by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

AppSumo Review – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of AppSumo Deals


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In this video, I take a look at AppSumo and talk through whether or not they offer good or bad deals.

I also go over how to evaluate an AppSumo deal to see if it is right for you.

Video Transcript

This video is to be all about AppSumo and
if you should purchase any of these red hot

deals that the offer hi my name is Adam from were I make WordPress videos

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so this video is going to be all about AppSumo

and I don’t know if you’ve heard of AppSumo
before you probably have or maybe if you’re

on Facebook you seen someone post a link to
an AppSumo deal now what AppSumo is it’s kinda

like a group on but for red-hot software as
a service type of deals and they target different

types of services so I wanted to give him
to spend the time this video to give you some

advice and warnings and also share some of
the good things about AppSumo so right here

is a typical AppSumo deal and when you come
here you can see the price and you could see

what that price would normally be and some
of them actually I don’t know if it’s fake

scarcity or real scarcity there are some limits
to some of them and I think it might be partially

think scarcity but that’s okay there’s nothing
wrong with that we can all spot that now AppSumo

essentially the way it works is so you’re
starting a new software as a service company

and what you need in the beginning you probably
need exposure you probably need customers

to test it give you ideas on how to make it
better but the problem is how are you going

to get this large volume of customers that
are going to come in and use this product

that you can also make a little bit of money
on ding ding AppSumo so you work a deal with

Noah came know what Kagan of AppSumo and essentially
is the way probably works is Mike just like

group on group on I know when you do a business
does a group on group on takes sometimes 50

or 60% of the money and the remainder actually
goes to the company and I’m pretty sure the

same thing happens here because they factor
in affiliate commissions referral commissions

and stuff like that into this so maybe $10
of this actually goes to the company I could

be wrong but my guess is 10 to 15 bucks of
the 40 bucks actually makes it to the company

now here’s what the lure is to AppSumo is
these are limited deals and they are actually

very enticing but not all of them are good
there some few gems in there but some of them

are actually kind of junky so anyways right
now the reason I want to make this videos

they are on like a red hat red hot terror
on coming up with some amazing deals I want

to talk about these amazing deals and actually
want to talk about the deals that were absolute

disasters that I purchased myself and maybe
going in a little bit of insights on how to

spot a problem deal that’s can end up being
just a huge waste of money now I think the

biggest problem that anyone that comes AppSumo
faces is they say this looks really cool this

is a really good deal do I have a use for
this do I think I’m going to have a use for

this and so you go through that thought process
and a lot of times you might purchase a deal

that you don’t have a use for but you anticipate
that you might so it might be worth taking

a risk in spending this small amount of money
to purchase this offer because they’re usually

lifetime deals that you can’t touch so let’s
talk about these amazing ones they have right

now first this is amazing right here it’s
called better proposals now these are limited

so if you’re watching this in two weeks these
are these deals are long gone but they come

and they go so what this is is a pretty phenomenal
platform for sending proposals to clients

there’s proposal templates they can view it
online you can get confirmation that they

viewed it they can do a digital signature
inside of the proposal it’s actually pretty

darn amazing if I was developing websites
for people or if I was doing anything where

it required me to give proposals to someone
this would be the deal for me I know a lot

of web developers are snatching this thing
up right now because the agreements the proposals

there very very nice ring to come across as
so professional I think you can even white

label the domain so and some is actually clicking
through on the proposal when your clients

to look at it it’s actually looks like it’s
on your domain name so it’s really gonna make

you look like a rockstar one of the things
I really like about it is the fact that it

has the signature thing were some can sign
it digitally that super powerful so here’s

this crazy deal so normally it’s 19 a month
or $49 a month but then you see you squeeze

in the AppSumo lifetime deal was only 40 bucks
you can send up to 30 but are they all have

some limitations you can send up to 30 proposals
only one user can be in there but you can

have a custom domain name you can hide their
branding there’s reporting live chat integration

right here you got CRM integration which is
amazing I’m in a show you the CRM that integrates

with in a moment and said notifications device
tracking and use your own branding wow and

then here is the give you an idea of some
upcoming features that they are planning on

their road map and looks up pretty sexy once
pretty pretty sexy so anyway so this is better

proposals unless nice is when you go to the
deal you could see what other people are rating

get some scrolling down here it is you’ve
got 36 reviews I guess and they Collinson

set of review stars it’s tacos’s is a 4 1/2
taco and here is the list of what you get

in this deal actually what there’s 406 comments
that’s pretty amazing so you can actually

read the comments to really see some of the
flaws in its youth you don’t have that reality

distortion you just glance at the comments
and you can see where the weaknesses are in

the offer usually and you can decide if it’s
for you now this deal feeds into the next

deal and this is that CRM actually notes are
eight double proposal this is that it’s the

