by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

The 4 Best Ways To Add Videos On A WordPress Website


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Video Transcript

The 4 Best Ways To Add Videos On A WordPress Website

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies and in this video I’m in to talk
about the different options to host videos

on your website more specifically your online
course or your sales pages for your website

where a simple YouTube might not do now what
you’re looking at right now is one of my tongue

for you templates that I recently release
and it’s been a smash hit what it allows you

to do is launch an online course on your website
in its got everything you need professional

design page builder an entire learning management
system and it’s all in this free done for

you template that you can get right now on
my web site and one of the biggest questions

I’ve been getting is what’s the best way to
host videos for your online course in I just

wanted to cover there real quick in this video
I want to do my best to go over all the options

make it as concise as possible so I don’t
keep you here for an hour explaining this

topic so there is several options of where
to put your videos and I want to go over those

they all have pros and cons and I’m in a try
to go through each one and say some of the

pros and some of the comments so I try to
do this kind of quick the first one is obviously

YouTube now YouTube is an excellent video
posted has no cost at whatsoever you just

get an account upload your video to make it
more responsive and have a great delivery

network now the negatives are you get all
that you two branding you can customize the

video player is and it’s very easy to find
a direct link back on YouTube so that you

can have people stealing your content so someone
pays your course there watching the video

they can get the direct link to YouTube and
they can share that direct link on YouTube

to anyone that they want to and that’s why
YouTube is usually not a good option if you

have a course so that is YouTube the next
one is that you your lot is video now video

has a free service that’s exactly like YouTube
but the only differences they also have paid

plans that overcome a lot of these problems
that you would get with YouTube for your course

so here’s a video Pro with 199 per year little
expensive if you ask me but you can host as

many videos as you want you can customize
the players you can add your brands colors

to the player which is really nice you can
restrict what website you can embed the video

on so it’s kind of secure on your website
and I think they give me some basic stats

I think maybe just how many views it probably
doesn’t go into much more detail than that

so it’s a good general video host but then
they don’t really give you marketing options

or any features that are specific for an online
course so that’s the video and the next one

is whiskey and I was the is actually very
expensive and it’s interesting because you

had this other options and then Wistia comes
into play and they have more of a marketing

centric platform but it comes at a very high
cost of they do have a free plan but is very

limited it only gets about five videos and
you can pay for Pro plan is getting it about

150 videos still kind of limited if you ask
me if I hundred dollars a month that’s a lot

of money if you ask me now you do get to brand
the player so you can change the colors it’s

unbranded is not to say Wistia and I’m talking
about the pro-plan not the free plan that

is branding and all that kind of stuff but
for the Pro plan you can customize the player

it’s kind of nice if they do that in there
some good analytics behind it I’ve heard people

say that the they get really good analytics
out of Wistia but it comes at a very high

cost if you ask me hundred dollars a month
is a lot of money and leisure courses bringing

in six or seven figures I think I hundred
dollars a month is a lot for what you get

now there’s other options that are very technicals
you might hear again Amazon S3 but it’s very

technical to have Amazon S3 it’s not easy
and is also some really outdated video platforms

out there one that was very big with marketers
but hasn’t been updated and probably next

three or four years is called easy video suite
I actually own it it’s actually pretty lousy

compared his just fell behind the times and
wasn’t updated and that easy video screen

expensive and exec 400 box and you still have
the cost of putting your videos on Amazon

S3 needs very technical now I discharge all
of these options on one last option you can

just upload your video zones is under the
limit of that your host gives you on the upload

limit to WordPress you just slap your video
writing word press and you can also that way

but you don’t get the security and you don’t
get any features analytics or options or anything

like that so these are some your options only
show you what I use AU something called player

now right here I’m logged into the backend
of the player now I’m not go to the front

and if you go to you can read through
all the different features there are so many

features that are geared towards marketers
online course creators and I want to show

you how I use blue player now let me clarify
would be player is a what it is not the player

is not a video host so you don’t actually
host your video on VooPlayer but I’m and explain

why that’s a good thing so you don’t hosted
on the player another caveat with player is

if you go to their websites it shows that
a cost hundred and $97 per year however a

year ago when I bought a new player I also
paid a lot of money for a reseller account

which means I have the right and the ability
to resell 60 through player accounts and I

can charge a one-time fee consider paying
197 per year you can go to my website by VooPlayer

counseling and cost you $99 and as a one-time
fee it’s not annual there’s nothing monthly

it’s a one time fee the only limit you get
on that is how many views per month and that’s

can allow you to have hundred and 35,000 hundred
and 35,000 views per month and that is such

a huge limit I don’t know anyone that would
really even hit hundred and 25,000 views per

month or did I say 35 section 135 but I’m
I said 125 anyways you can see them actually

logged in here it is right there 135 so if
you want to see the features all the full

