by Adam Preiser updated June 27, 2017

Beaver Themer Tutorial – Custom Post Types For WordPress


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Video Transcript

Beaver Themer Tutorial – Custom Post Types For WordPress

This is the fourth video in this video series
all about Beaver Themer and how you can use

it to build a better websites and build smarter
websites without touching a line of code hi

my name is Adam from where I
make WordPress videos for non-techies and

I put these videos out almost daily so if
you like the content in the video I hope you’d

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if you want notifications when I add new videos
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on the notifications and you two will notify
you so this video’s going to be about custom

post types and this is a concept that whether
you know it or not you’re actually dealing

with custom post types if you use WordPress
for any amount of time now this is the fourth

video in this video series the first when
I talked about creating custom layouts the

second video I talked about creating custom
headers and footers and also something called

a concept called theme parts in the fourth
video I talked about creating custom fields

and also showed you a demonstration of me
using the plug-in advance custom fields and

were all leading up to write here about custom
post types so what a custom post type is is

any content that doesn’t necessarily fit inside
of a blog post and this is lots of different

types of content if you’re an e-commerce person
and you’re using WooCommerce and you have

a product page that’s a custom post type it
doesn’t fit in a blog post if you have a website

that has a may be like a portfolio option
there and you can add portfolio options that

is a custom post type or a team or staff directory
another custom post types now there’s a reason

why probably you might not of ever created
a custom post type before because number one

the post type while it’s easy to create it’s
very hard to style this custom post type now

this is the pre-Beaver Themer days it was
so all custom code so yes you could: create

this custom post type but then if you actually
wanted to look good on the front and good

luck I mean unless your guy that’s gonna sit
there and pound out the code and style that

up with hardcoded and all that kind of stuff
it’s it’s just not something you probably

even consider doing but now that you have
the option of Beaver Themer in your web development

toolkit now creating a custom post type might
be a great solution to some of the different

projects that you’re taking on or maybe some
of the things that you want to do or add to

your website and so like I said earlier you’re
using WooCommerce you’re using custom post

types of your using learn ’96 which is a
learning management system and has courses

and it gets linked up with lessons and there’s
quizzes those are all custom post types if

you’re using any of the events of plug-ins
where you going to create a new event and

you put the dates and times and all that kind
of stuff newsflash that is also a custom post

type in the good news is you can make your
own custom post types and its really not rocket

science there are tools to allow you to do
this is a whole bunch of tools but I think

what’s good to be the best tool is called
pods and right now pods does not have the

integration complete with Beaver Themer it’s
going to be coming out in just a matter of

days so in this video I’m not going to really
get deep into creating a custom post type

with pods while I mean I’ll install it will
take a quick look at it but I’m in a tell

you, to be completely transparent with you
I never created a custom post type why because

if you look at number two in this little presentation
easy to create it’s hard to style and I’m

not sitting there popping out a design I’m
not doing that I rather use a front-end page

builder that makes it easy and the only front
end page builder that will make it easy will

make the possibility of creating a beautiful
custom post types is Beaver Themer and it’s

going to be using the Beaver Builder plug-in
that you already know how to use so there

is my confession here is positive website
right here it’s a free plug-in and it’s been

around a long time now there are some things
I don’t like about it number one I don’t like

that they don’t have their own independent
business model where they’re actually selling

it it’s completely free I mean is that crazy
when is there given it away for free and you

see that as a negative anyways but if you
scroll all the way down on their website you

can see there being sponsored and supported
by automatic opt in monster gravity forms

I don’t know how much money or how often they
give them money but it is being supported

which is good to know and actually one of
the people involved in the product you’re

going to see in our Beaver Builder group you
might have seen one of his helpful responses

to a question in the Beaver Builder group
or other Facebook groups and it’s this guy

right here Bernard and I’ve never spoken to
him but we were communicating over Facebook

messenger yesterday because I’m like a I want
to do something for pods I want to make a

video on pods and how this is gonna link into
Beaver Themer and he is the one that told

me that it is coming and to sit tight this
is going to be the best solution for in the

easiest to use solution for creating custom
post types and custom fields by the way in

the last video why should you advance custom
fields were a lot of that you can actually

do with pods so I could have created that
custom field and placed it in my blog post

with pods so I think I touched on this in
a prior video where if your website does not

need custom post types in that scenario you
want to go with advanced custom fields if

your website is going to have custom post
types you would just go with pods and you

can also use pods to create those custom fields
for WooCommerce products or for blog posts

whatever you want so anyways I’m in my WordPress
site here go to plug-ins add new and I’m not

I’m never done this before so were going to
just do it here together and is a good example

of you don’t have to be afraid of breaking
something so let me search for our iPods just

like that and here it is pods custom content
types and fields of an installed that’s and

looks like they have a bunch of add-ons here
which is good to extend its functionality

all right it’s installed let’s go ahead and
activated I think it’s just going to add an

option down here and there is pods admin soma
go ahead and click on that and this is pretty

much what I would expect right here I can
click create new to create a new custom post

type and then right here is extend existing
and this is where I would create those different

custom fields so this is some real part obviously
you could do more than just that so I’m actually

knocking to go deeper into creating a custom
post type wide because the integration isn’t

fully done yet so in about a weeks time when
the integration is ready and I’ve had a moment

to play around with it I am going to go ahead
and create a custom post types show you how

to do it it’s actually not that hard to just
take a few minutes and we already know Yorty

know how to use Beaver Themer Cuban watching
these videos in the series that’s not to be

hard either your and it really have the power
to make a completely custom solution for yourself

or for your web development clients things
that you wouldn’t have been able to do before

unless you’re willing to dig in deep with
custom code you’re going to be able to do

all of that now I will say there’s other plug-ins
that will facilitate you creating a custom

post type and what I think I like about pods
though is that you could do that but you can

also use it to extend existing post types
that you have on your website so you don’t

need to have another plug in and then also
have advanced custom fields but there’s lots

of different ways to skin a cat with WordPress
so what I’d like to do is ask you to down

below in the comment section give me some
ideas of great ways to use it custom post

types some maybe great use case scenarios
for for custom post types so that we can kind

of expand our way of looking at this of what
we can actually do with it also if you’ve

ever used pods go ahead and leave a your comments
down below what you liked or did not like

about pods now what I’ll do in the description
the video description is once I have that

pods video up I will put a link there so that
you don’t have to go and search for it but

it’s really easy to go to my channel and do
a search and I’ll make sure the word pods

is in the video title thanks for watching
and I can’t wait for the next video we are

going to do a Q&A with Robbie so make sure
you’re asking your questions once again all

have links everything down below thank you
for watching

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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