AppSumo Review – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of AppSumo Deals

In this video, I take a look at AppSumo and talk…

In this video, I take a look at AppSumo and talk through whether or not they offer good or bad deals.

I also go over how to evaluate an AppSumo deal to see if it is right for you.


  1. You should update this post. The ugly has become way more in recent years. From shady blackhat tools such as MeetLeonard to “freebies” that are just list-building spam

    1. Yes they have sold a lot of crappy apps and many that have gone out of business.

  2. Jean Edwards says:

    Looks like their “Request an instant refund” button doesn’t work either. SCAM!

  3. How can appsumo get away with not fulfilling purchases made and paid in full? Some of my products were never delivered. Contacted them in the hopes of getting help but not with these guys…You snooze you loose. At least Stacksocial gives you store credit if you miss/forget to activate your account. I missed the window on a few items I purchased (personal reasons) = you sir are out of luck and on your own. They keep the money and owe you nothing…Whenever you make a purchase be forewarned that when they say you must activate your account my such time. It means if you do not, your purchase is null and void and they keep the your money in spite of the fact the product was never delivered. I find this repulsive and extremely unethical. I will be contacting my CC and Paypal to see if there is any recourse on that end…If you have any suggestions on how to get my money back, I’m all ears.

    1. I have found that most vendors will still honor the redemption code. It’s not like they sneak this up on you, when you purchase an app on AppSumo they let you know how long you have to redeem the code.

  4. commentator says:

    Most deals turned out to be sheet. Only a few month ago they sold their “kingsumo” plugin for money with 44 php errors. Probably stopped developing in 2012. Soon after they offered it for free. Especially in the last time it seems they offer deals from companies who never continue to develop their products. There were some highlights in the beginning, I am thinking of PCloud and CloudApp – both were available on stacksocial too, though

    1. Yea that KingSumo plugin was no good. When it first came out it was good because it was the only one like it. But that was man years ago.

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