feature list of view player player you can
go to their website and look at those features

but you will probably want to buy it there
unless you want to pay 197 per year and said

you can buy it on my websites can cost you
$99 and it’s a one time fee when you do order

it I have to manually create the accounts
know when we show you why and how why I use

the player and how I use blue player okay
so when you first log into the backend you

would be clicking on add new video right here
it’s his new video and what you do here is

the first step is working to get this video
player name sums can call this test and you

can group your videos right here IRC don’t
have any video so I don’t have any groups

right here for you put in the URL to your
video now you can host your video anywhere

you want so if you wanted it on Amazon S3
you could do that and what they do that unique

is you can even put your video on dropbox
you can have a free dropbox account copy and

paste the public URL right here in the can
actually stream a dropbox video a video that’s

on dropbox it can stream a video that’s on
Google drive I’ve never use the Google drive

and use the dropbox and it’s really need is
you can actually put a YouTube link in here

and you can stream a video from YouTube now
the difference of doing it through VooPlayer

visit versus YouTube direct is on VooPlayer
is gonna strip out all of the video branding

from YouTube and ended their video player
and it’s going to basically someone is letting

another on YouTube’s you can literally create
a new account on YouTube upload your videos

there leave your videos on unlisted copy and
paste it into here in serve those videos in

your course via VooPlayer and it’s a beautiful
set up and that’s how I have all of my videos

that I use with blue player I have them on
a separate YouTube account there there left

unlisted and the reason you’re not violating
any YouTube terms of services goes when someone

clicks play or is watching your video it’s
actually first flowing through player and

then to your website with zero delays you
get all the benefits of YouTube’s free video

hosting platform but you don’t have to do
with the branding you don’t have to deal with

any of that stuff the player Solomon to show
you how I would do that so when we go over

to YouTube and on their training videos I’m
just gonna take this first one can determine

a copy the link animal to go back here in
I’m gonna paste it right there and was nice

is obviously if you have a lot of videos in
boot player you can go here and you can set

all your settings in one video and then copy
those over to each new video and that could

be like your player colors and stuff like
that she then a minute I say I don’t have

any here but this is us this is a feature
that I use all the time you can put a custom

thumbnail right here or I can just click on
auto generate nipples it right off of where

it is and here you choose the dimensions of
the video or you can say here just make it

auto adjust sewing WordPress it’ll just go
the full width of the container that’s in

just use this right here in the room and go
ahead and click on update/the first step in

getting your video and then it kind of shows
you a little sample of her right here now

go back into the basic settings and right
here is where you would change the player

colors you can change this yellow there’s
that bar on the bottom that can be black you

can change that color it’s right here and
then the little progress indicator is this

right here you can change all these colors
by just dropping in your color code so let

me change that says we really want to get
your brand scholars in their so here are some

of the advanced settings and a lot of them
I don’t use but I’m just gonna say what they

are live streaming that’s where you can give
the impression that it’s a live event and

it’s only available during a certain time
while watching when cost contest I don’t use

that finish action I do use that what this
allows you to do is once the video gets to

the end an action can be performed now the
way I use this is for affiliate marketing

when the video gets to the end I have it redirect
over to the affiliate offer that I might be

talking about in the video and you just literally
turn this on and you get this pop up in here’s

a different actions redirector URL show HTML
show image or you can repeat the video some

Internet back off image on pause at school
and someone posited you can consider them

scenes just whatever frame they are the video
you can have it show an image as soon as they

pause I don’t overlay logo I don’t use this
SMS gate you can sure height controls if you

want full-screen this gives them the option
to choose full-screen autoplay I do use the

auto place when someone goes to a page with
the video it automatically starts playing

I was uses auto buffer so the minute they
go to a page with my video it starts downloading

the video immediately so there’s no delay
when they click on play if it’s a case where

they have seen some of the video or I don’t
have autoplay on show border I was turn this

off there’s little border in some kind of
a like a the frosting look there your shadow

I’m sorry him and to disable that in you can
see that will go away disabled laws people

get annoyed if you disable upon us Smart play
this is the money feature vehement online

course what it’s can allow you to do is if
you have a lesson with the video someone watches

half the video leaves and then comes back
is can remember where they left off and of

course this is depends upon cookies and things
like that so someone’s in a browser where

the delete all the cookies and all I kind
of stuff each time they close the browser

and log back in they would be getting the
benefit of this feature but most people don’t

work like that I know I don’t so always have
that on overlay sharing buttons I don’t do

that pulsating but I do use this when I turn
it on its gonna go from this play button to

a pulsating button like that I wish you could
customize the color but you can’t so I’m pretty

happy with that auto pauses as if someone
is on a page with your video and your videos

in the viewport and then they scroll past
your video the video can automatically pause

and then disable force feel I actually don’t
even know that is so let me close the settings

and I want to go to the tracking settings
and you can drop basically a Facebook retargeting

pixel if someone gets to a certain point in
the video and you can do some real tricked

out marketing stuff like that and right here
you can have options at happen as someone

is watching the video so this is a timeline
of the video you can have these various options

happen like a the video gets locked in half
to give an email or the video gets locked

and then they got a give a social share or
various different actions I I usually don’t

use this so you have to do is click on save
video and then you can click on publish right

here in it gives you three options it gives
you this code right here that you can just

copy and paste into your website and it would
put in bed that video in their here’s a feature

