by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

Beaver Builder Lite vs. Pro Features Comparison


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Video Transcript

Beaver Builder Lite vs. Pro Features Comparison

Welcome back for another video I’m Adam from and this is a video that I’ve

been wanting to make for a while and in this
video I’m good to go through the differences

of the Beaver Builder lite version that you
can get for free over at the WordPress plug-in

repository I’m going to compare that version
with the version that he would pay for whether

it be the standard or pro the same thing
so i’m going to compare these two now if you already

own the paid version of Beaver Builder don’t
think that this video is not for you because

what I have found is a lot of people that
own the Beaver Builder paid plug-in they don’t

no most of the stuff that it does and they’re
missing out in all these powerful features

that they packed into the plug-in so right
now to go through just a list of the different

differences and then I’m going to go over
to the computer and I’m going to show you

them in a demonstration so this video will
be maybe a little longer than most but I guarantee

it will be worth your time now before it started
I wanted to make you aware of a resource that

I have put together in it’s a growing resource
there’s a link right below this video and

even in this video you can see the URL right
there it’s WP Builder read

sources you just click on it on the video
or your final link below and this is a page

on my website where I’m good to be compiling
all the different resources for the light

version of the paid version doesn’t matter
everybody’s included so let’s just go ahead

and get started.this will presentation the
first difference with the paid version is

obvious one you’re going to get priority support
if you have a problem there there to give

you priority in supporting you to resolve
your problem and of course your giving money

to support these great developers and the
great work that they’re doing us less than

obvious one now the next difference is there’s
going to be additional settings for Rose and

stuff like that I’m to compare the two and
show you the difference is just you know but

there’s can be these additional row settings
the next item is there’s going to be some

advanced modules available in the paid version
of Beaver Builder and I’m initially with those

advanced the modules are the free one comes
with many basic modules that will take care

of most of what you need there’s also these
advanced modules that you might find useful

to you next is a huge huge huge one and that
templates be paid version comes with entire

page templates pre-done for you and there’s
a bunch of them I made a video some time ago

going over actually all of the templates I
am at that time they just recently released

some new ones so it comes with a ton of templates
but see that’s not all what I found is a lot

of people that own the paid version of Beaver
Builder don’t realize that they can make their

own templates you can make templates and you
can reuse them on your site which brings me

to the next big huge feats are is you can
take these templates and you can import them

and you can export them see you can move them
from site to site this is really good if you

have more than one website a new build a lot
of stuff on one site that you might want to

use on the other one was a real easy way with
the paid version to import and export those

templates and modules that you might have
created another of difference is a short codes

and what that is a really have to demonstrate
that one so essentially you can create something

in Beaver Builder but with the way that WordPress
works is you can’t really get that into a

sidebar or a footer or maybe a header area
because those aren’t pages those are just

different content areas on your site well
with the short codes feature you can build

whatever you want in Beaver Builder and save
it as a template and then with a little snippet

of code you can place it in the sidebar you
can place it in the footer or in the header

or places where you can use Beaver Builder
like maybe a WooCommerce template page or

something like that it might sound a little
more complicated than it is when I show you

you’re going to just think wow this is a pretty
amazing feature now is actually one thing

I forgot to add to this list is you can weld
part of templates but you can save rows so

say you create a row on one page and you want
to use it on other pages on your site that’s

actually part of templates but with the one
thing I left out is something called Global

rose so say you want to create sort of like
a call to action that you want on the very

bottom of all of your Beaver Builder page
if you’re using the light version have to

re-create that on every single page now that’s
not so complicated it just adds extra work

but when you make it a global row you can
just make it once and then you could place

it on all your pages and then if you want
to change that information in that global

row you only have to do once instead of on
every page and that’s another one were going

to just have to show you in this video for
you to see and understand the power of it

now I just want to say one last thing before
I jump over to the computer and that is that

a lot of these features don’t get don’t think
that there just for developers because I got

a newsflash for you if you are building your
website for your self you are now a web developer

so these are features that are going to make
your life easier and ultimately that’s what

it boils down to the value of your time because
you can do most of the things in in the free

version or the paid version you can do most
of the things in the free version except it

will take you a lot more time to do it and
that’s what a lot of these features are to

enable you to do is to get back your time
into speed things up and so that is really

what it boils down to the two differences
so let’s go ahead and jump into it I’m going

to show you each one of these were to look
at the settings were to look at the module

