by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

What Is AMP & Why You Should Care – Accelerated Mobile Pages


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Video Transcript

What Is AMP & Why You Should Care – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies and I’m making this video
with the makers of the total

theme it’s a pretty total seems pretty awesome
theme and this video is going to go with a

series of videos on something called a MP
and what that stands for is accelerated mobile

pages and hey guys whether you know it or
not this is something you’re going to have

to deal with for the 2017 and the sooner you
do it the better in what AMP is is a single

thing now Google has a tendency to force technologies
or ways of doing things down our throats because

after all don’t we want to Google to favor
our website so if we do want Google to favor

our website and show it when people are searching
for things related to our website we’ve got

to play by Google’s rules and there’s a couple
big things coming down the pipe with that

number one in this video is not about it,
throw it in and that is adding an SSL certificate

on your website your to get penalized in 2017
if you don’t have that but this video is about

AMP and that means accelerated mobile pages
essentially what Google want you to do is

have a version of all of the pages on your
website that when someone is going to your

website from a mobile device through Google
it will show this other version of the page

that has a lot of the things that will slow
your page down it has all stripped out so

it kind of strips out all of the bloat and
in Google’s mind is about giving Google searchers

the fastest version of your website and there’s
a good reason for that because one of the

biggest Google SCO search ranking parameters
is bounce rate and would bounce rate is is

when someone clicks through to your website
if they’re sitting there it takes for free

page load where they can do their head back
there to bounce back to Google will bulldoze

measuring that in if you have a high bounce
rate is not good for you they’re not gonna

30 to say okay this page has a high bounce
rate let’s not show this to people anymore

because there something wrong with the page
the content is incorrect there something wrong

with it so what they do over time is your
page goes down and down and down in the search

engine rankings that you want so let me just
try to show you the best I can in a video

this AMP thing accelerated mobile pages so
what I have right here is a Google and I haven’t

opened up in my web browser has a really cool
mode where I can see webpages as if they were

certain devices so this is Google thinking
I’m on in iPhone plus right now search here

why don’t we search for something I know was
in the news right now the US election and

when I do that searches can show me the results
of the election that’s not why I’m doing it

as you can see their top stories here the
first once the guard the Guardian and the

second was from BBC News but what is different
and it’s this little thing right here it says

AMP and right here is his AMP now you might
have noticed this already when you’re on your

mobile device this acronym AMP which transfer
accelerated mobile pages and when I scroll

down on some of the normal results that, when
you search there it is again AMP AMP is letting

you know that this is an accelerated mobile
page and what that’s gonna start communicating

to people that are searching in your results
of your websites there if you have AMP think

if I click on that I didn’t get to see the
content like that a normal website load time

to be from 1 to 5 seconds is slow website
can be a lot higher than that your AMP pages

will load in a second or less and so that
AMP people to start noticing that now right

now Google’s not using AMP is a ranking factor
they say but coming up next year guaranteed

AMP is going to be a ranking factor it when
Google’s gonna decide what pages to show someone

when they’re searching on a mobile device
so when you click through and AMP page it’s

good to strip out a lot of the junk that is
in a webpage because it’s made specifically

for mobile device so let me scroll down I’m
a new clicker right here on this AMP page

and it just pops up immediately and it looks
beautiful and it’s about delivering beautiful

page content land lightning fast speeds so
now you might be thinking this is great but

it sounds awfully complicated to implement
but the good news is is it’s not that complicated

tinted to implement on your website and this
video is actually the first video in a short

series about AMP pages so in the next video
on the show you how to implement AMP on your

WordPress-based website and this video was
just more to serve as an overview of AMP why

you needed the benefits of it for you and
in the next video I will show you how to implement

it before you go I have something for you
and before I get into that I wanted to ask

you to do something for me to give me a thumbs
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click on the subscribe button right beneath
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on the button right here on the right is called
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awesome course you’re gonna love it I would
love for you to join in and enroll as a student

in this makes for watching this video I really
appreciated and I do it just for you\

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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