by Adam Preiser updated December 19, 2017

3 Simple Beaver Themer Tips To Get More Out Of Beaver Themer


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Beaver Themer can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I assure you, once you get the hang of it, you will begin creating amazing websites in no time.

I have been using it since it's release, and have learned a few tricks along the way to get the most out of Beaver themer.

Video Transcript

3 Simple Beaver Themer Tips To Get More Out Of Beaver Themer

In this video on the shares three things that
are really cool about Beaver Builder that

you might not know about already hi my name
is Adam from where I make WordPress

videos for non-techies and this is a another
video in this video series I’ve been putting

together for Beaver Themer and if you enjoy
any of these videos I’d like to to etc. clicking

on the subscribe button down below and if
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there’s a little bell off to the side of it
so let’s get started on these three things

number one and I would have a link down to
everything down below will probably go a little

fast in this video I usually talk really slow
I like to watch my own videos at a faster

pace thank you YouTube for offering that is
a feature so click on the link down below

to take you to Beaver Builder’s website and
on the Beaver Themer page and something really

cool you can click on this button and actually
try a live demo of Beaver Themer I really

like that they’re doing this I really wish
that all WordPress software vendors would

do this because it’s nice to be able to try
what you’re going to buy and it’s really a

vote of confidence if you’re confident enough
in what you’re selling that you’re gonna let

people try it out before they make a purchase
I think it’s amazing so when you click on

that button is going to take you right here
and you can literally start playing around

with the Beaver Themer and seen exactly what
it can do for you number two all of the add-on

plug-in makers have issued out updates and
they have enabled field connections so for

ultimate add-ons all these amazing modules
right here most of the bits of text in these

modules you have field connections now now
we talked about field connections in a prior

video if you’re not watching this video in
order I do have a link down below to the YouTube

playlist of this video series also powerpack
they are as well integrated with those field

connections and both of these providers I’m
sure are going to put advanced options into

their post grids so that you can have more
powerful or more flexible post grids so basically

it’s your index page for your blog posts or
any kind of custom post types sorry if I’m

talking over your head there but I was over
on ultimate add-ons hear their website now

hobbling down below and I was looking at the
modules in my mind just cart started spinning

of all the possibilities that you have now
to replace plug-ins that you would normally

pay for but now you can integrate some of
these modules in these add-on packages so

I give you a couple examples with ultimate
add-ons they have social buttons where is

that it’s here somewhere okay social buttons
will testimonials I was singing of actually

adding to WooCommerce product pages but we
have social icons here someplace right at

the top so let’s take a look at that so you
can easily integrate beautiful social icons

in the footer or at the top of your blog posts
I think that’s a really cool thing you could

do there are plenty of actually playing and
I use on my sites like 30 bucks but you don’t

need to do that now and there’s another one
in here that I really had my mind spinning

and I think it was the progress bar so for
example me I tend to do quite a bit of product

reviews and it would be nice to be able to
take some of the you know the criteria are

the stats for these products and display them
in a more visual way so you have these basic

progress bars I’m not really into these that
much this one’s a little better right here

I like the color they have here but then you
get down here and he gets a little more interesting

I kinda like these a lot I could see myself
creating my own custom way of displaying information

about a product or service that I’m reviewing
using a a mixture of some of these elements

and instead of the plug and I have right now
I think it’s the plug and I use for my reviews

is like 400 bucks I paid for it a long time
ago but I think you get it for one or $200

a year and so this is something that Beaver
Themer could even replace when you pair it

up with ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder
even powerpack as I’m sure they have very

similar stuff like that and the the list goes
on and on these button modules actually already

tested them that you can actually make the
button text and the link you can make those

as field connections and so it’s very powerful
which are to be able to do now with a blog

post a custom post type or even a WooCommerce
prior especially a WooCommerce product page

on my have to make a video on the WooCommerce
to spend some time come up with some really

nice templates and then make a video showing
them and then demonstrating how I built them

and this get leads me to the next point I
want to give you these templates are free

my next point is that you can import and export
these Beaver Themer templates at your creating

speed to move them from one website to another
website or in my case I can make him on my

website and I can give you a link you can
download them and then import them into your

site here is the KB article on Beaver Builder’s
website well it’s out there website is were

all their documents are right here is actually
ton of stuff you’re already on it Beaver Themer

you can go here and learn more about Beaver
Themer but I thought I just show you this

real quick because a lot of people don’t realize
you can do this and it’s actually just a simple

WordPress thing so you would go to tools you
would go to first export and you’re going

to want to click on I’m pretty sure it’s theme
layouts and then there’s an option to export

all of them and let’s see export selected
let’s make sure I got the right thing here

yet this is it I can just choose what I want
to export so if I wanted to give you say I

wanted to design a whoop commerce product
page and give you a link of file that you

can import and have that template I would
go here and let’s see WooCommerce lay out

download export file and looks a file just
downloaded to my computer and then what you

do to import it is you would go to important
tools import and if you haven’t already installed

it it’s you need this a WordPress importer
right here so you just click on install now

like that is going to go ahead and install
the basic WordPress importer and then will

click on run importer and it’s really just
dragging and dropping or choosing that file

right there and then importing it and that’s
all there is to exporting a template and make

moving it from one site to another or me creating
stuff that I’m in a give to you now this opens

up a lot of things that I want to do I want
to make a more in-depth video on headers and

maybe create five or six very modern popular
header layouts that I can give you a link

to download everything I want to do something
like that for you and also I want to create

a couple blog posts templates that I like
maybe a couple theme parts and also some WooCommerce

product templates that I can go ahead and
share with you why not sharing is caring they

say and ship sharing is caring to you what
you share this video anyways if you have some

tricks to Beaver Themer that aren’t really
common knowledge just to go ahead and leave

a comment down below to share that here with
the community and once again I’ll have links

to everything down below as well a last thing
if you’re interested in Beaver Themer I have

a link that will take you to my website it’s
an offer I have if you purchase it through

my website a link on my website to give you
access to my course Beaver Builder essentials

it’s $149 course I’m gonna give it to you
for free I have a whole module on Beaver Themer

and there’s a bunch of advanced strategies
in there I don’t want to forget to mention

that everything a be down below leave a comment
share the video thanks for watching

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Can’t wait to see your tutorials on WooCommerce Product Pages. Your videos are always so informative! Thanks!

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