differences real look at how to implement
the templates and there were to look at him

were looking all these things so I was just
go ahead and hop into the computer right now

right so I have to WordPress installations
they’re running the same theme the only difference

is one is using the paid version of Beaver
Builder and the other one is using the light

version of Beaver Builder and for the theme
I’m using generate press a free theme you

can get and it works perfectly with both or
any version of the Beaver Builder plug-in

it’s a really amazing theme especially that
it’s free so the way you tell the difference

between F I’m in the paid version of the free
version the paper once can say Beaver Builder

standard right here and be free once going
to say Beaver Builder light right there so

let’s work through that list I just showed
you in the first thing is the difference where

there is an additional settings that you find
in the paid version going to pull up the settings

right now for both plug-ins now to pull up
these different additional row settings all

you have to do is create a new page and then
enable the page builder and then let’s go

ahead and drag a row so many drag this one:
row right here and then on the row settings

were to have this little ranch and there were
go ahead and click on that Artie did this

for the paid version right here she can see
I’m just flipping between the two so first

let’s look at the settings in the paid version
and one of the main differences in these settings

is when you scroll down to the row style you
can have a background whatever on a rope and

let’s look at the different options you have
with the paid version you have a solid color

photo a video or you have a slideshow and
parallax now slideshow is really really nice

it’ll just change the image to rotate through
various images that you add and it will have

a different transition style a different speed
I’ve implemented this and it’s amazing so

were knocking to see the slideshow in the
parallax on the light versions of form and

scroll down we don’t have the parallax or
the slideshow so that’s good to be one of

the big differences now parallax is when you’re
scrolling down the page and if you have an

image it kind of scrolls at a different pace
or it might be fixed it doesn’t move it on

you scroll across and that is a very modern
technique it has a nice touch to your website

to just make it feel more premium so that
right there is the different row settings

that I feel are important next let’s look
at the additional modules that come with the

paid version and compare the to to show the
module list all you have to do is click on

this add content button in his goodness show
all your modules so I’m going to mainly focus

on the advanced modules but there are some
differences in the basic module so let’s go

ahead and compare the two now we look at the
free version it’s got to come with these five

modules here that you can use anywhere in
the page building experience but when we go

over to the paid version organization there
are some additional basic modules and we haven’t

even looked at advanced modules yet and some
of them are button this is can allow you to

create in style buttons in your Beaver Builder
layouts and that’s very helpful because without

this you’re having to use some HTML and CSS
and all this kind of techie stuff in order

to just get a simple button on to your site
another difference is this headings module

and that’s can allow you to have different
headings that you can put a unique font into

add a little bit more flair to your website
there’s also this separator and that allows

you to add some kind of a visual separator
between your content usually might be a line

or something like that to show your real quick
it’s pretty simple drag-and-drop that you

can see already added the line and I can change
the color the thickness the width I can change

anything that I wanted to just kind of allows
you to lay out your content a little better

slimming cancel that pull up my content modules
against some of the collapse the basic module

and I’m good at expanded the advanced modules
and this is where you see the biggest difference

so I go over to the free Beaver Builder right
here I’m in a do the same thing to collapse

this and show the advanced modules in this
only comes with one advanced module it’s this

sidebar module but if I’m in the paid one
you have an accordion and these are all different

design elements to really make your website
stand out and I I could compare them all but

is this video get too long if I start showing
you every single one of these modules and

what they do so you have an accordion that’s
where you can have separating content that

you collapse at and to an accordion call to
action role that’s actually very nice it’s

pre-style with the button and all that kind
of good stuff a call out a contact form this

is goods you don’t even really need a contact
form plug-in because it’s all built here and

to Beaver Builder content slider account down
that’s a really nice a countdown timer gallery

icons maps menus number counter that’s where
when you when it’s revealed you’ll see a number

counting up or down or whatever posts post
carousel post slider pricing table is very

nice I love their pricing table it’s really
nice way to show your different pricing and

maybe three or four different table side-by-side
list out the benefits have your order button

sidebar which I think we already saw on the
free version slideshows social buttons a subscribe

form now this is cool so pretty powerful subscription
form you’ll integrate with all your free and

paid email services like mail chimp and a
Weber in all that they have direct integration

with all of it view this subscription form
tabs is really cool it’s us similar to accordion

how you can have lots of different content
kind of stacked together it has a testimonials

a module as well that will give you preformatted
testimonials itches you can just see the difference