I never use I can’t speak on it but it allows
you to play the video in a pop-up and then

here’s a link where you can just paste it
on Facebook I would recommend doing this a

Facebook feature though I tried once I like
how worked if you want to put video on Facebook

just put it on Facebook so I got back into
my clipboard and let me now log into a WordPress

site so here I am on a WordPress site a Mexican
to do video on a plug-in in a moment and so

we go to pages let me click on a home and
I like to put code in the text tab not the

visual tab here select put in the text salami
remove was there let me just paste in that

little bit of code that I got on the player
site and click on update click on this link

right here and then it takes me to the homepage
and there is my video it’s doing the autoplay

right now J there we are and you can see deposit
you can see I don’t see any of the YouTube

logo or branding or anything like that and
I didn’t customize the colors but if you go

to my website you can see I customize the
colors for my own branding but that’s pretty

much all there is to VooPlayer now if I go
back here I can go back to my dashboard and

you can see right here the total amount of
videos I have how many sites that are embedded

on and you can see I did mention this but
you can actually host up to five gigs of videos

with blue player I’ve never used it you can
try it I’ve never tried it I’m sure works

great though here’s a list of my total plays
and you can see one of you are one play out

of my allotment of 135,000 and here’s some
more so about your popular videos here would

be a list of your videos and you can clicking
here to see the different analytics of it

now obviously him not to have any analytics
because I just literally put the video and

but you get some great analytics right here
when you scroll down to see what else is there

and that’s pretty much blue player now I didn’t
talk about this AB split tests that could

be a big deal to someone that wants to use
this on a sales page to get ourselves paid

and if you wanted to different variations
of the video and see which one converts better

better you can use as a B split testing feature
I don’t use it but I’ll probably get into

using that pretty soon but the great thing
about using blue player for a sales page is

you’ve got this detailed analytics which is
really what you want now I currently use the

player with that finish action I use that
a lot for all my courses I use that feature

where it can Smart it will remember the person
last left off in the video so anyways the

purpose of this video wasn’t so that I give
you some big giant sales pitch to get new

player on my website I did want to answer
the question though what do I use for my videos

in this is exactly what I use and I do have
some account lifetime accounts available for

only $99 and you can order it on my website
and I will create those accounts for you manually

in then that’s if you want to do this you
can if if you’re not charging for your your

online course in just a videos up on YouTube
if you don’t mind the branding and the stuff

like that that it adds to start up on YouTube
or you can use any of the services that I

mentioned in this video but for me I really
like the player I like the features I get

with it is a good mix between features for
an online course and features for a marketing

or sales video or something like that so anyways
it’s been my video on ways to deliver the

videos for your online courses before you
go I have something for you and before I get

into that I wanted to ask you to do something
for me to give me a thumbs up on this video

and if you’re not a subscriber click on the
subscribe button right beneath me if you have

a question on this video be happy to answer
and you can also leave a comment or question

down below this video hey I put together a
course just for you in him and they give it

to you for free all you have to do is click
on the button right here on the right is called

the three steps to WordPress success is an
awesome course you’re gonna love it I would

love for you to join in and enroll as a student
in this makes for watching this video I really

appreciated and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam, Just found your video on best ways to add videos to a wordpress site. Do you still have the lifetime vooplayer account available? Thank you for all the great videos!

  2. Hi I hope you can help me with this.

    This page these short video clips are like a better quality GIF I want to create the same look, short tutorial clips. I created short videos with powerpoint and uploaded to wordpress as mp4, and set up the player options to autoplay & loop. In one page there are about 4 of these short videos. When I uploaded the first 2, they would autoplay but after adding all 4 videos, none of them would autoplay. So when I go to the page I have to manually play each one.

    Could you tell me how this works?

    What the options the wiki page is using? Or is there any possible workaround for this via THRIVE. I have thrive architect installed.

    Thanks a lot in advance P.S. I looked for solutions for this for days. I came across your Gutenberg tutorials & that’s how I discovered you. (Great videos by the way!!! Thanks for that too)

    1. I’m using up plug-in that you can buy for 30 bucks to do that. It’s called sticky video.

  3. Hi Adam, thank you again for all your help, ¿When do you think will be available licenses for the vooplayer service? I was trying to buy it but i couldn´t

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