CRM and this has got to be the sexiest CRM
tool that I have ever seen and I know the

pricing of CRM tools the high-end you have
like salesforce than you have all these other

kind of sass ones this one looks pretty stinking
amazing and it just so happens ironically

to be the one that the proposal app integrates
with so this one a has a same kind of offer

it’s a $39 lifetime deal now there’s limitations
on that as well but if you look at the cells

video you look at their website you read through
this this is the most amazing the CRM that

I have seen I haven’t used it but it’s the
most amazing that I haven’t seen so this is

one of those ones were like that I don’t need
a CRM right now but should I buy it because

I might find myself in a situation where I
needed and then I would regret that I didn’t

purchase it and that’s a whole psychology
of the scarcity by the way beautiful kanban

boards if you’re not sure what that is I might
be pronouncing it wrong that’s amazing is

you can get an idea of where all your deals
are this has email tracking to your clients

as well I mean this is gotta be the most innovative
CRM I’ve seen and it’s a pretty interesting

business model what they’re doing here this
is perfect for anyone that needs a tracking

now here’s where it’s actually good for them
and they are giving you a lifetime axis for

one user but as your and your business grows
you’re gonna need multiple users and you want

to kind of share and link up all that data
so they give you 50% off the usual price for

an additional team member at 30 bucks so it
ends up being $15 which is still incredibly

inexpensive so you can go something like this
if you had 10 if you guys in your team that

needed access it would be what $135 per month
but it’s a lifetime for that one user duplicate

here first, deal of the year is coming I do
think that this could be the deal of the year

this is pretty darn amazing if you need a
CRM this is the CRM to get is just beautiful

but if you notice it integrates with the prior
deal now I’m not done yet okay here’s the

next one is called Billy these are all active
deals right now I just think they’re just

pump an amount like crazy right now this is
called Billy and essentially what it is is

it’s a billing and tracking expense tracking
application software as a service and this

integrates with the proposal app which integrates
with the CRM so there’s this integration going

on with these AppSumo deals must be coordinated
but this is the deal 39 bucks a lifetime access

you can collect your money that you could
do a billing track your expenses you can process

your taxes all through this beautiful web
based application that integrates with everything

else I’m in this beautiful invoice you’re
sending out it’s pretty amazing what they’re

doing out one of the same developers are behind
all three applications because it looks if

the if they are hats off to them because this
is pretty amazing so you scroll down here

and you can see everything that this deal
has in on it it’s pretty amazing it seems

very powerful this one I would probably want
to read the comments to see what limitations

are because in my mind I can see what the
limitation would be so you might want to come

in here and take a look at that so I mean
tell me these three apps aren’t like the bomb

if you are running any kind of business really
I mean they could be used for anything not

just web development but anything where you’re
sending proposals you need to track communications

and have a plan for following up and forecasts
and then your billing and invoicing and and

the list goes on and on was interesting though
you add it all up your out of your pocket

120 bucks but you have this amazing suite
of tools now not every deal with AppSumo’s

a good deal and I have purchased a couple
that were complete and utter duds but usually

there’s some red flags though where you could
you could kind of have some intuition and

you could say I’m not so sure is going to
work and and and these deals are really just

I think there were going to AppSumo they probably
knew that they work in a really do anything

with what they were selling and they were
just trying to cash in so the first one is

actually kind of a shocker and it’s right
here it’s called webinar ninja now this was

$50 $49 for a lifetime account for a webinar
room that would have up to 100 people in on

it and when you go to the webpage here you
scroll down and let’s see okay so this is

where it’s a shocking I’m shocking that these
people would’ve allowed their image in their

name to be put on this website for this absolute
disaster of a AppSumo bill or of a platform

that has lots of problems lots of complaints
about it so you got Pat Fleming I mean Pat

what you doing letting your face an image
be on this disaster of a service in all of

these guys what are they doing they must not
be monitoring it because they probably would

not want to have any association with this
here’s a good red flag when you go to the

services webpage look at their blog she can
see were in and actually was about a year

ago here’s their last post from a year ago
and that’s pretty much the last time they

really did anything with the platform but
you can coming here and kinda get an idea

of how new they are and you can just use your
intuition if you think you’re actually getting

any traction now as far as pricing goes it
would’ve been a good deal if the platform

actually works rights because it would probably
be fitting in this $45 month plan so it’s

