are in uses on your own website
or especially if you have a client that would

be an ideal upsell to get them in on this
SCO package Naaman to show you how to implement

it very easy and I’m get it explained you
all the technical reason reasons why a works

animosity to give you some examples of why
works and we give you step by step instructions

on how to implement this and I tell you it’s
going to be an easy one to $3000 upsell for

you if you have a web design clients and they
want to generate more business from their

website it’s really more of a local strategy
as well so if it’s a local business is really

going to be ideal for those situations so
like I said all you have to do is head on

over to my website I’m also you have a link
down below in the footer it’s already there

it’s his Beaver Themer promotion bonus and
you can click on this and it’s good to give

you all the information about this crazy offer
now I am going to offer this for a period

of time I’m sure at some point I’m going to
pull it but right now you should just take

advantage if you were going to purchase Beaver
Themer anyways it’s kind of a no-brainer to

just go ahead and purchase it through the
website here get access to the course now

there’s another update to this course okay
right now we have Beaver Builder version 1

in about a months time at Beaver Builder version
2 is coming out in its gonna bring a whole

new interface and a lot of things are to be
different so I will actually be kind of making

version 2 of the course I’m in a go through
and redo every video that I’m using Beaver

Builder and make it current for version 2
because that is can be the new interface and

there’s been some screenshots that have come
out it looks pretty darn cool very impressive

and I would be reimagining the entire course
in redoing the modules specific to Beaver

Builder about all of this information right
here suck anyways that is the course that

is the offer that is the details about Beaver
Themer like I said just a reminder it’s on

sale for two weeks and it’s 25% off a killer
deal and I’m going to continue to make videos

so if there is something specific that you
haven’t seen that you want to make sure that

I cover leave a comment down below because
I will make content and I don’t care if you’re

watching this video tomorrow or in three months
if you’re watching it in three months this

video series is going to keep going you can
let me know what you want to see because I

will make it and also to be pitting Beaver
Themer against other solutions as they come

up so so far thank you for watching this video
series I’d like to ask if you would mind maybe

sharing it and a lot of people have been doing
that on Facebook I check in the groups and

a lot of people are sharing this I really
appreciate it and I really need that type

of support and I’m just so excited to start
using the final version

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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