right here in the modules and I have even
talked about templates and saving in short

codes and all that so you can see this is
this is probably the obvious difference the

most obvious difference you can see the convenience
of having all these powerful module so that

you don’t have to buy additional plug-ins
and install them on your site in order to

get these types of features in there instead
you could do it all with the paid version

of Beaver Builder and I love it I use all
of these different modules that they have

available now for the other items that were
to go over in this video in that his templates

importing and exporting them the short codes
as well is the global rose I really can’t

compare to the light version because a light
version doesn’t include those features and

also the remainder of this video I’m just
can stay in the paid plug-in to go ahead and

show you all of those powerful features so
first I’m going to show you the included templates

that come pre-done with the paid version and
so all you have to do is go ahead and click

on this templates button right here in his
can of pop up all the templates here and there’s

different categories as landing pages content
pages as well as templates you can create

yourself and it can be easier all you have
to do is go ahead and click on any of these

in it’s going to pull that into the website
so let’s find something that might fit him

out this one right here actually not want
to do this one all you have to do is click

on it and then click on replace existing content
and this will replace anything you’ve done

on this page and put in this template and
I would go ahead and click on okay and then

it’s already done and all you have to do is
change out your text and images and you already

have a designed a webpage for yourself here’s
the pricing tables and these templates leverage

all the features all the advanced modules
that come with Beaver Builder like your pricing

tables your counters or slideshow modules
your progress bars I need to talk about that

this could go ahead and show you utilize and
leverage all these great modules tape so that’s

how you would add one of the templates now
let me show you how to enable creating your

own templates in Beaver Builder paid version
so go here to the backend of WordPress now

Beaver Builder has its own settings panel
and you find it under settings and page builder

and on the paid version your in have this all
license so you can’t really licensed everyone

obviously and you’re going to have the templates
and icons the icons are severe simple that’s

how polls and the different icons that it
allows you to use but go ahead and click on

templates and this is right here where you
can click this box you this is enable template

admin I’m going to check that know when I
click on save template settings we have this

new menu option right here on the left this
is templates and this is where your saved

rows your saved modules in your saved templates
that you’re in a reuse on your website this

is where they’re all saved now this is the
massive massive timesaver that Beaver Builder

the paid versions going to offer you it is
going to speed things up and time is money

and if you’re anything like me the small cost
of the paid version of Beaver Builder is well

worth it if it can save you hours upon hours
of your own time so okay so when you click

on templates there we can just go ahead and
create a new template but let me show you

a different way of getting templates in their
so here we are back here so say I wanted to

I made some customizations to this and I wanted
to save this page template for whatever reason

may be a want to move it to a different site
maybe you want to use it on a different page

on my website in then just tweak a few things
it’s so simple to create your own paid the

full page template you go to tools and then
you click on this button here that’s a safe

template and then you give it a name sums
can call it Adams template, click on safe

and then assist template save them to click
okay now when I go back here and I click on

all templates again there is my template and
I can now export this if I wanted to or I

can add this to a new page on my site so that’s
one way to use templates let’s take a look

at another way so say I really like did this
right here is a whole row you’ve got this

title these three different columns with information
and a button say I wanted to just to save

this row so I can use it on other spots on
this site so I can use it over and over again

on other pages on the site is maybe I like
the layout but on a different page I want

to use the same layout but just change the
text a bit this is how you do it you go ahead

and click on the different ranch for the row
like that and it’s good to pull this up and

I can click save as siliceous call this features
case as my features row now remember I said

you can have a global role with this is how
we would create a global role but I’m not

gonna do it right now were to come back to
that setting solely that is no enemy click

on save so now check this out I can go back
here and I’ll click on all templates and now

I’ve got that new road template you can see
your different types of templates right here

it’s a row and then there’s a layout now let
me just go ahead and create one more template

to create a module template so for instance
this is an entire row what I’ve highlighting

it here but this right here is just a module
to say this is a headline the way I wanted

to look on all of my pages I might want to
save this module as I like the way I formatted

it but I don’t want to do it over and over
and over for every single page I just want

to be able to just drag-and-drop and change
my text so this is how you would create a

module template same thing hover over click
on the ranch and then there we have it is

save as and then let’s just call this my header
I like that and I’m going click on save so

now when I go back to templates I click on
all templates now I’ve got a module template

a row template and a entire layout and there’s
one last thing that I wanted you I want to