$50 a month but they made lots of promises
and they didn’t fulfill any of the promises

they never added a feature they never made
anything work better and is just this thing

that sits there that no one uses and everyone
kinda got took for their money now if you

read some of the old comments on it you’ve
got to the guy that sold us all on it which

was ’96 where is this guy he’s got his picture
right here there is he says oh we’ve got version

5 coming out blah blah blah it’s not coming
out or if it is a edges of this just a bad

deal just begged him not to miss anything
more about it another one was is another shocker

was velocity page now this was I think in
2014 the only reason I purchased this was

because I saw someone that at the time I trusted
some of the things they were recommending

I don’t anymore but at the time that they
were recommending this and I said okay, to

take a look at this this looks good this is
one of the first page builders that had come

out I think he came out right around the time
of Beaver Builder and I think they just totally

lost interest they did their AppSumo deal
and they made all these promises and they

just they just abandoned all of them and they
just who knows what they did and it said because

you got you got like reputable people in the
WordPress space that there there are recommendations

on their their their faces on there and it’s
just it’s just really sad so I mean you know

the that the three folks here that were involved
I would never actually purchase anything from

any of them ever again because of the way
this velocity page deal went you can even

purchase it anymore you could see the certain
SSL certificates not working anymore the Mitch

is the big disaster of a plug-in and the thing
is is it went out of business like right after

I mean literally AppSumo deal out of business
just this cashier and you know just trying

to cash in on money so anyways AppSumo is
a double-edged sword you can get some great

deals on it in your really not risking much
money right if it’s only 40 bucks not that

big of deal definitely not the end of the
world also AppSumo stands by these deals you

have a 60 day refund policy I never asked
for refund but there is this generous refund.

She can’t fault them for that but right now
I guess the reason I made is videos because

I’m thinking Dang these are some awesome deals
right now and I think it’s worth a look if

you have any kind of business that sends proposals
collects money and you need to track businesses

are you need to track your contacts this is
definitely this trifecta going on right now

so I want to hear what kind of AppSumo deals
that you have purchased before and were they

good were they bad did you get burnt was it
a great deal I want to hear about those down

below I do know they had this deposit files
one that was phenomenal and they have had

some other amazing deals I want to hear about
them down below and if you know of any other

deal marketplaces like this for freelancers
or web developers or anyone running a business

and using these types of online tools wanted
to go ahead and tell us about it down below

in the common sentient section hey thank you
for watching this video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. You should update this post. The ugly has become way more in recent years. From shady blackhat tools such as MeetLeonard to “freebies” that are just list-building spam

  2. Looks like their “Request an instant refund” button doesn’t work either. SCAM!

  3. How can appsumo get away with not fulfilling purchases made and paid in full? Some of my products were never delivered. Contacted them in the hopes of getting help but not with these guys…You snooze you loose. At least Stacksocial gives you store credit if you miss/forget to activate your account. I missed the window on a few items I purchased (personal reasons) = you sir are out of luck and on your own. They keep the money and owe you nothing…Whenever you make a purchase be forewarned that when they say you must activate your account my such time. It means if you do not, your purchase is null and void and they keep the your money in spite of the fact the product was never delivered. I find this repulsive and extremely unethical. I will be contacting my CC and Paypal to see if there is any recourse on that end…If you have any suggestions on how to get my money back, I’m all ears.

    1. I have found that most vendors will still honor the redemption code. It’s not like they sneak this up on you, when you purchase an app on AppSumo they let you know how long you have to redeem the code.

  4. Most deals turned out to be sheet. Only a few month ago they sold their “kingsumo” plugin for money with 44 php errors. Probably stopped developing in 2012. Soon after they offered it for free. Especially in the last time it seems they offer deals from companies who never continue to develop their products. There were some highlights in the beginning, I am thinking of PCloud and CloudApp – both were available on stacksocial too, though

    1. Yea that KingSumo plugin was no good. When it first came out it was good because it was the only one like it. But that was man years ago.

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