create a global Row so let’s see which one
on this page might be good maybe this is it

right here this a bottom row maybe have that
at the bottom of every page but then if your

hours change without this global setting of
your hours change you have to change it on

every single page but with the global row
you don’t have to do that so, go ahead and

click on the ranch and I’m going to click
on save as and I’m going to call this my hours

or whatever and decided to make a global zone
to set it to yes and then click on save maybe

company information would’ve been good or
whatever you want to do so now when I go here

and I click on all templates now we’ve got
a another one right here so now I’m all set

up to show you how to reuse these saved layouts
modules rows and global rows in other pages

of this site okay so all we have to do is
going create a new page so call this new that’s

fine I’m filling very creative today and for
the same only I need to click on content no

sidebar and then click on this check box full
with content that you just and content title

disable title this is just this theme in order
to get the full integration of Beaver Builder

working perfectly some going click on publish
and I’ve got this new page and click on page

builder and it’s good to just take me into
the Beaver Builder page builder right now

and him and to show you how to use these different
elements that we’ve created so now if you

notice what’s different we now have that template
I created it’s right here so right there you

could use the the pre-provided landing pages
content pages or now you have a section for

your own templates so I can go ahead and click
on that and it’s gonna take the entire page

template and it’s good to put it right in
there so that was one of the things so that’s

how you’re going to use your saved layouts
so now I’m just gonna go ahead and clear out

this template by clicking on templates and
then applying the blank template and this

will remove the template and we can move forward
so now if you didn’t notice earlier you have

the section that says saved Rosen save the
modules LME expanded the saved rows so we

created a row called features and to reuse
that row you just have to drag and drop it

in and now you’re able to use that same way
that you perfected the formatting anywhere

on your site so that is that Roe let me remove
that and then let’s go ahead and take out

a look at the hours remember I created a global
role in you can see it right here says global

Sophia drag-and-drop it you notice how the
colors different is this a bright orange that’s

to let you know that whatever you edit is
going to edit it everywhere you use this saved

the global role is and that such a timesaver
so it’s a little different when you edit something

in a global role like this you notice it doesn’t
look the same as got this bit of an orange

there so watch what happens when I click on
it it’s can open up in a new tab and that’s

where I’m at and added it and then when I
save any changes it’s going to go ahead and

be pushed out everywhere you’re using this
global role this is a huge huge timesaver

so go ahead and maybe change this hour on
Monday from 430 to maybe say 730 so clicking

on it and right now I can edit anything that
is in this role Summit click right here and

I’m to change this to a seven I’m going to
click on save and then I’m a click on Don

published changes so now takes me back and
did you see a change in happened so fast it

changed it now anywhere you would use this
global row it would’ve changed tell me that’s

not a huge huge timesaver to be able to just
edit it once and have it show everywhere updated

so this is the global row someone to remove
this and when you remove one of these elements

doesn’t remove it permanently just takes it
off of that particular page because these

are saved in this template library that your
building so now let me look at the last one

which is a save the module right here and
you can just drag that over it’s going to

toss it into a new row for you or if you had
an existing row you can do that as well so

for instance if I had to go to row layouts
and put a two column layout I can go now to

that saved module and I can just drop that
right inside of one of those columns that

I just created and you can see that right
there someone to go ahead and click on cancel

so now we’ve looked at templates we’ve looked
at the included templates how to create your

own layout module Road and global row templates
now to show you how to get them out of your

website to export them so to go ahead and
get out of here and then I’m going to go back

into word press and there were to go to plug-ins
and then add new now I’ll provide a link to

this now below I’m not positive if it still
required but Beaver Builder put out a special

modification of an existing plug-in that allows
you to export your templates and Rosen modules

and have it be up to import properly and so
I would go ahead and install that plug-in

I’ll put a link to download on a positive
if it still needed but I’m to use it for this

video anyways some of the go-ahead to upload
plug-ins and then I’m just gonna drag and

drop it it’s a modified version of the WordPress
importer click on install now and then I’m

going to go ahead and activate to see how
this new plug and that’s his WordPress importer

so now I’m in a go to tools and I’m been a
click on export and this is where I choose

what I want to export someone export some
templates and I can do all the templates in

this powerful you can you can have this library
of templates that you develop that you can

use over and over and over on different websites
so you can do that or you can click on selected

templates and you can just choose the templates
that you want to exports will go ahead and

click on all templates and then I’m going
to click on this download export file now

in my downloads folder on my computer there’s
a new file that says the name of the site

in its an XML file and all we have to do is
go ahead now and import that file so what

to do first, go to my templates and I’m gonna
delete these just you can see that they imported

summon a select them all and him and move
them to the trash in the gnomon emptied my

trashcan like that so now you can see I have
no templates Sonoma to go to to backing the

tools in choose import in a minute click on
word press and then I’m going to drag-and-drop

my file right here this was the export file
an enemy click on upload a file and then you

just have to choose an author just use this
right here in existing user and we want to

download and import file attachments and that’s
edited that quick so now if this works click

on templates and see them all there and there
they are so that’s how you can move these

templates around so now the last item I wanted
to cover in this video is short codes and

I love this feature in I’m currently using
it on multiple websites even my main website

I’m using these short codes and allows you
to take the saved rows and save modules and

pretty much placed them anywhere on your website
that you can use a short code now there is

one caveat some themes are different and maybe
a short code won’t work in a footer or in

a widget or something area like that in it
might be a little theme depended most content

pages organ it take short codes no problem
now let us take a look at the special page

that is right here on the Beaver Builder support
site up and went to the sound alone you can

also find a link to this on the page on my
website dedicated to Beaver Builder the Beaver

Builder resources page is about short codes
so essentially you can read this but all you

need to know is this is the format of the
short code in it shows you four different

options I would not use the first one because
you could run into some problems I would just

use the second one now show you how to use
this so what needs to happen is we need to

copy and paste this wherever he wants in that
we need to change it this thing right here

this is slug now the slug is unique for each
of your saved templates and on the show you

how to find that flood and I need to do is
change it right here and then paste your short

code anywhere you want so I go ahead and put
this in my clipboard for now and I’ll be pasting

and changing out that slug so I’m back on
the templates and let’s make a short code

for that hours Road templates summary click
on it right there for us non-technical people

we don’t really know what the heck a slug
is anyway but I’ll tell you enough to your

full proof way of finding out what your slug
is this is pretty much your slug right here

words is/hours/Artie know that’s the slug
but there’s an easier way to get it okay click

on screen options in check this box here this
is slug and then let’s collapse the screen

options so this is going to show you it is
exactly what your slug is this is exactly

what we need the place in that short code
in this is going to be different for each

template that you have so go ahead now and
go to posts as I know my slug is just one

word hours it’s only go to posts to create
a new post and on the cultish shorts codes

to go here in for some it click on the text
and I’m going to paste and what I had for

that short code in case I needed to change
slug from my post slowed two hours like that

and then go in head and click on the publish
so just created a new post and I’m taking

this template and I’m using the short code
to place it wherever I wanted on my website

so now I’m a go ahead and view the post here
is the post and you can see there is my saved

row and this happens also be that global row
Wi-Fi changed in one place it’s going to change

it every place including this place right
here so that is how you use the short code

you can use them in widgets I am currently
using this extensively on my website because

there’s certain elements to my site where
I can use Beaver Builder so it’s easier to

use templates now if you’re using this I’m
using obviously that global template but if

I was using one that is just for here you
can go into your templates area and you can

actually edit any of these templates from
right here so if I wanted to say edit just

the template for the header I could go there
click on launch page builder in his can open

up in I’ll be up to just edit this template
right here by clicking on right there this

was that module template that we had him so
anyways I know this is been a very long video

but I hope that you found some value in it
and that you learned something new in this

video please head on over to that special
page and are gobbling down below its Beaver

Builder resources on my websites and that’s
where you’re in a find everything that there

is on Beaver Builder that I have come across
on compiling it putting it all together in

one place just for you if you don’t own Beaver
Builder I have only double of that as well

and I appreciate it if you were to purchase
it maybe go through my link because they give

me a little small referral fee but I want
you to know I don’t talk about Beaver Builder

because of that I talk about only the things
that I love and that I currently use an Beaver

Builder is certainly one of the what can you
do something for me if you’re watching this

on you too can you give me a thumbs up and
I want to invite you to subscribe to this

YouTube channel there’s a button right beneath
me and I really appreciate if you did that

and I got something for you I don’t want you
to leave empty-handed if you just click off

here to the side it’s a free video course
that I put together just for you call the

three steps to WordPress success you will
love this course registration is free right

now all you have to do is click on the link
right next to me thanks for spending this

time with me and I can’t wait to make another
video for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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